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*NEW "Paul-Is-Dead" CLUES*
found in the book
Billy Shears!


Have you looked at or listened closely to
your Beatles albums lately?

Have you ever tried to search for Paul-Is-Dead
clues on your own?

Well, here's a chance for you to try!

To the right you'll read submissions from
fellow "Cluesters" that they think will help fill-in or
prove a theory about the Paul-Is-Dead mystery.

If and when you have discovered a new clue
and are ready to submit it,

Please describe and elaborate the clue
in every detail visually and


E-Mail Doctor Lev

to submit your "new clue"

(Note: Doctor Lev reserves the right
to edit and choose between clues to publish)



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­­­­ Submission #364


Is that William (Bill) Shakespeare in a picture frame on the wall at 3:01 of the “Free as a Bird” music video?


If so, John did use phrases from King Lear (of Shakespeare)

in his song 'I am the Walrus', which includes the phrases:

“Bury my body!” and “Untimely death!” 


3:01 - “Free as a Bird” video:


- Maxine B.


 Submission #363


On the cover of Sgt. Pepper

Paul is holding the Cor Anglaise right handed.

Paul was a lefty!


- Chris G.


Submission #362


Clues in the “Free as a Bird” video:


Beginning into video, the entire room is in black and white up until 14 seconds.  The only color is in the picture frame (of Paul as a child). The frame is also the most unusually shaped of all the frames of the Beatles as children. It also draws attention to the small white flag behind Paul's picture frame, white being a symbol of peace (Rest in Peace?)


At 39 seconds into the video, the four Beatles are spliced into a scene of factory workers walking.  Only Paul's face cannot be clearly seen.


At 1:02 into the video, as the camera exits "The Cavern Club" a casket can clearly be seen.


At 1:55 into the video, we see all four Beatles chatting next to a car.  Paul, John & George are wearing black (mourning).  Only Paul is wearing red (death).


At 1:58 into the video, the "Let It Be Cover" in the window has been altered.  The original has "Faul" with a red background.  In the video, the real Paul McCartney's face has been pasted over the other one. Also notice the door and frame is red.


At 2:24 into the video, John is superimposed into the crowd, witnessing the car crash.   In addition, the young boy in front of John resembles Paul as a child. In front of Paul as a child is a woman with a remarkable resemblance to the late Linda McCartney; all three now joined in death.


At 2:54 into the video, as the "Little Piggies" skip up the alley, in the rear, you can see all four Beatles walking in slow motion as if in a funeral expression.  Again, John, George and Ringo wear black and only Paul is wearing a red scarf.


At 4:08 into the video, Paul can be seeing jumping playfully on a hill.  Allegedly, "Fool on a Hill" is written about Paul's death, being buried on a hill in a cemetery.  Paul's jumping immediately follows the cemetery section of the video.


- Connee, Easton, Maryland



 Submission #361


In the middle of the song "It's Johnny's Birthday",

included on the "Apple Jam" LP of George's

"All Things Must Pass" album, and ostensibly written by George for John Lennon's birthday,

that bit about it being written for John's birthday is what I NOW put in the hogwash column of Beatle trivia. Why?
Because I now know the song was written

just so that a phrase that sounded very much like…

"day, and we would like to wish you all the very"

could be included in a song.

Why? Because that's the engineered back-masked version of a line that refers directly to the "Abbey Road" album cover. So, what does it say backwards?

"He never wore his shoes; we all know he was dead."

The word "know" may possibly be "knew," but in either case, it's a LOT more understandable than most of the

Back-maskings in the Beatles oeuvre.


Also, why is George surrounded by FOUR garden gnomes on the cover of "All Things Must Pass"?

If the gnomes were supposed to represent the Beatles,

and George was one of the Beatles himself?

Shouldn't it be THREE garden gnomes and George?
And the answer is, of course, that those four garden gnomes consist of John, Ringo, and TWO Pauls!


-The Warped Vinyl Junkie



 Submission #360


The start of the lyrics of A Day in the Life:

"I read the news today, oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well, I just had to laugh"

The lucky man who made the grade was

the one chosen to replace Paul.
Though saddened by Paul's death, he (John) just had to

laugh because of the fake Paul replacement.


- Biff


Submission #359


The original Yesterday and Today cover

with the baby dolls and blood could be considered a

'COVER-UP" in itself with the paste over cover

representing a sheet put over the dead body.

And, while fans were basically performing their own

autopsies by dissecting their copies of the album cover

in an attempt to peel off the new white sheet

exposing the old cover, they were

"butchering the album on their own"

with knives, steam, and razor blades!

Paul was dead, but they had to "keep digging" for clues!


- Professor VJ


Submission #358


The building on the Abbey Road cover in the upper right

has a window with four panes of glass,

much like the Let it Be album cover.

Notice how the leaves from the tree cover

the upper right pane of glass,

which would be where Paul's picture is located

on the Let It Be cover!


- Professor VJ


Submission #357


The Beatles 2009 calendar contains out-take photos

of the Sgt. Pepper album cover.

One photo has Paul standing in front of his own

wax model (#60) "as if to replace him" with a new Paul!


Additionally, almost all photos of Paul prior to the

car crash date have Paul's hair combed to the right,

while most all photos of Paul during the remaining

Beatle years show it combed to the left.

Coincidence, or intentional?


Further, the Revolver album cover also has a hand over Paul's head right in the very center of it!


- Professor VJ


Submission #356


One verse in "Getting Better" says,

“I used to be angry young man.

Me hiding me head in the sand.

You gave me the word. I finally heard.

I'm doing the best that I can.”

Wasn't Paul angry at the others the night he

stormed out of the studio before his car crash?  

Hiding his decapitated head in the sand - buried.  

And William Campbell was given the word to

take over as Paul and is doing the best that he can.


- Art Nadler


Submission #355


On the front cover of Abbey Road

there's a three (3) to the left in the light in the trees.
Here's the original cover

And here is the “3” highlighted


- Sasha Vaccaro


Submission #354


Here’s a rough version of Revolution #1

Before every "Don't you know it's gonna be..."

you hear a sound that can only be described as a car horn. It gets played more during the end, and also has John

screaming “right” (later to be used in Rev 9) and some

gibberish which I bet is backmasking of some sort.

Listen to 3:53 for possible backmasking.

Then from 4:50 on for more gibberish.

It also sounds like he says "Paul" a few times!

The Beatles Unreleased Song - Revolution 1 (Take 20)


- Amanda Curran



Submission #353


In the lyrics of the song "Can you take me back"

(right before Revolution 9 on the White Album)

John asks Paul, "Are you happy here, honey?"

Because he doesn't belong as an original Beatle,

and Paul replies…

 "I ain't happy here, my honey. Can you take me back?"

'Back' being where ever he came from before.

(Probably definitely not Liverpool)


“Can you take me back?
Anybody, can you take me
Can you take me back?
Take me back to where I came from
Oh, take me back

(Are you happy her, honey?)
I ain't happy here, my honey
Can you take me back?”

Can You Take Me Back – Song Clip


- J. Holcomb



 Submission #352


Why is Paul the only one who is sideways,

signifying death? 

I always knew the Rolling Stones were "good guys"

yet part of the conspiracy!

Satanic Majesties Cover


- Byrdman


 Submission #351


Some believe that when you play the inner groove

of "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" backwards,

 you can hear someone repeatedly saying

"Will Paul return as Superman?"

His blue shirt, and red and yellow tie in

"the Yellow Submarine" movie suggest

this is exactly what is being said.



- David Lazenby


Submission #350


At 1:35 minutes into the video of, “Your Mother Should Know”

Paul salutes the camera while standing on the ballroom stairs.

He is by himself and he is in street clothes.

A collared, dark blue, button down shirt with light blue stripes

above the breast pockets. Very stylish outfit.

However,  for the rest of the song the Beatles are

wearing tuxedos with white tie and tails.

For the majority of the video all four Beatles are filmed together

and none, except Paul, is shown individually.

The look on Paul’s face I can only say is supreme satisfaction.

 There’s no mirth in his eyes or smirk at the camera

to let the viewer know it’s only a game.

The “Paul is Dead” phenomena is more than just a prank!


- J. Dawyot


Submission #349


Paul’s/Billy’s “NEW” album is a clue in itself.

“NEW” as in a “NEW Paul McCartney”

Also each letter is formed with “3” lines,

and the #3 repeats as a Beatles/Paul-Is-dead mantra

over and over again throughout the Beatles’ music and artwork

representing three Beatles instead of four…Paul being dead.

Further, there are 9 lines total spelling “NEW”

and #9 is also a big Paul-Is-Dead clue

introduced on the White album in the song Revolution #9.


- Doctor Lev


Submission #348


The album artwork for Anthology 3 is a clue.


The pictures of John, George, and Ringo

are all from the cover of Let It Be.

The theme on that artwork is made up of Beatles albums

and pictures torn away like an old venue.

The picture of Paul for Let It Be is removed or torn away to reveal

a picture of Paul from the Rubber Soul album.

People have felt for a while now that the Let It Be cover was a clue,

wherein the picture of Paul doesn't fit with the pictures of the other 3

members, and that the red background in Paul's picture

meant death or blood.

This time on Anthology 3, Paul's picture from Rubber Soul

is the only one "off", so to speak, from the others.

The Rubber Soul album was the last one that "original Paul"

was alive and performed on.

The next one was Revolver from '66,

wherein some feel the first set of clues started.

So I'm wondering if the Anthology 3's cover is revealing

the old original Paul?

Next to his picture on the right side is John's face from Revolver.

His shifted eyes still looking at Paul

but this time the Rubber Soul Paul.


- Moses


 Submission #347


HELP (Movie) - Ringo, covered in paint, tries to remove the

sacrificial ring while Paul is shrunk to microscopic size.

Ringo stomps on the ground trying to remove the ring.

A bloody smear appears on the ground. John says to Ringo,

"Look what you've done! You've killed Paul!"


YELLOW SUBMARINE (Movie) - Near the beginning,

after the sound of a car crash,

the other Beatles start calling out Paul's name.


"All Together Now" - Reverse this

and the words All Together Now clearly become I Buried Paul.


Revolution #9 - When heard in reverse,

near the beginning we hear sobbing, fire and screams.

Near the end of the track one can clearly hear cars driving by,

horns blaring, and a bloodcurdling voice wailing

"LET ME OUT!!!!" repeatedly.


- Eric Mead


 Submission #346


In the MMT movie the band at the strip club is playing a song called,

‘Death Cab for Cutie’ (Paul was known as the cute one).


Second, the Beatles said that the O.P.D. patch stood for

”Ottawa Police Department”, which sounds good at first

but there is noOttawa Police Department,

there is an Ottawa Police Service,

but the patch doesn't say O.P.S.


And finally, the most important clue I found is when Paul

was arrestedfor pot possession in 1980 in Tokyo,

his fingerprints didn't match the ones taken from the real Paul

when the Beatles first played japan in 1964.


- Mkister1


Submission #345


I found a backmasking clue in Blackbird…

At the 52 seconds to 55 seconds of the song Paul sings "Blackbird Fly",

 play that part backwards, and what I hear is:

"Here Girl, Get Out!"
This could be linked to when Paul was in the car with Rita

and when the car was about to explode he told Rita to go and get help,

He could have said "Here Girl" because Paul could have helped her

undo her seatbelt first so she could escape.

Now I must tell you and as you will be aware of,

Paul does sing "Blackbird Fly" multiple times in the song,

but when it says it at this specific part played backwards, its clearer

and more distinct than when the phrase is repeated in the song.

Forwards: Blackbird Fly
Backwards: Here Girl Get Out

Blackbird mp3 frontwards/backwards­


- Sam Hodgson


Submission #344


Look at the lower left corner of the (original)

Live at Knebworth 1990 LP front cover (below).


Description: Description: Description:


Obviously, Paul (or Billy) is pointing to a “body” lying on the ground, while turning his head and looking at dead (burning?) flowers

in the bottom right hand corner.

If you blur your eyes you can also see faces within these dead flowers.

It is obvious that Paul/Billy is showing & telling us “part”

of the story of his/Paul’s death here.

Nonetheless, why was this cover replaced by a different cover

soon after its release???

This album was released by Dark Horse Records,

so it seems to have been a “sanctioned” release!


- Doctor Lev


Submission #343


From Lovely Rita:

"Took her home *I nearly made it*"

Implying he nearly concluded his car trip.


- John S., St. Louis, MO


Submission #342


I saw something on PBS the other night that really was stunning.

There was a program on about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

They showed George Harrison being inducted.

During his speech, he said, "we really loved John".

And then he went on to say, "we really loved (past tense) Paul too".


-Bob D.


Submission #341


In the Paul McCartney frog chorus video…

At the beginning there is a Rupert Bear doll on a chair

tilted at an unnatural angle like a corpse,

which at first glance appears headless.

Later behind Paul is a toy car on a shelf above his head.


-Steve S.


Submission #340


Could this be Billy Campbell???

I've waited over 40 years to share this with someone.

About 1965 there was a kid in my neighborhood

that was the meanest bully I ever saw.

He beat up everyone except me.

He thought I was funny.

As long as I could keep him laughing, I would stay healthy.

One day he and I were talking,

and he said that he had written a song and mailed to the Beatles.

I didn't believe him, but I knew it was better that he thought I believed him.

He showed me some of the lyrics in the song.

It was the filthiest, most vulgar, graphic words I had ever seen.

(I was 14 at the time)

About a year and half later the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper.

I bought one of the first copies available.

I took it home and played it and read the lyrics on the album cover.

And that's when I saw it.

The words "we'd like to introduce to you, the one and only Billy Shears". 

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

The name of the bully? You guessed it, Billy Shears.

It was even spelled the same. Coincidence?

Believe me, if there was a way to know for sure, I would do it.

This is a true story.

Billy and I both lived on Oliver St. in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

He lived in the 5000 block of Oliver just north of Pettit Ave.,

and I lived in the 5100 block of Oliver just south of Pettit.

We both attended Southern Heights elementary school

of  then Ben F. Geyer junior high.

I lost track of him when I stated high school because he dropped out.

I heard that he had gotten into some trouble and was forced to join the Army.

 Viet Nam was going strong back then.

Well, I hope someone reads this, I waited 43 years. Thank you!




Submission #339


There is a chap who is listed as violin player on "Martha My Dear",

a McCartney composition that he played all instruments on

except for brass and strings,
 named, "Lou Sofier."
Say it 3 times fast.... Lucifer?

Paul had been thought to dabble in the occult!




Submission #338


I believe the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

is really a thinly disguised tribute to Paul. 

If you substitute "Paul" every time the word "all" appears in the song,

it makes much more sense to me.
"I look at you Paul, see the love there that's sleeping.

While my guitar gently weeps"
"I don't know why nobody told you how to unfold your love.

I don't know how someone controlled you they bought and sold you."

"I don't know how you were diverted you were perverted too.

I don't know how you were inverted no one alerted you."

Then at the end of this song George famously sings,

"Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul" in a mournful voice.


-Roger E.


Submission #337


In ´Mean Mr. Mustard´,

the words say that he tries to save paper.

Maybe the newspapers about Paul´s death?

But because he´s so mean he wont tell anybody?  

Also it says that he sleeps in a hole.

Well if Paul was dead and if they buried him,

he would certainly be sleeping in a hole!




Submission #336


On the Late Show with David Letterman (2009),

Billy/Paul is asked,

"What about this rumor that you were dead
and replaced with a look-a-like?"

to which he replies,

"You're looking at him!"

(the look-a-like, that is....)


-Rick Vaughn


Submission #335


The first line of ´Band on the Run´,

¨Well the rain exploded with a mighty crash¨.

The “reign” of Paul ending when the car crash happened?




Submission #334


David Letterman brought the Paul is dead thing up

and Paul said it was a hot day when the cover of Abbey Road was shot

and he took his sandals off.

He had no idea someone would take it that it was a symbol of death.

Letterman made mention of a double filling in,

when Paul broke in and said it " It was "I".

Was it  "I" Paul or "I" the double.

Paul then looked at the camera with a slight smile.




Submission #333


In response to clue #325:

Creepy hidden walrus picture…nice find!

The walrus was quite clear, but,

so was the fact that the doll underneath is now “headless”

It wasn’t mentioned so I thought I’d point that out…good job!


-Amanda, Beatleologist


Submission #332


In the Beatles Rock Band trailer at 1:27-1:31,

they preview I Am The Walrus,

and “George” the Rabbit has his open palm hand over “Paul” the Walrus

…it never stops!


-Amanda, Beatleologist


Submission #331


On the back of the record case in the album Let it Be,

there is an aerial view of the band, assistants, managers, instruments, etc.

My eye immediately noticed the stool behind Ringo and his drum set.

It may just be a stool, but upon inspection everywhere else in the image,

I noticed the stool was red, and the ONLY red object there!


-William Meyers


Submission #330


There's a line in I am the walrus where John says:

"Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long"

I think he tried to say that Billy was a bad boy

because he had no mind to say:


Also I noticed that "You let your face grow long"

could mean that Billy's chin was bigger than Paul's

or that his nose "went big" cause of the lie

that Billy was Paul and that there were still 4 Beatles.

Further, have you seen that the young Paul's eyebrows are waayy up?

And almost in the same year thy fell, and with no explanation.

Another thing: Lefties (like Paul) smoke, play instruments,

and do things with their left hand, right?

Well, on the Abbey Road cover Paul is smoking with his RIGHT hand.

Maybe Billy was a rightie and had no clue how to be a leftie?

Makes ya think ;)



Submission #329


Hello, Dr Lev!

I've seen something in response to submission 158

(or the one that talks about the Yellow Sub credits)

There are 3 submarines AND one that's leaving... like, you know,




Submission #328


A missing waxwork of PAUL MCCARTNEY has been found…

by a homeless man who has pocketed the reward.

The head went missing as it was being transported to London on a train

by auctioneer Joby Carters - who offered money for the return of the waxwork. And it was homeless Tony Silva who discovered the head in Reading, England, after first mistaking it for a Halloween mask

when he saw it poking out of a refuse sack.

He says, "It's the strangest thing ever to happen to me."   




Submission #327

There has been talk on the boards of a real William "Junior" Campbell.

Remember Junior's farm from Scotland?

He was left handed and may have known the Beatles.

His nose is a bit too large to replace Paul but even so!

William Campbell was real! Check him out on Wiki!

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Junior_Campbell




Submission #326


In the song ´Don’t Pass Me By´ Ringo sings,

“You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair”. 


The song ´Blackbird´ contains the lines,

“Take these broken wings and learn to fly”. 

The Beatles disbanded shortly after The White Album was recorded. 

Then Paul/Billy fronts a band post-Beatles called, coincidentally, Wings.

In other words, he was going to be on his own, to “learn to fly”

without the support or talent of the other Beatles,

and Wings would succeed or fail based on the talent

and songwriting ability of the faux Paul. 


There is a strange melodic interlude, not credited or listed in the song list,

on the White Album just before ´Rev. Number 9´ where Paul/Billy is singing,

“Take me back, where are people. Can you take me back?”

It’s an eerie plaintive message, like “can you bring me back from the dead?”

Then, the kaleidoscopic ´Rev. Number 9´ is filled with clues.

One probably not mentioned often is the sound of someone that sounds

like Paul/Billy moaning “I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright”.

The, at the end of the track is a recorded loop of chants

from a football (rugby?) game…“Hold that line! Block that kick!”

The late Paul M. was known to have played rugby in his youth.


-Joe Bean


Submission #325

If you reflect a portion of the Sgt. Pepper cover

(vertically from the elbow of Diana Dors)

You can see an image of a walrus!

Click here for the image



Submission #324

In the book and story called Treasure Island,

a character called Captain Flint dies and passes on a treasure map

to a “mate” of his ship called “The Walrus”!

That mate’s name was BILLY Bones!

After the death of Captain Flint,

the “crew” split up with most returning to ¨England¨!


Hmmmm…sound like a group of guys we know?

Paul dies, passes his treasure map (position and songs) to

a ¨mate¨ named ¨BILLY¨!

The ¨Walrus¨ symbol is used again.

And, after the death (of Paul) the crew (or band) eventually split up,

most returning to England.


Maybe another great literary influence

(along with Alice in Wonderland)

That the Beatles used to form the Paul-Is-Dead mystery?



Submission #323

In the song Don't Pass Me By

The second verse states,

"I'm sorry that I doubted you/

You were in a car crash/And you lost your hair"

Ringo could be singing about how Paul

Died on the way to his house.



Submission #322

In the wings song, my brave face, in one line he says,
"I've been living a lie"



Submission #321

Unfortunately, Paul (or Billy) had to have heart surgery recently.
One of the doctors was overheard as saying:
"We cannot seem to match Paul's blood type."

Do you think he meant for a possible transfusion?
Or was it a "mismatch" to what was on file for Paul McCartney!!!

-Doctor Robert

Submission #320

On the Paul McCarty album 'All the Best',
(the one with him on a chair with a bass guitar
and holding his chin up with his fist)
look on the inside.
Look at the the second to last picture in the middle on the right.
The picture with "Paul" with goofy glasses with a guitar.
Well, doesn't it look familiar to you?
It looks kind of like the Billy Shears picture on the white album eh?


Submission #319

In the Yellow Submarine movie,
when the Beatles first enter into the submarine,
Paul says "it feels really soft in here."
Then Ringo replies, "not when you're on the bottom."
There have been references to the submarine symbolizing a coffin
because it moves underground in the "sea of green".
Could this be reference to a coffin which has a soft interior
to hold the body in place, but rock hard on the bottom?

-PID Girl

Submission #318

The trophy on the Sgt. Pepper album cover
is Paul's old rugby trophy that he won in school.
The trophy is placed between the L and the E in Beatles to spell LIES.
When you put this in context with the drum,
which contains the bolded letters h-e-a-r,
and the yellow flowers which seem to spell P-A-U-L,
you get the message, "hear lies Paul".

-PID Girl

Submission #317

Ken Mansfield was the overseer of the Beatles' projects
and the running of Apple Records' U.S. operations.
Answering questions about his book,
"The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay",
he was aked whether the "Paul is Dead" uproar was staged.
He answered...
"I don't know. They left me hanging.
All the calls shut down our offices for a week.
Nobody gave me a straight answer.
The band let it have a life of its own."


Wow! Evidence of a conspiracy!!!

-Dr. Winston O'boogie

Submission #316

In the song "Sergeant Pepper's Lonly Hearts Club Band"
The Beatles say...
"So may I introduce to you the one and only Billy Shears"
indicating that Paul is no longer the singer of The Beatles.

-Allen Padge

Submission #315

On the new Beatles LOVE CD
there is a backwards intro to 'Something'.
Sounds to me like 'Sun King' backwards.
The song 'Sun King' itself is a clue
pertaining to King Louis and 'The Man in the Iron Mask'
(the secret replacement)
Now we have George Martin getting in on the fun
(once again)
and "reiterating" the Sun King clue
and doing it in clue-style...

-Lennon's Brain

Submission #314

PAUL MCCARTNEY lyrics - Man We Was Lonely

 Man, we was lonely,
 Yes, we was lonely,
 And we was hard pressed to find a smile.
 Man, we was lonely,
 Yes, we was lonely,
 But now we're fine all the while.

I used to ride on my fast city line,
 Singing songs that i thought were mine alone, alone.
 Now, let me lie with my love for the time
 I am home, home, home.
(this is the part that struck me…
“Singing songs that I thought were mine”)

-Michael D. Story

Submission #313

If you listen to the chorus of come together on Abbey Road
you'll hear "My name is Paul"

-Max Epstein

Submission #312

I was recently looking at the Sgt Peppers album cover
when I noticed that between the L and E in "Beatles" there is a trophy.
It is too small to see what it says on it,
but I am assuming that this was the trophy that Billy Shears received
when he won the Paul McCartney look alike contest.

-Charlie P.

Submission #311

During an interview with John Lennon in the late 60s,
he was asked what the deal was with the whole thing. 
Without hesitation he says it was all a joke,
but later on he says that he knows very little about it. 
He says that he had just heard about it that morning. 
How could it have been a joke if he didn't even know about it???


Submission #310

If you play Strawberry Fields Forever backwards you'll hear
"we'll sing it man cuz we'll be reversed"
From the MMT album -
Your Mother Should Know backwards says
 "Why doesn't she know me?" [chourous-i shed the light]
 "Why doesn't she know me?" [chourus-dead]
 [verse]-"Why don't they ask my mind?"
"I don't know-why don't she know more-when i shed the light"
[from break] die die die die[reversed da-da part]


Submission #309

If you listen to the chorus of come together
on Abby Road you'll hear
"My name is Paul"

-Max Epstein

Submission #308

I am the Walrus...
John said that he meant to pick the Carpenter,
as the Walrus was the bad guy.
But then he decided it worked out better because
"Carpenter" would have sounded "Christ-like"
and didn't want to have that brought up again.
As well, "I am the Carpenter" didn't have the same ring to it.
Well, maybe he didn't forget the story causing the error.
Maybe he felt he was the bad guy
for having to replace Paul and lie to the world.
The goo goo ga joo'b
(Humpty Dumpty's last words before he fell 
and cracked his head open beyond repair)
could have been added to let us know why John was the bad guy.
I am the bad guy because of Paul's accident
I am putting the pieces (of the Beatles) back together again?
Something all the king's horses/men couldn't do.
And wasn't the Walrus just as greedy as John?
He (the Walrus) wanted all the oysters for himself
and who cares about the Carpenter?
John wanted to keep his band going and who cares about anything else?
I mean, he basically forced Stu to be in the band when he couldn't play
or have the desire to be in a band.
Now, with Paul out of the band,
he had more room to be the undisputed leader.



Submission #307

I believe that after paul's death,
all the bass parts on the later albums
were played by either John Lennon or George Harrison.
When the beatles played live,
Billy Shears had to pretend he was a lefty and pretend to play bass.
Due to the loudness of the screaming and of the other instuments,
you couldn't hear the bass anyway.
So, people wouldn't have noticed that there really was NO bass.



Submission #306

A common clue proving that paul is dead
is that when you place a mirror on "lonley hearts"
 on the Sgt. Pepper's album cover you can see the words:
This could be mean "11/9 he die"
(He died on November 9th)
or in Britain/Europe it is September 11th he died.
Which coincidently also could relate to 9/11/2001.
So does this mean Paul died on september 11th?
Or did the cover of Sgt Peppers (from 1967)
contain a strangely accurate prediction/picture
of NY on 9/11?


-Charlie P.

Submission #305

'I Will' from the White Album could be considered a clue.
If William Campbell was Paul's replacement,
'Will' could be short for William, and translated into 'I William'
(I am William)
hinting that he was indeed William Campbell.


-Chris H.

Submission #304

Pitchfork (Magazine interview):
Is there a hidden message or anagram in the title of the album?
[Ed.: Memory Almost Full can be rearranged to spell
"for my soulmate LLM"
-- the initials of the late Linda Louise McCartney.]

McCartney: I must say, someone told me [there is],
and I think it's a complete mystery, because it's so complete.
There does appear to be an anagram in the title.
And it's a mystery. It was not intentional.
But you know, I like those things, when things happen like that.
It's kind of spooky.
When I heard about that, I thought, "Should I just sort of say,
'I didn't know about it,'" or should I say,
[ominous voice] "Some things are best left as a mystery,"
and smile enigmatically?
So that's tending to be my reply.

Imagine that!?!
A hidden message in a “Paul” album that he knew nothing about!
Hahaha! Weird, ah?



Submission #303


Here's another clue for you all...

Billy was forced to take a paternity test in 1966,
just around the time he "supposedly" died.
Well, there seems to be REAL evidence now/today that
it was NOT the "original" Paul McCartney!!!
(also see clue #6...nice job Jurasic!)
The News Article

-Amanda, & Jerri

Submission #302

I found an angel flying above Paul

on the Abbey Road cover.

He is facing to the left

and spreading his wings to the right.
Angel images


-El Rey Ojeis


Submission #301

Flowers in the Dirt Clues



Submission #300

Magical Mystery Tour Clues
Part II




Submission #299

Magical Mystery Tour Clues
Part I




Submission #298

You know my name (look up the number)-
If you play this song backwards at about 2 minutes into it
(from end to start) you can hear John scream
“Paul is dead!”

She came in through the bathroom window –
Well I knew but I could not say.
(Billy admitting to the cover up, saying his hands were tied,
he couldn’t tell the truth)
And so I quit the police department and got myself a steady job.
(Billy was with the OPP but gave it all up to be a Beatle. Who wouldn’t?)
I’ve got a feeling –
all I’ve been looking for is somebody that looks like you.
(John was looking for somebody that looks like Paul
and found it in Billy. Some “body”.
Again, talking referring to a body with no head?)
Anthology 3 –
There where only 3 anthologies released. 3 Beatles.

I dig a pony – at the end “Paul” says “we improve with time,
like a fine wine really.
I’d put us down for a (some kind of wine?) ‘62” 
This could mean that the longer Billy plays Paul,
the better he gets or the more like Paul he becomes.

Teddy Boy –
Mama, don’t worry your Teddy Boy’s here,
Teddy’s gonna see you through.
(Is that Billy’s way of reassuring the Beatles that he’s here to help them
 through the hard times without Paul?
The Beatles dressed like Teddy boy’s back before they were Beatles.
Is this Billy pretending like it was him that was there in the early days?
In I dig a pony, he refers to the year 1962,
not long after the teddy boy faze.
Yellow Sub –
submarines are underwater and they incase/entomb there passengers.
Leso is underwater and a coffin encases you.
Is the Yellow submarine an underwater coffin for Paul?
Another angle could be the “sea of green”.
Could it refer to the green fields above Paul grave?
There is a field of green in Mother Nature’s sun,
and lots of green in hills like the Fool on the Hill
(I tell you man HE “buried” there still!)
Only a Northern song –
there’s “no body” there. A body without a head?
North is up, heaven is up. Could the Northern song be a religious hymn?
 Possibly played at a funeral?
(PS the first three (3) letters in funeral is FUN and this is definitely fun!)
Let’s compare pre and post ’66 Paul songs…
Pre ’66; Yesterday, Michelle, Here there everywhere, For no One.

      Post ’66; Temporary Secretary, the Xmas song
(Simply have a wonderful Christmas time),
C’moon, Don’t be careless love.

What more needs to be said? This is NOT the same man!  
How do you sleep? –
Could this have been John’s attempt to continue the story?
Billy was of no more use to the Beatles.
Maybe John did break the story (anon. as Tom)
so Billy couldn’t blackmail him into staying together.
John didn’t like Billy as his ego had gotten way to big (control freak?)
John always had the upper hand (which was constantly above Paul’s head)
 The Beatles could have profited but John ended it.
If they had have worked something out, maybe the Beatles would still
be performing, with the Stones opening for them!
Got to get you into my life –
Obvious. Billy has to get Paul into his life.
To live, breath, eat and sleep Paul to be convincing.
Could also refer to the India trip,
trying to incarnate Paul’s spirit into Billy.
Savoy truffle –
pineapple heart (apple – a means without, without Paul,
Pine could refer to rebirth, spring, regeneration.
Pineapple could mean the “new Paul”
Don’t pass me by –
don’t make me “blue” (Paul’s color on Pepper) I love ONLY you.
Only is in Lonely on the Pepper drum.
If you split lonely you get 1 one 1 X so if you split just the ONLY
you would get ON 1X or on the 9th.
Ringo was “blue” on the 9th because that’s when Paul died.
Ringo looked the saddest on the Pepper cover,
Paul was trying to cheer him up,
as if he knew it wasn’t the end of him or for him.
John and George seemed like they couldn’t care less
because they knew what was going on.
Pepper grave –
reads 3 Beatles 0 which could be 3 and 0 (Paul’s missing)
but if you use the rugby trophy as an I (eye) it could read 3 beat lies.
On the Pepper reprise, Paul sings “one, two, three” then you hear
John whisper “lies” as Paul says “four.”
The symbolic meaning of a crowd –
the idea of the crowd is symbolically superior to that of multiplicity
since it implies a new concept of the numerous as a totality
or of Oneness as a fragmented whole.
(Pepper was the first “concept” album. Oneness as a fragmented whole?
 Paul was fragmented/decapitated, and with Billy has returned as a whole)
 Jung’s interpretation of the multitude or crowd is well judged.
He asserts that especially when moving or restless, it corresponds to an
 analogous movement in the unconscious.
(Paul’s spirit is restless as he can not find peace due to this incarnation.
The Beatles won’t let him rest in peace.)
Homer has a well known simile in which he likens a crowd of warriors
in the agora (or on battle) to the ocean swell
(constituting another symbol of the unconscious)
Is Leso swollen due to the addition of Paul’s body?
Are the warriors the Beatles?
They are fighting to keep Paul alive, in spirit, if not physical body.
Rev 9 (in the bible) refers to the four angels (the Beatles) going into battle.
 A description follows…
Rev 9 (in the bible) paraphrased –
They had faces of men and hair like woman
(The Beatles had long hair for the time)
They wore breastplates (their guitars)
with tails like scorpions (their patch cords)
and the sound they make was like a thousands chariots going into battle
 (Rock and Roll)




Submission #297

Hello Doc.
Well here's another clue for you all...
In the MMT movie, in George's Blue Jay Way segment,
at the end where they show the headless body "a clue on it's own",
I noticed that written on the chest is "MAGICAL MYSTICAL BOY",
and as an image passes above the body it very quickly forms a face
with glowing eyes where the face is missing,
then the head goes completely black,
 then they stop "rocking",
then another image appears to be putting on another head or face,
 and they start to "rock" again,
and another face quickly appears.

-Andy in Tucson


Submission #296

Hola Dr Lev,
It was Peter Fonda, high on LSD,
that drove John crazy with his repetition of
“I know what it’s like to be dead”
later put into She said, she said.
(Again John changed a man into a woman in his song,
from another clue of mine)
I don't know if John was on LSD at the time
but could this have been the beginning of the PID idea?
What would it be like to really know what it was like to be dead?
Stupid bloody Tuesday –
When Paul got in a fight with either John (over Yoko)
or the Beatles (over recording) and got in the crash,
it was a Tuesday night but there was a poem in Liverpool.
I don’t remember the second line but I think it was something like
“yellow mattered custard, green slop pie (?),
all mixed together with a dead dog’s eye.”
A nasty little verse but it was something that came from
John and Paul’s youth in Liverpool.
Could this have been either to familiarize Billy with
some things Paul would have been aware of or paying homage to Paul.
 Going back to their youth could symbolize rebirth.
Allistair Crowley
You really have me thinking about “this one”!
(a theory of Dr. Lev's on his PID CD Listen here)

If John and Paul were holding each other
until they met their respective “soul mates”,
wouldn’t John have looked for someone like Paul?
If Paul was into Allistair Crowley,
Maybe it wasn't only Yoko steering John in that direction?
In one of the “Paul is dead – the rotten apple” videos on youtube,
it shows some highlights from a Crowley book stating that
And in Rev 9 backwards when Yoko says
“if you become naked”
backwards it very clearly says
“Satan, look at me!"
So, if Paul was into Crowley on his own,
maybe the PID thing was really Paul’s idea.
This could definitely have influenced the PID story,
selling your soul for fame and immortality.




Submission #295

Fixing a hole –
filling the cracks that have run thru the door
(of his car after the accident?)
Painting the room in a colorful way
(is Billy redecorating Paul’s room to suit his likes?)
Dovetail Joint -
Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart,
(the story was thought out in great detail so it can not be “pulled apart”) once glued, the joint is permanent.
(Once the story was started, there was no going back)
Although it is technically a straight forward process,
(replace Paul with Billy)
hand-cutting dovetails requires a high degree of accuracy
to ensure a snug fit (perfect replacement)
and so can be difficult to master.(that goes without saying)
The pins and tails must fit together with no gap between them
so that the joint interlocks tightly with no movement.
(no flaws in the replacement is acceptable) 
Thus the cutting of dovetails by hand is regarded as a mark of skill
on the part of the craftsperson.(John?)
Within you without you –
the people who hide themselves behind the wall of illusion
(the charade) never glimpse the truth.
The love we all could share/try our best to hold it there
(as the Beatles, doing what they can to stay as the Beatles).
If they only knew (George may be feeling a little guilty)
We were talking about the love that’s grown so cold
(either referring to Paul being dead and “cold” or
the coldness between Billy and the other 3)
and the people who gain the world (Billy) and lose their souls (Paul)
They don’t know, (the fans don’t know what’s really going on)
they can’t see (the clues or the difference between Paul and Billy)
Are you one of them? (that isn’t getting it?)
When you’ve seen beyond yourself (when you see the truth)
then you may find peace of mind is waiting there
(I know I would have peace of mind if I knew the truth, once and for all)
 Then the time will come when you’ll see we’re all one
(Billy and Paul are one, the 4 together are one in the Beatles)
and life flows on within you and without you.
(The Beatles will always be, regardless of who has left us
and who is still with us, they are forever!)
Rocky Raccoon’s name play –
Her name was Magill, and she called herself Lil
but everyone knew her as Nancy.
His name was William and he called himself Billy
but everyone knew him and Paul.
HAHAHA! Notice the “double” L in both Magill and William.
Rocky Raccoon Anthology 3 –
There is a part where Paul messes up the words and says
“the dr came in, sminking of gin, sminking?
And proceeded to lie on the table”
 Then to carry on until he caught up in the song, he sang
“he was really sminking of gin, and it did him in, in the end”
Maybe Paul was drinking Gin the night of his accident?
The Beatles went from being called “The Beatles” to just “Beatles”
after Paul died because it really was not the same band
therefore not “The Beatles” anymore.
In 1968, Beatles put out an album called “The Beatles” (the white album)
 and it was a “double” album, like Billy was Paul’s double.
Was this a play on words?
“Beatles” are creating a package to be sold to the fans called
“The Beatles”
They are staging “The Beatles” that the fans knew
although they were not the same band.
Good Morning, Good Morning –
somebody needs to know the time (time of death?)
glad that I’m here! (and not with Paul that night, glad to be alive?)
Back to the Abbey  Road
license plate –
If the numbers are just numbers and not letters,
let’s consider that John and Yoko were into numerology. 2 + 8 = 10
but you have to keep adding the numbers together until it is
a one digit number 1-9, therefore 1+ 0 = 1 
Lennon McCartney Were 1 (One) Iconicly Forever.
If the numbers are letters, another possibility could be
Like McCartney Will Billy Have Identity Forever?
Will Billy Hide Identity Fraud?
When I’m 64 – Yours Sincerely, wasting away (in his grave?)
In the Pepper crowd,
I thought it was funny that Sri Paramahansa Yagananda (guru)
was number 33
(George later released 33 1/3 and was influence by Indian culture)
But then right beside him was number 34 ( 3 or 4)
and it was titled ANON –
wax dummy and number 36 titled ANON – wax dummy.
In between was number 35 and it was none other than Stu Sutcliffe,
the original bassist who died in Germany.
There were two Paul’s on the cover,
one in wax and two dead bassists on the cover (Paul/Billy and Stu)
and now two wax dummies on either side of Stu.
I Want You (He’s So Heavy) –
There is an “I Want You” military poster behind Paul
in the I WAS picture in the MMT booklet.
Paul played a military man (maybe a “SGT”?) in the movie
and there are two (yes “two”) British flags hung in the background
like they would be at a military funeral.
The “He’s So Heavy” part reminds me of the song
“he ain’t heavy (he’s my brother)”
I’m sure Paul was like a brother to all the Beatles, especially John,
and that he would want to “carry” on the memory
of Paul after he was gone.
As well, in Rev 9 John says “take this brother, may it serve you well”
 possibly handed Paul’s bass to Billy
or the idea of passing Paul’s legacy to Billy.
I wonder what you can hear on I want you if you played it backwards?....
The end of I Got A Feeling –
You can hear John say “…sold my soul…that was…so hard” 
Again, makes you think of someone selling there soul
for fame and fortune.
Maybe they sold Paul’s soul and John is remembering
what a hard decision it was to make.
Letters of Sgt Pepper’s –
Just the initials to Sgt Pepper’s would be SPLHCB.
They could stand for Starr, Paul, Lennon, Harrison, Campbell and Billy.
 Some things to notice about this are that all the Beatles last names
are accounted for except Paul (no M)
Again, he doesn’t fit with the rest.
As well, Billy and Campbell appears “2” times and Paul and Billy
are the only “two” first names that appear when all the rest are surnames.
 Another way to look at it could be
Since Paul Left, Helped Counterpart Billy
(or Helped Clone Billy, Helped Copy Billy)
Come Together –
Flattop could refer to Paul’s decapitation,
Wears no shoeshine/Toe jam football
(Billy being barefoot on Abbey Road)
Side note – “Paul” always said it was hot that day
and that’s why he took off his shoes
but the photo shoot was in the summer
and it took numerous takes to get it right that day.
The asphalt they were walking across would have been burning Paul’s feet
 and I don’t think he would have let his feet burn that long,
all day unless there was a really good reason
or there was a point to the picture being taken with “Paul” barefoot.
Speaking of football,
there is a Rugby trophy in between the L and E on the Pepper cover.
You can almost see it as forming the letter I
making a statement on the grave.
LIES. Are they burying “lies” in the album covers?
On the grave,
the full thing would be 3 BEATLES O
and could mean 3 alive and O (1 is missing/gone)
or BE AT LESO but the O is off by itself at the side.
The meaning of a circle?
From A Dictionary of Symbols (just some highlights)
“the circle very frequently is an emblem of the sun
(here comes the sun king)
and indisputably so when it is surrounded by rays
(Billy is surrounded by the other Beatles)
It also bears a certain relationship to the number 10,
symbolizing the return to unity from multiplicity
(Billy acting as Paul brings unity back to the Beatles,
the multiplicity of 2 Paul’s unify to make one)
when it comes to stand for heaven
and perfection and sometimes eternity as well.
The square according the Jung, represents the lowest of the composite
and factorial numbers, symbolizes the pluralist state of man
who has not achieved inner unity,
the circle would correspond to this ultimate state of Oneness.
We must also point to the relationship between the circle and the sphere,
 which is a symbol of the All.”
I’m sure John (if not Yoko) would have known about things like this.
Could this explain the circle at the end of BEATLES?
She’s Leaving Home –
Friday morning (mourning) at 9:00.
Wakes are usually held 2 days after someone’s death.
Was Paul’s wake Friday at 9am?
She is far away, John wrote Sexy Sadie about the Marharishi
and changed him into a girl in the song.
Maybe John turned Paul into a girl is this song
and it is really Paul who is far away.
Throwing in the resurrection/reincarnation angle,
“he rose on the third day”
Wed, Thrus, Fri would be the third day.
Maybe it only took 3 days to find and get hold of Billy
to sell him the idea.
The Drone –

some say if you play the inner groove backwards it says
“will Paul be back as Superman?”
and there is a picture of Superman in the MMT booklet
beside the picture of the man from the movie and it says
“he thinks he’s the courier”
Is a courier not a messenger?
And the Beatles were definitely trying to give us a message!
LOVE cover –
On the cover of the new LOVE album
there are only 3 hearts. Hmmm….
In the Penny  Lane video,
the number 46 shows up on the bus.
Could be backwards for 64 (when I’m 64)
or if you flip the 6 you get 49 (Paul McCartney)
Either way, both refer to Paul and single him out once again.
Shiva on Pepper
(statue under the T in BEATLES on grave)
the goddess of rebirth is pointing at both Paul’s,
the wax model and the “new” Paul in blue.
 The other two hands point down at the grave.
Beatle means Pepper in India.
Some say the Beatles brought Billy to India
to incarnate Paul’s spirit into him.
Paul has a video for this one where he is back in India.
The quality isn’t very good but it has a nice explanation to it.
He talks an awful lot about water,
he is above the water while Paul is buried at Leso.
And the dead Paul’s eyes are closed
yet Billy has a second set of eyes that do see.
Kind of creepy video actually,
and it is off his “Flowers in the Dirt” album.
Where have we seen flowers in dirt before?
A writer of the Beatles Monthly was named Billy Sheppard.
The Beatles did a scene from the play A Midsummer’s Night Dream,
Pepper was released in June (the summer)
This June ('07) will be the 40 year anniversary
for the release of Sgt Pepper’s.
(June 1st in England and the 2nd, my birthday, in the states)
and “Paul” will be 64 (until June 18th)
What will happen then? Keep your eyes and ears open!
Around the wax Paul on Pepper is Marlon Brando,
who died in the movie the Wild Ones.
In this movie, his gang was called the Beatles (or Beetles).
Hello goodbye –
obvious, we say hello to Billy as we say goodbye to Paul
Blue Jay Way

please don’t be long (Paul don’t belong)
Your mother should know –
Maybe Paul is talking to the children of Beatle fans?
The original fans should be able to tell the differences in the “Paul’s”,
they grew up with him, loving him, they should be able to tell.
The “mothers” or older fans should have at least known about the rumors!
Fool on the Hill –
Most people think
of Paul,
he sang it and in the MMT booklet for the Fool picture,
there is a crack going through Paul’s head.
The words also include
“HE never listens to them, HE knows that they’re the fools”
(HE from the Pepper drum, “HE living there still” from Glass Onion)
Is “Paul” saying anyone that believes it is Paul, not Billy,
on the hill, are fools?



Submission #294

LOVE track 17 –
Why don’t we do it in the road/Lady Madonna/Hey Bulldog –
Road could refer to Abbey road, where a dead Paul is getting ready
for burial or that a road was involved in the death,
Lady Madonna refers to “Wednesday morning papers not coming”
because the Beatles had to hide the death that occurred Wed morning”
and in Lady Madonna the chorus is “see how they run”
could be referring to “see how they run like pigs from a gun”
in I am the Walrus, a song that also mentions “stupid bloody Tuesday”
and Hey bulldog clearly states “you think you know it
but you haven’t got a clue”
Was John getting mad that we still hadn’t caught on
to what he was doing?
A New way to read the license plate –
It is assumed that the plate reads LMW28IF,
what if the 2 and 8 are suppose to be letters? 2 = B and 8 = H.
You may get things like, Like McCartney, William/Billy
Has Identical Features (Face), Like McCartney “WAS” …
from MMT “I YOU WAS”, or Lennon May Want Billy Here In Fantasy
or something more egotistical Lennon May Well Be Heroic In Fame
(for pulling off such a brilliant hoax)
There was always the understanding that all songs would be
Lennon/McCartney, even when they started recording on their own.
Instead of changing the credits, the plate may be explaining why
they didn’t, Lennon/McCartney Was Billy’s Have-baked Idea,
Fully (haha) Now what if the I (eye) was actually a 1 (one)?
1 = A. Now it could read,
“Like McCartney Wanted, Billy Has All Fooled” ? 

In the video for Hello Goodbye, Paul is obviously lip-syncing
(which got the video banned on the BBC cause
you’re not allowed to do that!)
He knew he screwed up yet didn’t seem to care,
correct it or conceal it. Why?
Here is a link to watch Paul making mashed potatoes (seriously)
It’s really funny.  But at one point he puts on an over mitt
and starts talking to it.
He says “hello Glovie” which is what the head Blue Meanie
called his flying glove in Yellow Sub.
Interesting he would refer to that.
And why is Paul doing his own cooking anyway?
As well, in Yellow Sub, we have one Paul, starting out in Liverpool
and then a second Paul at the very end
(from cartoon to real life) after their visit to “Pepper”land.
Here is a link to Paul’s reaction on John’s death.
This one speaks for itself.
It doesn’t sound like someone’s reaction to a one time best friend,
partner, almost brother.
Also, notice the running time. 49 (4-Paul, 9-McCartney)
Savoy Truffle Lyric change –
In the song George states “we all know obladi blada
not obladi oblada like the actually song by “Paul”.
Why would there be this slight difference in wording?
Is it because there is a slight difference in “Paul”?
An interesting little thing I found.
Go to
(the instrument Paul was holding on Pepper).
It is a very interesting read. Some quotes from the write up include:
means a “double” reed woodwind instrument,
it is a “transposing” instrument
meaning it “is an instrument whose music is written at a pitch
different from concert pitch”
(the Beatles stopped doing concerts,
maybe because Billy’s pitch was off?)
and “These instruments allow the player to change the instrument's
 transposition electronically or mechanically”
(Like they did with Billy)
They compare the cor anglais to the oboe throughout
(think of it as a comparison between Billy and Paul)
The shape gives it a more nasal sound, Its appearance differs from the oboe
 in that the reed is attached to a slightly bent metal tube called the bocal,
or crook (Billy is attached to a slightly “bent” game the Beatles are
 playing, the crook part could refer to the thief of Paul’s identity) 
Reeds used to play the cor anglais are similar to those used for an oboe,
 comprising a piece of cane folded in two (folded in “two”?)
Although the instrument itself is longer
(Billy is “longer” or taller than John and George all of a sudden)
and also slightly wider.
(subtle differences between Billy and Paul)
The term "cor anglais" literally means "English horn",
but the cor anglais is neither English nor a horn.
(Billy wasn’t English either)
The instrument's name is sometimes supposed to derive from the
 circumstance that at some point a standard cor anglais resembled an oboe
 da caccia (just like Billy resembled Paul)
Many oboists double on the cor anglais. Hmmm…..
On that note, all the Beatles are holding their instruments
in their left hands,
maybe as a tribute to their left handed member that they lost?
Billy is holding his instrument in both hands,
Paul being left handed and Billy being right handed.
In the Pepper CD at the front, it has a listing of everyone on the cover.
The drum is number 81 (8+1=9) Nov 9th.
\Guess what number Paul is?
(the “new” Paul, not the wax model) 64.
Gives When I’m 64 a whole new meaning. When I’m Paul…
The designer of the drum, a non existent Joe Ephgrave

(epitaph and grave)
 but of all the first names to pick,

why choose one with only 3 letters in it?
Well, while we’re on the Pepper CD…
pg 8 you can see the LES of flowers, there is no O.
pg 9 Pepper Paul is standing in front of the old Paul looking down.
Pg  15 you can see only the D on Paul’s badge and
George is pointing up at Getting Better
(it can’ get no worse cause Paul’s already dead)
pg 17 OP no third letter.
Pg 19 Paul and George looking at She’s leaving home,
can’t see third letter of badge.
Pg 20/21 all the Beatles are looking at Within you Without you,
John and Paul are smiling.
Pg 21 & 23 you can’t make out the third letter on badge.
Pg 25 Paul would have been 25 that June,
June is when Pepper was released,
you can see the whole badge but second P is distorted.
Pg 26 cutouts, includes a fake mustache
(“it was a fake mustache is heard when you play the
Sgt Pepper reprise backwards)
and picture card (fake passport for Billy?)
badges (OPD?) and a stand up.
On the cover Paul is the only one with his shoulders out,
maybe because the other Beatles had to hold him up
or make sure he was the one that “stood out” from the rest?
Pg 27 says “cover by M C productions (Mc Cartney)
and the apple (a – without, pple – Paul)
“staged” by Peter Blake & Jann Haworth…”
A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for all”
which was also in the song
Being for the benefit of Mr Kite and is MMT.
Another  mirror trick –
I think we all know about splitting the Pepper drum
for the 111x he die clue, splitting it in half and looking up.
Well, if you do the same thing to the word TOUR on MMT
and this time look down and the reflection you will get the word
Try it out!


Submission #293

If you listen to Happiness Is A Warm Gun on The White Album
at about 1:00 in we hear the lyrics,
"I need a face 'cos I'm going down,
down to the place that I left uptown...
I need a fix 'cos I'm going down"
Could this possibly be relating to Billy's plastic surgery
to make him look like Paul?

-Luke Harrison

Submission #292

On the album cover of Sgt. Pepper's
the wax figure of Ringo is staring at the "grave" of Paul. 
He is frowning and dressed in all black
which makes him look like a mourner. 
Also, the other Beatles look like their trying to cheer Ringo up.

-Chopper Guy

Submission #291

I just thought of something.

You know on the back of Pepper’s,

how their hands form the word LOVE?

(George is the L, and Paul is the O because

his back is to the camera?)

I hope you know what I am talking about.

Well, not only is that a clue but I just realized that

if Paul is taken out, the only letters we are left with would be

L, V and E. An anagram for LEV.

Now if that’s not a creepy coincidence, I don’t know what is!

Honestly now, did that play into the name

or is Lev really your last name?


The moment of truth is at hand……..

“Doctor LEV”


(yhs wnJ at vneb I denio!)




Submission #290

Well, I was watching Free as a Bird,

and noticed a graveyard where "Paul" is seen dancing.

Weird to see him happy in a graveyard.

Perhaps it's an allusion to celebrating his

"escape from death"

-Alice T.


Submission #289

Re: post # 226, about Gosford Park,

I couldn't help but notice the background of RED ROSES

in front of the man with the pen in his back.

One wonders what significance the names and times might have.

And if Paul is "BACK in the US" and "Live 2002",

Does that mean he is alive, and backliving in the USA?

("Somebody give me a cheeseburger!")


-Billy’s Here!


Submission #288

I was looking at the Please Please Me photo

and the one for the original Get Back updated photo

(The one used for the Blue Album)

and they’re all in the same position

except for Paul who is facing oposite than the original picture.

Could mean something...


-Jordan A.

Submission #287

I found a new clue in A day in the life...

If you listen closely to the point where it reaches 3:55,

then you will hear a man in the background.

He is counting...

but on a certain point you can't hear him anymore..

keep counting with him until it gets quiet…

Then you get to 24.

Well, wasn't that the age of McCartney when he died in '66?


-Mike van Voorst


Submission #286

Like was written by Rodolfo in Submission #283:

the white collapsing bug VW Beetle is very astonishing.

Also very intriguing:

the driver seems to fly like an angel right to heaven.

The Abbey Road album showed a Beetle bug

with license plate: "LMW 28IF".
But I think there is some problem saying it means simply

"Living McCartney Was" IF (when living ) 28 years old.
Problem is that Paul was only 27 years in August 1969

when the picture was taken

(he was born in Liverpool 18 June 1942).
The only one who was 28 years old in August 1969 was John.

So I think John says here:

"Leaving Me Wrecked (when/if) 28 years old,

or better and simply, "Leave Me William"

(when I am 28 year old).
John is also the leading and most important person on the cover. He is dressed in a white costume.

White is many times the right colour for

mournfulness and sadness.
Indeed, very sad was the fact that almost early 1970

it was already officially known that the Beatles

were separating due to Paul.
We can correctly say that the license number

has something to do with age.
In 1993 Paul published “Paul Is Live”.

On the cover we see again a white Beetle bug.

The license number is “LMW 51 IS”.

Indeed, Paul was 51 years old in 1993.

It seems to be no joke.

Why should Paul say: "'Leave Me - William IS 51 years"? Somehow it seems like a rather harsh answer.


-G. Abts, Belgium


Submission #285

These clues are strictly scientific…


If you look at the album of Sgt Pepper

you can see that the lightings came from the upper right corner. As a result all of the member's face has a shadow

cast on their left side of the face...

except Paul that is.

Now according to the law of light,

light produced from any projectory cannot penetrate

through objects with higher rate than they have.

You can see here that Paul has a shadow cast

 on his lower torso by one of the other members,

but Paul on the other had does not cast a shadow

of any form to the left.

When he must have to cast a shadow because

of his nose sticking out, but he did not cast a shadow,

this means the figure in the picture is not 3D,

which means it wasn’t a person but a cardboard box figure.

Also if you magnify the split crack on Paul's vest

you can see a faint pole,

this means that it was a cardboard box held by a pole.


Now to take the clues into a modern science

you can simply take it into photoshop imaging.

Now no modern coloring nor textile technology

can produce a piece of paper nor a piece of fabric

that will reflect no light at all.

Which means that if Paul is real then he would

have been wearing pants and it was just too dark in the picture. Now if you brighten the image of the album

you can clearly see all the other colors being brightened

 even the other blacks, but the split in Paul's vest

does not brighten and remains flat black.

Which means that there was no color at that place,

which means no light could bounce off to give color,

not even black.

So this means that the picture had no pants,

not even cardboard box pants, it just had the vest,

and Paul couldn’t have been alive

with just his torso and no legs now could he?

Interestingly enough while the split stays black

by the 7th brightening you can see clearly that a bar

going through the middle of Paul's vest.

To make sure of this I brightened the image

to the point where it could not get any brighter

and all the colors reached the point of white

where my computer could not process a brighter white,

even the bar in the middle turned to the most extereme white

but the split in the vest stays flat black.


Another major unbelivable clue is medical records.

If you tap in to the BEATLE's medical records

you cannot find any DNA nor blood samples of any kind

from Paul before the accident date,

where there are abundant records after the date of death,

and also there are numerous records of DNA

and blood samples from the other 3 members

dating before the accident date

and after wards many of them taken on the same dates

 in the same hospital for drug tests and check ups.

Still blood and DNA samples of the Beatles 

remain as a record in vaults dating back to the 50's ,

but Paul's records are missing until the date of the accident

when the Beatles would take tests together.


-Seong Jin


Submission #284

Proof that there are intentional hidden stuff in Beatle songs.

’67 John and “Paul” started writing separately

but left the credits as Lennon-McCartney

but John wanted it clear that Strawberry Fields was his and his alone. After the first “cause I’m going to…”

you will hear a series of high pitched beeps.

It is morse code and it spells out “JOHN”


In A Little Help, the line “lend me your ears”

is referring to Shakesphere’s Julius Ceaser

and the rest of the lines are along the lines of

“I am not hear to praise Ceaser but to bury him”

Interesting choice of words for the song!


Paul on the Hill…On the Pepper’s cover,

the crowd seems to be going up

as if the ones in the back are standing on a hill.

Beatles are spelled out on freshly turned earth (Paul’s grave?)

Glass Onion says “I told you about the fool on the hill,

I tell you man HE living there still”

(HE DIE on Pepper drum, not him or he’s dead)

The crowd are full of dead celebrities,

the hand over Paul’s head may be

the dead reaching out to claim him

(same idea in the White Album

with the ghostly hands reaching for him)


Yesterday…and Today. The title is obvious.

Yesterday sung by Paul and Today is someone new?

The original cover has 2 (that’s right 2!) dolls with no heads

on either side of Paul and George trying to put a head

on Paul’s shoulders and Paul looks like he has no teeth

(Rev 9 “so he went to see the dentist instead

which gave him a pair of teeth, which wasn’t any good at all”)

The album got pulled and what did the Beatles do?

They “covered it up” with a different picture,

this time with Paul in a box (coffin?)

The first Beatle cover up!


The Art Of Dying –

“There’ll come a time when all your hopes are fading,

when things that seemed so very plain become an awful pain”

Is George upset that we aren’t seeing the plain clues

that they’ve left and is now getting frustrated?

“Searching for the truth among the lying

and answered when you learn the art of dying”

Deceiphering the clues to learn the truth

amongst the lies of Billy being Paul?

“But if you want it then you must find it

and once you have it there’ll be no need for it.”

If you want the truth you must look for the clues

and once you’ve found the clues you won’t need them

because you’ll know the truth.

“There’ll come a time when most of us return here

(like Paul returning to life via Billy)

brought back by our desire to be a perfect entity

(the Beatles desire to continue being the Beatles)

And the best line of the song “Do you believe me?”


Wah-wah –

Admittedly written for Paul

as he was giving George a wah-wah (headache)

but if you read between the lines… (to Paul)

and I’m thinking of you and all the things that we used to do.

You made me such a big star” (now to Billy)

“Being there at the right time, cheaper than a dime.” (to both)  

“You don’t see my crying, you don’t hear me signing.

(because Paul’s dead and George hides his feeling from Billy)  

“And I know how sweet life can be so

I’ll keep myself free of wah-wah”


Response to # 283 –

Loved the link to Cirque de Soleil,

did you notice while they are playing

Being for the benefit of Mr Kite

someone’s head falls off and the person beside them

has to put it back on?

Now if that’s not referring to PID I don’t know what is!




Submission #283

In the Cirque de Soleil promo video,
notice the white (angel) bug (Volkswagen) driving on the stage,
suddenly being released and lifted into the air,
and all its automobile parts becoming seperated.
(he blew his mind out in a car)
the Abbey Road album showed a beatle bug
with license plates Linda Mccartney Weeps,
...remember LMW 28IF.
Also, near the end, you'll see the bug and  LMW 28IF  again.
(why are these "clues" cleverly highlighted once again?)


Submission #282

Check out the imagery in Mother Nature’s Son.
First in the title alone...has Paul returned to the earth?  
Then was Billy “born a poor young country boy?
Has he accepted that he is now to
"sit signing songs for everyone" all day long?

I was always under the understanding that Leso was underwater,
“see her water rise”?
Could “find me in my field of grass” mean his grave?
A patch of grass that he calls his? It’s not a field it’s his field.
And then the imagery of swaying daisies.
Isn’t there a saying about a buried person “pushing up daisies”? Hmmm……
I think we all agree that the Pepper drum is the date of death.
But, the first way I ever read it was 1 1 1 X meaning...
of the four Beatles one is X’d out.

Come Together...One and One and One is Three,
got to be good looking cause he’s so hard to see.
Paul was always known as the “cute one” Again, singling out Paul.
And if it was a decapitation then it was probably a closed casket
making him “hard to see”.
The song Two Of Us...well, the titles obvious.
And the line...“riding nowhere” now that he’s dead.
spending someone’s hard earned pay” Yeah, Paul’s hard earned pay.
“Sunday driving ( okay wrong day but
a day people usually go to church to pray, maybe for a dearly departed?)
“Not arriving”...“On our way back home” to heaven?
People that are dying often ask to be brought back home. 
you and I have memories” Billy and Paul now have to share memories
because Billy is taking over Paul’s life.
Again, the mention of a road and a head
(longer that the road that stretches out aHEAD)
“two of us wearing raincoats standing solo in the sun”
the image of two people turning to one person, one shadow.
“You and me chasing paper”
Could that be the Wednesday paper
that never came from Lady Madonna?
Why would Paul call one of his albums “Red Rose Speedway”?
Especially when he was the only one wearing a black rose in MMT
and when he was in a car crash, possibly on a speedway?
Paul also put a message in Braille
to Stevie Wonder on one of his albums.
A hidden message on a Paul album.
Who would have ever thought….?
In the Yellow Sub movie, when they met the nowhere man,
they are reading his name and say “Jeremy”  “Hillary” “Boob” “PhD”.
At first I was thinking maybe J for John H for Harrison
but then Ringo doesn’t fit in (no I don’t think Ringo is a boob!)
But as like life, maybe the answer’s at the end
Phd pronounced phd”...Paul Has Died?
There was one successful attempt at a Beatle sound a like song
by a band called the Knickerbockers called Lies!


Submission #281

In the Penny Lane video,
shortly after they sit down to drink tea,
it shows John's face with what appers to be an image
of some figures in blue and a fire.
And in the background there is a blue car.


Submission #280

Check out the Free As A Bird video.
In the car crash/Day in the Life scene,
before you see the actual accident, there is a black police van.
Watching all the way through it looks like a reflection of a tree
but frame by frame you can clearly see
a picture of Paul in the back window!
In the song Lovely Rita it says
“ had a laugh and over dinner” 
then you hear a pop like a bottle of champagne being opened.
Were they drinking that night?
In Baby you’re a rich man it says
“tuned to a natural E, happy to be that way”
Was that Paul’s natural singing key?
As well as “now that you’ve (Billy) found another key,
what are you going to play?”
Where will Billy go as the new Paul?
On Only a Northern Song it says
“It doesn’t really matter what chords I play,
what words I say or if my hair is brown”
Someone mentioned Billy's hair was lighter now.
The rest is self explanatory.
On Paul is Live,
the sheepdog isn’t his (Martha) but his son James’ 
The 2nd impostor on Abbey Road?
Response to clue #210
Mother Mary comes to me could be Paul’s mother Mary,
who died when he was 16, is coming to him.
Response to #193
on the Oldies album change O and L one letter down in the alphabet
and you get PM DIES
Response to #231
In Egyptian walking with the right foot means
you are walking towards death or are already dead.
Response to #156
"rubber soul" could mean the rubber from the car tires squealing
and soul is death (although it was out before Paul died).
On revolver (I know, before Paul died)
John is trying to sneak his hand over Paul’s head
(small drawing to left of John)


Submission #279

I always noticed in the strawberry fields promo film
in the anthology that there is a close up of Paul
lifting his head from behind a furry looking turtle neck.
Could this be the actual Walrus costume
worn on the MMT Album cover?
Also at the end of Penny lane
when the Victorian looking fellows
hand the Beatles their instruments at the table,
it appears as though McCartney
doesn't know how to hold the bass!
Is he a lefty or righty!


Submission #278

If you look at the front cover of Sergeant Pepper's,
at the wax models of the Beatles,
you see Ringo who appears to be looking at the freshly dug grave
(with a very sad look on his face)
and Paul is standing behind him with his hand on his shoulder...
maybe to reassure ringo from another world
that everything will be alright.
And if you look even closer, on Ringos right shoulder,
Paul's hand only has THREE fingers showing!
(except for his thumb which technically isnt even a finger)
This could represent "three" Beatles!

-Toby C.

Submission #277

In the John Lennon Anthology CD box set,
on disk # 3 the one entitled The Lost Weekend,
in track # 5's Yesterday (parody) Lennon sings the words:
(to the tune of Yesterday)
 could this be a reference to Paul's head injury
sustained in the car accident?

-Andy, Tucson, AZ

Submission #276

In the 2004  release of the Yellow Submarine playing cards,
the Ace of Spades (traditionally recognized as the death card)
is none other than Paul McCartney.
Notice he is dressed up as in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Curious little thing, eh?

-Erica R.

Submission #275

The famous (PID) picture in the MMT booklet
that came with the original vinyl LPs
has been misread all these years.
The one where Paul is sitting behind the desk in a uniform.
That little sign everyone thinks says "I  Was".
If you read it with every consecutive smaller letter, it actually reads:
"I Was as you."
Which seems to make way more sense.


Submission #274

When you play Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
the part towards the end that says,
"The singer's gonna sing a song/and he'd like you all to sing along"
played backwards sounds like...
"Paul, oh he's not gonna be there.  Paul the greatest is dead"

-Geoff P.

Submission #273

In the Strawberry Fields Forever video, at the beginning,
(you need the original video, not the anthology one,
because it has been cut...maybe for that)
you see the Beatles walking backwards, then they stop,
and stay there for a short time.
In the background, you see a car very similar as Paul's accident car,
that passes right through Paul's head!

In the VW of the Abbey Road cover,
you can see a head on the window of the right side.
Check the number of poles and you'll notice there are 9.
McCartney has 9 letters, and he crashed into one.
You need to look closely to the poles at the far end...

-Paul's Double

Submission #272

In the song 'Imagine'
in the part where John Lennon sings "you may say...",
it kind of sounds like "yeahh save me".
I think this may be "Save my career ",
as in when the Beatles broke up.

-Austin fl

Submission #271

From the "Say Say Say" Submission 228
about Michael Jackson singing the lyrics
"Standing here baptized in all my tears baby,
through the years... YA KNOW BRIAN?"
This site states that a man named Brian Epstein was sent
to find Paul and met his own death as well.
My favorite "clue" is from Submissions 47 and 204,
the 1967 Christmas album references:
"Theater hour is brought to you tonight from
the arms of someone new...ring ring...
Hello?  I'm speaking from a cold (or callbox)...
Hello, hello operator, Hello? Operator?  I've been cut off!
            Have ya?
            I think I have an emergency!
            O-U-T spells Out!"
I always thought "o-u-t spells out" was weird.
The movie Magical Mystery Tour
shows footage of a beach at Outreau in North France;
hence...O-U-T spells OUTreau!
(Could this be where Paul's body was buried???)

-Robert Wilson, Fort Wayne IN

Submission #270

Paul turns 64 this year!
The Song "When I'm 64" has GOT TO have clues in it.
Maybe Paul will disclose details "When he's 64"???
OR...maybe something ELSE will happen "When he's 64"
that is disclosed in clues within this song.
Either way...
we're going to find out SOON!!!

-"Uncle Albert" Einstein, Michigan

Submission #269

On the back cover of the "Beatles 1" greatest hits CD
Paul is the only one surrounded by flowers

-Paul R Tomczak

Submission #268

In response to Submission #267,
the music IS being played backwards and says
 in the same high pitched voice in reverse,
"Will Paul be back as Superman?"

-B. Heffner

Submission #267

At the end of the song 'A Day In The Life' ,
about 30-40 seconds after the final piano chord is struck,
something else can be heard...
There's a high pitched sound and then
laughter suddenly comes on and you hear someone saying:
"Never could be any other one".
Then it loops to repeat this message thirteen times.
It finally cuts off in the middle of the word "one",
but you can still understand it.
It also sounds as if (parts of) it is being played backwards.

-Erica, S. Connellsville, PA

Submission #266

In the song "Come Together" you hear Billy say,
"Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see".
Maybe this means Billy looks so much like Paul
that it's hard to notice the difference.

-Ricky Stephens

Submission #265

In The Simpsons episode. "Lisa The Vegetarian", "Paul" has a cameo.
He tells Lisa that if you play "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards,
you'll hear a "really rippin' lentil soup recipe".
However, I believe this backmasked message can only be heard
when the song is played during the end credits
(this version was made especially for this episode).
But he does give a recipe, and at the end of the recipe, he says
"Oh, and by the way, I'm alive"
referring to these rumours.

-Crinkle-Cut Beatroot

Submission #264

Hi Doctor Lev,
It seems the Beatles, I mean Beatle, are still leaving clues to this day.
On the cover of Ringo's new album, Choose Love,
he is holding up a peace sign, but it is with three fingers!
Why three fingers?
Who makes a peace sign with three fingers?
Everyone knows a peace sign is done with two fingers.
Perhaps it means three dead Beatles?
( and one and one is three)
Also notice that two of the fingers are close together
and the other one is separate from the other two.
Could this mean that the two fingers close together
are the dead Beatles you know about
and the other separate finger is the dead Beatle you don't
know about...James Paul McCartney?
--Ringo's 'Choose Love' cover--

-Bryan, Rockville, MD

Submission #263

Hey Dr. Lev,
I'm 12 years old and I love the Beatles P-I-D conspiracy.
Though I think it is true therefore not a conspiracy!
In the song Glass Onion, in the last "28" seconds of the song,
it plays music that doesn't even go with the song.
This music is different to show that it doesn't go with the song,
as Billy doesn't go with the Beatles.
Also the real Paul was 28 when he died right?
This is why it plays for 28 seconds I suppose.
As most of us know, the song Glass Onion is filled with clues.
This one, is one of those not so obvious.
Thanks Dr. Lev!!!!

-Ricky Stephens

Submission #262

 which is more likely...I OKEI X (I okay – he die)
 (I) Faul is ok (he) Paul die, read the hole sentence
 Then reverse it
 Then follow the letters down the left side:
 S C(i)t(l) BEBBERS
The whole sentence are now:
I`m okay he died seek your eyes see it will be 66 ers
then reverse it again
  SRE BB EB (l)t(i) C S
 Three Beatle says
The whole sentence are now:
S  C(i)t(l) BEBBERS SRE BB EB (l)t(i) C S
 I okay he died seek -  your eyes see it`ll be 66ers  three beatle says
The question is what does it mean?
 I okay: Faul is ok!
 He die: Paul die!
 Seek look for clues
 Your eyes see.  Then you will see.  It will be 66 ers?????
 That is the hard one!
 66 years or 66 ears??  hmmmm…..maybe Three Beatle says???
Is it at mantra?? Could it be like:
The 3 Beatles says:I am ok and he died.
Seek and your eyes will see it will be 66 years???


Submission #261

51 is ... instead of ... 28 if ... license plate stuff ... alright!
Abbey Road scene, PAUL dead mystery...
see the photograph included ...
--'Paul-Is-Live' album cover--


Submission #260

Sir Paul is telling us to continue with the hoax.
Tell us, "Is he still the walrus?"
In this particular picture I'm sending you,
do you see any resemblance to the "WALRUS IS PAUL"???
--Paul's Shoes--


Submission #259

The real Paul often wore glasses with thick lenses,
obviously for far-sightedness particularly in the studio.
He also used early, uncomfortable glass contact lenses
for touring and press conferences.
Paul #2, also a smoker in those days
who might prefer glasses to contacts off camera,
has never had prescription glasses on to my knowledge
in any pics whatsoever or in the studio with Wings in the early 70's.
Pre-soft contacts and pre-R-K surgery....something is a bit off here!
Also, the hair was obviously grown long to cover the ears.
Photos from 1966-67 of the ears of both men are hard to find
but there are obvious differences in the 66-67 Pauls.
Paul #2 has a greater range and smoother voice a la Just Another Day
and Uncle Albert which requires 'blowing out'
with excessive studio takes to sound more like Paul #1
such as on Oh Darling.
Singing in a relaxed state such as on Eleanor Rigby,
Paul #1 has a scruffy quality in the vocal tone.

-The Blues Man

Submission #258

The first line of "I Am The Walrus" is very strange....
"I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together"
So, this line could really mean:
"Faul is Paul, as Paul is Paul, as Paul is (like) Faul,
and they are all together"

-SpeedKing from Latvia

Submission #257

If you sing the title of
'Sergeant Peppers Lonly Hearts Club Band' backwards,
it's supposed to sound very much like
"Paul has been dead for ages honestly."
In fact it sound uncannily like
"dnab bulc straeh ylnol sreppep tnaegres"

-Rockin' Rick Connick

Submission #256

I think the biggest clue is
that Paul (or Billy) doesn't even admit to
placing ANY clues in their music.
There are sooo many that are sooo obvious,
that to be fair he would at least admit to doing some.

-Michelle, Houston, Texas

Submission #255

The chorus of "Something" backwards alludes to Paul's "death".
The second verse in reverse goes:
Somewhere in her smile she knows that I don't need no other lover.
Something in her style that shows me.
Don't want to leave her now.
You know I believe her now.
One of a Beatle, no one, one a Beatle, no one...
What shall thou art, something with us...
a bottle, no, a demon idol...
so unleash my arm, something with us.
--Listen here--


Submission #254

On the Sgt. Pepper cover
the doll's shirt says "Welcome the Rolling Stones".
This could mean that because Paul died
the Beatles are no longer a full band,
so the second best band, The Stones, are now in charge.

-Jordan Ames

Submission #253

On the Yellow Submarine cover,
You can read a very small "Nothing is Real",
possibly meaning that Paul has died and Billy Shears is a fake!

-Jordan Ames

Submission #252

On The White Album cover,
the only letters that are not capitalized are "h" and "e" spelling "he".
..."he" as in "Paul"???
(along with the stark-white cover
maybe representing a funeral shroud)

-Jordan Ames

Submission #251

In Paul's latest album, "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard".
There is a whole song, called "Friends to Go", that is about Paul's death!
It begins (and this is just the first four lines):
"I've been waiting on the other side, /
For your friends to leave so I don't have to hide,/
I'd prefer they didn't know,/
So I've been waiting on the other side, for your friends to go."
I think Paul was trying to make it sound like
he's Billy (down here) talking to Paul (in heaven),
telling him he wants his friends (everyone who knew Paul)
to die first so he can come out and be Billy again.

-Abbey Pepper, Nowhereland

Submission #250

Lennon's song writing partner with the Beatles, Paul McCartney,
told the BBC (this week) that John was
"one of the great men of the 20th century...
I will always feel some kind of link with John."
(Maybe because the "original Paul" and John are together in heaven?)

-Sean Patrick, Dublin, Ireland

Submission #249

In the Fidelity Investments commercial (Dec 2005),
at 23 seconds (2 'Pauls', 3 'Beatles')
of the many of the things that Paul "has been",
like a Quarryman, a Knight, a father, etc.,
after the narration of the slogan "never stop doing what you love",
William is standing in front of a drum
blocking the beginning of a word ending in "iving"
(it looks like an "i" in front of "ving"),
as though William is the missing"L" (or Link)
that allowed 'Paul' to have never stopped "living".
(Or...maybe "Billy-ving" as in "believing"?)

Also, when the commercial is starting,
the bottom half of a sentence appears:
"Never stop doing what you love. 
Eventually, we find out" 
The top half is gone, decapitated!
(Could this mean we all will "Eventually find out" the truth?)
--View the commercial here—

-David M., San Diego

Submission #248

On the Sgt. Pepper cover,
most of the people are staring at either Paul
or his wax image.
Further, the instruments point to
certain people and what they are doing.
Look at John's instrument is is pointing at
the open palm above Paul's head.
Ringo's is obviously pointing at the doll in the chair.
Paul's is pointing to a man who is looking
at the little girl on the ground.
Lastly, George's instrument is pointing straight down.
--Click for image here--


Submission #247

The first Beatles single released
after the Sergent Pepper album was Baby Your a Rich Man.
It began with a rambling noise from an English horn.
What instrument does Paul hold on the Sergent Pepper cover?
An English horn!
The lyrics also go:
"How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people,
now that you know who you are?"
An allusion to a fake?

-Westofjesus, USA

Submission #246

In the "White album" there is a song named "Wild Honey Pie".
If you listen to that song carefully,
you would probably hear that instead of saying "honey pie",
they say "Paul is Dead"!
(and/or "Paul has died")

-Serhan Sayar, Turkey

Submission #245

In the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps",
play the first line of the song backwards and you should hear:
"Pass the gun now. It kills the love, the love is cold. "
---Here's a link to listen---


Submission #244

The song "Help" contains an interesting backwards message.
This song was recorded at around the time
the Beatles began to experiment with drugs.
The reversal says. "Now he uses marijuana."
There is no superimposed soundtrack
and the chorus also sings marijuana in the background.
---"Now he uses marijuana." LINK---
(This is direct evidence that the Beatles WERE experimenting
with "backmasking" and "hidden clues/meanings".
Of course they later had a much more nefarious
use this for this new talent...PID)


Submission #243

At 22 seconds into the Eleanor Rigby video,
the Yellow Submarine version, there's a scene with
a man standing in a red (indicating blood) telephone booth.
He is moving around quickly
and seems to be pushing the walls of the booth
like he is trying to get out.
Maybe that has something to do with Paul
trying to escape the burning car?

-Tom E.

Submission #242

If you play I'm so Tired backwards,
79 seconds in to it you will hear,
"I wish I were not a Beatle!"
(This could be John lamenting in the fact that his mate is dead
and he cannot go on as a Beatle and this charade!)
Have a listen:

-Mark Ephgrave, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Submission #241

On the cover of the Sgt. Peppers album,
"Beatles" is spelled out in flowers on (what looks like) a grave.
"The Beatles" are dead because Paul is dead.
There can no longer be "The Beatles" without Paul,
which could explain the change of name to just "Beatles".

-Garet B.

Submission #240

In the song "Magical Mystery Tour"
listen closely when the bus passes the first time.
You can hear squealing tires and a horrific accident in the background
just before Paul sings "We've got everything you need".
These sounds DO NOT repeat the second time the bus passes!

-B. Shannon

Submission #239

In "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" George sings:
"They bought and sold you"
This could mean they bought away the evidence
from the police that Paul was dead,
and sold William Campbell as Paul to the world!

-Luke Wienecke

Submission #238

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" includes the words of
"I don't know how you were diverted" and
"I don't know how you were inverted."
Gee, could both be in reference to Paul's "accident?"

-B. Heffner

Submission #237

In the video for Strawberry Fields,
almost every time the line is sang 'nothing is real',
we see a shot of Paul by himself looking directly at the camera. 

Also, on the back of the Mystery Tour LP, if you rotate
it sideways, the Beatles (in the white tuxes) spell out RIP.


Submission #236

I read the Beatles A-Z,
and it has little bits of info on all the songs,
and in the song "Tomorrow Never Knows"
the "wa-wa-wa" (sounds kind of like a helicopter)
is actually a tape loop of Paul's laughing slowed down.
And they say, in a car crash, every thing slows down.
Plus, the song's lyrics are taken from the Tibetan book of the dead.
Hmm...a song about death with Paul's laughing slowed down
in the background, as if in a car crash...

-Abbey Pepper, Nowhereland

Submission #235

A "WALRUS" is also known as "MORSE" in French.
Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)
And "MORSE" is latin for "DEAD"!
In Dutch we say even "MORSDOOD" or mors-dead, a terrible pleonasm.
So, someone who acts as the 'WALRUS' seems also to be DEAD!

-G. Abts, Belgium

Submission #234

"Come together right now over me"
Paul is calling the other beatles to come together over him.
As he is buried they would stand over him if they went to visit him.

-long live Ringo the only surviving Beatle!

Submission #233

On the Rolling Stones 'Satanic Majesties Request' album,
which is set out much the same as Sgt Pepper's,
there is a small separate picture of each John, George, Paul, and Ringo.
They're only tiny, and hard to see them on the "CD" cover,
but they're certainly visible on the vinyl sleeve.
Maybe this is an acknowledgement of the
'Welcome the Rolling Stones'
words sewn on the sweater of the doll on the cover of Pepper?
(Could there be a connection between these two albums
and the Paul-Is-Dead mystery???)

-Bill G., South Australia

Submission #232

In the chorus of "Drive My Car",
one of the lyrics is "Yes I'm gonna be a star",
which maybe means that the imposter is gonna be a star.
And at the end it says that the lady says shes got no car...
Maybe that's Paul's wife and she doesn't have a car because
Paul wrecked it!

-Jennifer, age 12

Submission #231

On theAbbey Road cover,
all 3 Beatles have their left feet front while walking.
But Billy has his right, the only one doing it!


Submission #230

In the Elenore Rigby video when you see the gravestone,
people thought it read No but it doesn't, in fact it reads N9 (Nov. 9)
and after that it says 4(Paul) 9( McCartney) .
 Then, under 'Here Lies Burried' it says 'William McMillen',
so you can see that they are trying to confuse us
by putting the beginning of Paul's last name
in the beginning of this "McMillen" guy.
It's definately there on purpose.


Submission #229

On the Ed Sullivan Show,
Paul had just finished his solo of "Yesterday" when the camera
switches to the audience and back to the remaining Beatles
as Paul switches from flat top to bass.
Then John says into the microphone:
"Thank you Paul, .....that was just like him."
Then he introduces the song "Help".
This was their last live performance on Ed Sullivan.
And if I remember correctly, the last tour before going to
studio seclusion and no longer touring.

Further.......In the movie "Help",
during the song "You're Gonna Lose That Girl",
Paul is in silhouette with George singing backup vocal and playing bass.
However, he is ALSO shown playing piano
and giving Ringo a wink and a nod,
as if to be in TWO places at once!
And indicating this with a playful look on his face
that he is a "SECOND" Paul.


Submission #228

  I was just listening to my Pipes of peace album and while i was listening to
Say Say Say I was listening to Michael Jackson singing
"Standing here baptised in all my tears baby, through the years...
Although most lyrics say "Ya know I'm crying",
the people who hear it for the first time hear YA KNOW BRIAN.
This might just be in my imagination but it sounded pretty clear to me.
And could Michael be talking to the TRUE Paul Imposter???

-A Confused Paul Fan

Submission #227

  Look at the Paul McCartney solo albums Paul McCartny 1 and Ram.
His name is not anywhere on the covers.
There is also the clue that he is dead from one of the lyrics
in the song 1985 fom Band on the Run,
" I didn't think, I never dreamed
that I would be around to see it all come true".
Also if you listen to the very begining of You Gave Me The Answer
From Venus and Mars it sort of sounds like a car horn.

-A Confused Paul Fan

Submission #226

  Compare the Movie poster for the 2001 film Gosford Park
and Paul's 2002 Back in the US CD cover...
The Gosford poster depicts a body stabbed in the back with pen.
In Paul's version he is pointing up to where the pen should be stabbed,
as if to tell us that he is dead!
*See the images here*


Submission #225

  At the end of the song All You Need Is Love they sing:
"We loved him yeah yeah yeah. We loved him yeah yeah yeah"
.....could they be talking about Paul?

Further, they sing:
"All the broken hearted people living in the world agree"
Could they be talking about Paul's friends and family???
Then they say:
"For those who may be parted there is still a chance that they will see"
Could they be talking about the Beatles being parted by Paul's death?


Submission #224

  In the Free As A Bird video on the Beatles' Anthology,
there is a scene where a statue of the Mother Mary moves
as if to "point" to Eleanor Rigby's gravestone.
Well, on the gravestone is the message:
"In Loving Memory, Eleanor Rigby, 12 Sept".
Also, even more fascinating...
in the middle of the gravestone is a shadow
of a left-handed guitarist!
If you look you can see it pretty clearly.
*See the gravestone here*

Then, the Sgt. Pepper drumskin has the words "I ONE I X HE ^ DIE".
Many cluesters have taken this to mean 11 9 He ^ Die.
In other words, 11/9 or November 9 he (Paul) died.
BUT in Britain the day is listed first, then the month
which would make the date on the Sgt. Pepper drumskin
September 11 or September 11, 1966 he dies.
The date of 'September 12' on Eleanor Rigby's gravestone,
because of the shadow, is most likely referring to Paul.
This must be the accurate date of death and not November 9th
since the gravestone date (Sept. 12) and the
Pepper drumskin date (Sept. 11) are only one day apart.

-Bryan, Rockville, MD

Submission #223

  The title of “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” gives it away.
It is symbolizing the sadness of the rest of the Beatles,
and Paul’s guitar, because of his death.

-Paul-is-dead #1 fan

Submission #222

  On Sgt. Pepper, at the end of "A Day in the Life",
when you wait a couple seconds after the song (at the inner groove),
doesnt it sound like Paul is saying:
"Never to see any other one"
like he died and will never see anyone else again.


Submission #221

  At the Live 8 concert in London, Paul/Billy performed
"Sgt. Pepper's..." with the Irish band "U2".
Could this be a reference to two Paul McCartneys?


Submission #220

  At the Live 8 concert Paul McCartney was singing with U2.
They were singing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
(of all the songs they chose the one that came right after Paul
supposedly died, and mentioned his supposed replacement),.
And in the middle of the song, THREE guys in the Sgt. Pepper band
uniforms with brass instruments came out, dressed to resemble the Beatle
that they represented (even had the same instruments).
One was John, one was George, one was Ringo, BUT NO PAUL!!!
Then I thought, "Oh, well Paul's over there singing with Bono",
but he was still different!
He was separate from the group and not in a band uniform.
It was also weird how he said "the one and only Billy Shears".
He kind of yelled it, and he said it with almost an uncertainty
that made it eerie...

-Abbey Pepper, Nowhereland

Submission #219

  At the live 8 concert "Paul" and U2 played Sgt. Pepper.
Do you think Billy is still trying to point to splhcb?
Maybe he wants to be found out now?!


Submission #218

  The Beatles didnt really get into all the LOVE business
until after Paul's supposed death in 1966.
(Don't people usually "eulogize" and/or "love"
somebody much more after they DIE?!)

-Geoff (A future Doctor... ; )

Submission #217

  Just before the first chorus on
"Your Mother Should Know" John sings,
"Paul was killed in a car crash and we replaced him with a...
'Billy' somebody... oops -- I mean, 'Paul is not dead! 
I repeat -- Paul is NOT dead! 
Oh, Christ, I think I've blown it.  Ringo!!!"

-MayNotLast, East Jesus, MT

Submission #216

  Ringo recently appeared on Access Hollywood
and said that he will NEVER team up with
former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney again on tour.
"I haven't toured with Paul since 1966. We're never going to do it.
We are not going to tour together. I go with my band, he goes with his."
Could this be because the REAL Paul died in 1966???

-Lima, Peru

Submission #215

  Paul's new album is called "TWIN FREAKS"
Could this be the comparison between
Billy Campbell and Paul McCartney???
WOW!  If he doesn't want anybody to make references
to the Paul-Is-Dead thing (anymore),
then why does he keep coming up with
OBVIOUS clues like this???

-Wayland Parks, Australia

Submission #214

  In Paul/Billy's 1993 Live CD
He entitled it "Paul-Is-Live"
(so he's acknowledging the Paul-Is-Dead mystery)
Then, he recreated the Abbey Road scene
and the Volkswagon is there again
with a license plate that reads
"51 IS"
which was his age in 1993!
(So, he's STILL having fun with clues!)

-Jessica, AZ

Submission #213

  In the I Am the Walrus music video
(and subsequent MMT 13)
it looks like Ringo's bass drum reads:
 "Love the
3 Beatles"...
meaning Paul Is Dead!

-Michael Reed

Submission #212

  In the song Lady Madona Paul sings:
"the wednesday morning papers didnt come".
They say on the day Paul died the newspaper read PAUL IS DEAD,
but the Beatles stopped it from going out, which would mean that
the wednesday morning papers really DIDN'T come.......

-Michael Reed

Submission #211

  I thought it was a bit strange that Paul McCartney's Scottish home
was located in a place called Campbelton,
and his supposed replacement's last name was Campbell...

-Abbey Pepper, Nowhereland

Submission #210

  In the song 'Let It Be' paul sings:
"I wake up to the sound of music, mother mary comes to me."
Which kind of sounds like waking up in heaven to me... ; )

-Michael Reed

Submission #209

  In George Harrison's solo discography
I have found that in the 11th track of "All things must pass",
the "Beware of darkness" acoustic version, he actually sings
"beware of falling singers" in the first verse (referring to Paul of course).
Notice the difference in pronunciation with the repetition of the line,
where he obviously sings the accepted "beware of falling swingers" lyrics.

-Beware of Maya

Submission #208

  In the MMT movie
, in the blue jay way scene,
George is sitting behind a projection
which appears to be a man's headless torso.
Check it out!


Submission #207

  On Abbey Road, the song "You Never Give Me Your Money",
there's a section that begins "One Sweet dream..."
That whole section could mean:
One sweet dream (William Campbell's dream of being a Beatle)
Pick up the bags, get in the limousine
(The others telling him to get his stuff and come with them)
Soon we'll be away from here, step on the gas and wipe that tear away
(They have their replacement, now they can leave, but they have to
"Wipe that tear away" to cover it up, so nothing can look wrong)
One sweet dream came true today (Billy's dream just came true)
(Then it leads into) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, All good children
(to represent Paul?) go to heaven.

-Abbey Pepper, Nowhereland

Submission #206

  It's no coincidence that William Campbell replaced Paul McCartney
around the same time John and "Paul" started to write their songs
without each others help!

-Geoff (A future Doctor... ; )

Submission #205

  Apple Corpse = A-Paul Corpse

-Sandy, Long Island

Submission #204

The GREAT X-Mas Album Clue!


Submission #203

  The lyrics to the song Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band read:
  "The one and only Billy Shears
and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." 
Could this mean that since Paul was considered one of the leaders
(Paul and John) It's Billy Shears instead?
Also on the back of the Sgt. Pepper CD,
Paul is backwards and a supossed symbol that he is dead.
(Even though he wasn't there that day.)

-Jp Kc

Submission #202

  Paul left the Beatles and released his first solo album
where there is a bowl with not one chery in it;
rather they are all around the bowl.
Maybe Billy finally had enough of the other three Beatles
because they didnt treat him as an equal that he left.

-Geoff (A future Doctor... ; )

Submission #201

  In the song Come Together the chorus goes,
"Come together right now over me."  In reverse, it says:
"Heave ho...and now...Oh, thank the smoke." 
Does that refer to Paul's incineration in his fiery crash
or maybe getting stoned?
Come Together Audio/Backmask

-B. Heffner

Submission #200


  Listen closely to the song When I'm 64:
"When I get older losing my hair" (upon death)
"Sunday mornings go for a ride" (to pray at church)
"Doing the garden, digging the weeds" (at the cemetary)
"will you still feed me" (after death)
"Grandchildern on your knee, Vera, Chuch, and Dave"
(all three on her knee alone?)
"Yours sincerely,  wasting away" (like a corpse)
..."When I'm 64"!!!


-Magic Alex's Cousin


Submission #199

  On the front of the Abbey Road cover
you can clearly see the head of each Beatle in their shadows,
all except for Paul/Billy.
Maybe this shows that his head was cut off
in the supposed car accident!

-Alex Rushton, Brighton, England

Submission #198

  Have you noticed that Paul McCartney in his solo career
has never played anything released or written
before he supposedly died?

-Shane, Canada

Submission #197

  On the Lennon Anthology CD's
there are lyrics within the song I'm The Greatest that state:
"Let me introduce to you, the one and only Billy Shears...she's 32..."
This follows the X-mas album clue (of-the-year) that sets forth 32
as possibly being Billy Campbell's age at the time.
Though he sings "she", it can be viewed as a 'term of endearment'.

-Svetlanna, Moscow

Submission #196

 In the Magical Mystery Tour movie,
at the end where they are doing Your Mother Should Know,
not only does Paul have a bouquet of black roses,
but he is the only one with a bouquet of flowers at all.
In some religions, people put flowers by people's graves!

-Geoff (A future Doctor... ; )

Submission #195

  Notice how on the front of the White Album
it says "Beatles" and NOT "The Beatles".
This is because it's not the Beatles from before Paul's death
but IS music from the remaining "Beatles".

-Markus fortaekin, Australia

Submission #194

 I found a few clues on the back of the Abbey Road album.
1. there is a skull formed by the shadows near the top right.
2. The word BEATLES has a crack in it
signifying that the Beatles are broken.

-Geoff (A future Doctor... ; )  

Submission #193

  Notice that Paul's imtials are PM
= darknes, death, rule by the moon, mystery!
Also, note that Billy Shears initials = BS = bullsh*t

-G. Allen, Annapolis, MD

 Submission #192

  On the end groove of the original pressings of the MMT album
(the shiney part just before the center lable)
there is a triangle with "I AM " in the center, ' I ' above the  'AM'.
 Could this mean that I AM dead or I AM Billy Campbell?
Well, I looked at my other albums and did not find this "clue"
on the others until I (just by chance) checked out
Paul's first solo album and sure enough there was the SAME "clue"! Coincidence? 
These clues are found on the original pressings
because I checked out later pressings
and they do NOT have the same etching's!!!
What  does this mean ?
And, as we know, a triangle has three points
meaning the three live beatles ?????


Submission #191

In  On the 'Archeology' disc by the Rutles, there were only 3 Rutles left:
Ron Nasty (John character, played by Niel Innes),
Stig O'Hara (George, played by Ricky Fataar),
and Barry Wom (Ringo, played by John Halsey).
Missing was Ollie Halsall, who played bass and sang Dirk McQuickly's
(guess who?) vocal parts on the first album (he died).
The album was released October 29, 1996, exactly 30 years
to the day after the Beatles recorded "We Can Work It Out"
with Billy/Paul's ominous lyric, "Life is very short...".

 The Monkees film, "Head", included a role by Jack Nicholson.
Nicholson later went on to make the critically acclaimed film,
"As Good As It Gets" where he sings Eric Idle's
(who played Paul on screen in the Rutles mockumentary,
"All You Need Is Cash") song, "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life",
where he says, "Life is quite absurd, and death's the final word" and
"Always look on the bright side of death,
just before you draw your terminal breath."

 In the Rutles film, one of the group's members
decides to spend a year dead for tax purposes.

 Douglas Adams' "The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe"
also features a musician who is spending a year dead for tax reasons.

 Also, the bass player for U2 (Adam Clayton)
used to date supermodel Naomi Campbell.

 Why did meat-eating McCartney,
 engaged to Jane Asher and living in a nice house in London,
suddenly marry Linda Eastman, go veggie
and move to a dilapidated farmhouse in SCOTLAND?   Campbell, hmmm?
Probably expalins the song, "Mull of Kintyre."
He was mulling over the best way to portray Paul. 


-R. Vaughn

Submission #190

In the sleeve notes for the magical mystery tour (CD version)
on the page with the track list it says "I Am the Walrus"
then right under it, "'No your not' says little nicole."
Then, in the song "Glass Onion"
we learned from john that the walrus was Paul,
and 'no your not' signifies that it wasn't paul,
but William Campbell in the costume!


Submission #189

Hi Doctor Lev! 
I'm also a Doctor with the last name Lev!
On your analysis CD you discuss a theory
that a band must sacrifice a member for their ultimate success.
Do you think that the Beatles "pretended" that Paul was dead
in order to appease the rock-n-roll gods
without Paul actually dying???

-Dr. M. H. Lev

Submission #188

At the super bowl, "Paul" played the song "Hey Jude." 
As the audience sang "na na na na na na na",
the "NA" was projected in huge letters over the audience. 
What did NA stand for?
Maybe...Not Alive!!!

-Jelly Bean

Submission #187

  In the song Glass Onion, John sings:
"I told you about Strawberry fields...where nothing is real".
Then in the reprise you can hear John say:
"I Buried Paul".
Maybe this means that Paul (or the mystery) is not real?


Submission #186

On the Beatle Brunch web site
you can put your mouse over the pictures of each Beatle
and it goes between the young and old pictures of each.
You can sooo tell with the one of Paul that
this whole thing must be true or that he def. had some work done!


Submission #185

At the Super Bowl (XXXIX)...
Paul/Billy sang "Live & Let Die".
This was Billy's song that he wrote
asking the (Beatle) world to let him LIVE as Paul
AND LET the real Paul DIE (jn peace)!  

-Bert, Brooklyn NY

Submission #184

In the song "Revolution" where they sing "All right",
it sounds like they're really saying,"Oh why".
Which points out Paul is dead by saying,
"Oh why" is Paul dead!

-Lee & Beth

Submission #183

On the Sgt. Pepper cover, the flowers that spell "Beatles"
represents the beginning and raising of the "new" Beatles.
And as planted on the dirtpile represents the grave of Paul,
and wherein even after his death he is still feeding the Beatles!
Then, in the booklet for the CD version,
Paul is the only one turning away, which represents that he's leaving.
Then he turns back towards us as an indication that "he" will be back.
And as he "comes back", all the members change places,
which is a sign of changes in the band!

-Ace of Sweden

Submission #182

In the lyrics to 'Strawberry Fields Forever', they say
"`cause im going to strawberryfields, NOTHING IS REAL."
that can mean that McCartney is not real!       
And later they say...
that explains itself. and so they say...


Submission #181

The television set on the Sgt. Pepper cover
is turned-off/blacked-out.
If Paul did die in a car wreck,
this could represent the news being "blacked out"
from going on the radio, or in this case, the television!

-Mark H.

Submission #180

On November 9th, 1966
John Lennon met Yoko Ono.
This turns out to be the date that Paul supposedly died.
But if you think about it, on that date Paul DID die
in John's heart and mind!
So, Paul died "figuratively" not "literally".
You see, John met his soul-mate, Yoko!
(who effectively replaced Paul)
In a weird way, maybe Yoko is the REAL Billy Shears!!!

-C.L. Dodgson, Oxford

Submission #179

The design credit for the center bass drum
on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album
is given to Joe Ephgrave.
Well, there is NO Joe Ephgrave in the Beatle world!
In fact split the name up and it can say Epitaph-Grave!

-Seltae Beerht


Submission #178

On the Sgt. Pepper cover & booklet,
Paul is dressed in Blue...a color of mourning!

Also, in the CD booklet, there is a sketch of the Beatles by Peter Blake.
Look closely and you can see a line around Paul's a halo!

In 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds',
many of the lines are talking to someone (this is Paul).
The lines vividly discribe a serene place (heaven).
In 1965, Lennon was interviewed about a family member
close to him dieing. The interviewers questioned him if he was hurt
by this and if it would effect his playing.
He responded, "No, I'd like to think of it as if [they]
were leaving earth and onto a better place.
I don't think death should be regarded as a bad thing,
it's more of a peacefull and loving way of ending human suffering.
[Of] course I am a bit saddened by the loss,
but it shouldnt effect our shows."
In the song it talks about how Paul
"Look[ed] into her eyes and she's gone"
(at one glance he was gone, and she went with him).
The "newspaper taxis" that appear on the shore that are
"waiting to take you away" take him into heaven,
where his head is "in the clouds".

-Gavin Fields

Submission #177

I know Paul is Dead because
the REAL Paul would have married Jane Asher!
In fact, now there really is only ONE Beatle left...RINGO!

Also, if you rearrange the letters for "Heather Mills"
you get "Mr. Ill Sheathe"
which is an English term meaning
"DOA in a body bag!"

-Metal Man, Kings Park, L.I. NY

Submission #176

On Paul's latest album 'Driving Rain' he sings,
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Let's go for a drive".
Could he be referring to 5 a.m.
and the final drive the REAL Paul took?

Also, on the cover of "Live in the USA",
he holds up a single finger,
maybe representing only one living Beatle.
He's also facing away from the camera like in Sgt. Pepper!

-Justyn Gruesome

Submission #175

The lyrics on side two of Abbey Road:
"I never give you my pillow, I only send you my invitations,
and in the middle of the celebration, I break down."
Sounds like the Paul-Jane relationship.
If PID is true, it could be Billy singing that
their relationship is a sham.
Further, the "celebration" could be referring to a
cocktail party J. Marks went to for Paul & Jane's engagement,
wherein he noticed Paul getting cozy with Linda instead of Jane.
When he asked "What is this?"
He was allegedly told, "Don't you know? 
That's not the boy she fell in love with.
That's his replacement.  It's very hush-hush, you know."

Another clue is that Apple can be stated as A-Paul.
Which would be the same as "No-Paul"!
(as in a-typical etc.)

-Jerri Willmore

Submission #174

In the Yellow Sub movie,
when you see all the heads with words in them,
One of them says "TRUE".
Could this be a sign that Paul's head injuries are TRUE?

Also, Billy is introduced in Sgt. Pepper:
Billy Shears = Billy's Here
Which leads right into the lyrics to
"With a Little Help From My Friends"
which seems to be clearly stating that Billy can get by
with a little help from his friends... ; )

-Metal Militia

Submission #173

In 'A Day In The Life' it really sounds like John sings,
"Nobody was really sure if he was from the house of PAUL"
instead of "house of Lords"
Take a listen!

-Michael Ravage

Submission #172

I read that John "partied" with Peter Fonda in '65-'66.
Fonda told John that "he knew what it was like to be dead"
(mostly from the experience(s) of doing acid).
John thought that was so true that he wrote so in "She Said She Said"
("She said...I know what it's like to be dead...").
So....when I first heard the backwards clue:
"Paul is a dead man miss him miss him miss him"
I got the feeling that he was insinuating that
Paul FINALLY did acid and now was (also) a dead man!
I suppose that could be one of the reasons why
Paul DID die and the clues began!

-Seltae Beerht

Submission #171

There are clues all throughout the song
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
"Billy Shears" can be heard during the last verse by Paul...
also chanted by the Beatles in
"A Little Help From My Friends"
at the beginning of the song!

-Mike A.

Submission #170

To the right of the Sgt. Pepper bass drum there's a stone bust
that looks remarkably like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones
(particularly the "pouting" lips)
Some say that (John thought) the Rolling Stones
may have had something to do with Paul's death
(maybe some clues exist in the Satanic Majesties album?)

Also, there's a statue of the Indian god Kali below the drum.
Two of her arms are pointing to the real and wax Paul.
Two other arms point to the ground.
(maybe pointing to Paul's grave?)


Submission #169

On the Revolver cover,
it appears that there is a man watching from Paul's ear.
Maybe representing Billy Shears inside Paul's role?

-Eava S.

Submission #168

Press: How does it feel to be putting on the world?
Ringo: We enjoy it.
Paul: We aren't really putting you on.
John: How does it feel to be put on?

They could possibly be refering to the Paul-Is-Dead mystery!


Submission #167

In John Lennon's song "How Do You Sleep"
he sings "So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise...
Those freaks was right when they said you were dead"
Maybe John is admitting that Paul IS dead!

On the Sgt. Pepper front cover,
the flowers shaped in a bass guitar can be rotated sideways
and then it becomes a "P"
(which maybe signifies that the grave is Paul's)
Also, the wax figures of Ringo is looking down and sad.
Finally, there's a hand over Paul's head
which is a symbol of death in some cultures.

-Greg French

Submission #166

In the video for Eleanor Rigby,
on the tombstone that shows 4 9
(which is the # of letters in 'Paul McCartney')
and under where is says "Here lies buried",
it says "William ..."
and the last name is fuzzy!


Submission #165

In MMT, the song 'Your Mother Should Know'
There's a backwards section that sounds like
"Why doesn't she know me?  I shed the light!"

Also in MMT, the 'Wizard' Paul has a red nose.
(from plastic surgery?)
Also, there appears a 5th wizard...
maybe symbolizing a fifth Beatle?
(maybe Billy?)

In the (new) Yellow Sub movie
there's an extra scene for 'Hey Bulldog'.
The dog is blue and with four heads
(for four Beatles? blue as in mourning?)
They hide from the dog by hiding in (Paul's) Piano.

-Sean Wallace

Submission #164

Cindy Brady and Paul McCartney DEAD!

I just saw the Brady Bunch reunion last night,
and Cindy Brady (or whatever her real name is)
was explaining why she was considered the "Dead Brady".
She said that it was kinda fun being the dead Brady cause then
"she had something in common with Paul McCartney"!!!

-Seltae Beerht

Submission #163

In the song "Girl", the song says that
"A man must break his back to earn his day of leisure.
We she still believe it when he's dead?"

-Emily Chapman

Submission #162

"Live And Let Die" is BURSTING with clues!
I think the song is Billy's viewpoint
toward what he was asked to do...
and how he dealt with the guilt
and moved on from it to take the attitude that
"When you've got a job to do, you've got to do it well"
Hmmmm...what do you think his "Job to do" was?
Replacing Paul???

-Nick Pomazak

Submission #161

In the Yellow Sub movie, the Beatles meet their doubles.
They all have subtle differences from their originals
except for Paul's, who looks exactly like him


Submission #160

In the song Magical Mystery Tour, the song says
"The Magical Mystery Tour is dying to take you away,
dying to take you away, take you today"

I also heard George shout "HELP!" during
'While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

-Emily Chapman

Submission #159

In many countries around the world,
dead people are buried without footware.
There are several times where Paul has no shoes on!
1.) "Burns my feet as they touch the ground" (Good Day Sunshine)
2.) "He got feet down below his knees" (Come Together)
3.) "He wear no shoe-shine, he got toe jam..." (Come Together)
4.) The Abbey Road cover
5.) The full image of the Sgt. Pepper inner fold.


Submission #158

In the Yellow Sub movie
shortly after George is found by Ringo, John, and Fred.
They all get into a car and drive off.
A few seconds later you hear the car crashing and a sound of flames.
(just like in Revolution #9)
Paul was left out, but appears after the crash!

Also during the credits, at the end,
you see three submarines (instead of four?)

When they are waving back at themselves
(while going back in time)
you can see two faces in George's porthole next to Paul's!

During 'A Northern Song' when they sing
"you may think the band are not quite right"
Paul's face completely fills the screen.

When the boob re-starts the propellers,
Fred shouts "H is for hurry, E is for urgent, L is for love me..."
and the John says,
"and P is for Good-Bye"
P standing for Paul, saying good-bye to him.
Scene 18 on the UK DVD is also titled:
"P Is For Good-Bye"

Near the start, when some of the large pieces of text are
being destroyed by the bolts/glove,
the text changes from KNOW to NOW when the k is smashed...
Later on, when it is restored, NO, NOW, KNOW,
There are pieces of large text during the film that says YES too.
(and you may hear John say "Yes, he's dead!)In the Yellow Sub movie


Submission #157

On the White Album poster, in the bottom left hand corner,
there's a picture of a guy with a big chin turning around.
He was a hired Paul vocalist imitator.
In the middle of the poster you see him again
singing in the studio with Billy!


Submission #156

There are hidden phone numbers on the MMT cover
and in the song 'You know my name, look up the number'!
If you decipher correctly (at least back in the 60's)
and call at Wed morning at 5:00 a.m.
(as George points to on the back of Sgt. Pepper)
secret messages are/were obtained like:
"Beware of Abbey Road" and details of Paul's death!

Oh yeah...
The title of Rubber Soul is shaped like a heart!


Submission #155

At the end of 'I Am The Walrus' there is a chant
that sounds like "Everybody jump up"
(or "Everybody's got one")
When you play this backwards...
(especially in the 'mono' version)
It says..."Ha! Ha! Paul is dead!"
Further, you can hear dialogue from
Shakespeare's King Lear...a scene of a dying person:
"Bury my body!" and "Untimely death!"


Submission #154

On the cover of Paul's first solo album
there is an empty bowl on a table with cherries around it.
There's an old saying,
"Life is a bowl of cherries"
(maybe the cherries out of the bowl represents
life out of a body!)


Submission #153

Paul crashed because he was gawking at a lovely (Rita) girl.
Connecting with Revolution #9, in reverse,
"Turn me on, dead man..."
Get it? Turned on, hot ladies, dead man!
Also, in Rev #9, a voice goes "Right! Right!",
in reverse it goes "Gimmie out!"
(of the flaming car crash!)
As #9 finally ends, there's faint chanting
that sounds like,
"Paul is dead! Paul is dead!
I'm not kidding! I'm not kidding!"


Submission #152

In the "Red Album" the young Beatles
are looking over a balcony at the camera.
On the "Blue Album" the 'older'
Beatles are in the exact same pose,
except Paul has moved his arm to cover his chin
(to hide the tell-tale scar!)

Also, on the Yellow Sub LP, everybody is "pointing".
If you draw a line from them all,
they intrersect around Paul's chest!


Submission #151

In the song 'Let It Be' when Paul says,
"And though they may be parted...",
there is a whisper in the background.
Could this be a symbol of Paul's spirit haunting William?

-Ciaran McCarthy

Submission #150

Referring back to the previous Carl XII clue (#127)...
Carl XII's military (The Carolines) had blue uniforms.
Remember the BLUE meanies
and Paul's BLUE uniform on Sgt. Pepper.
The Beatles might have been interested in Swedish history.
The first country the Beatles visited as a group was Sweden
(in Hamburg they weren't the Beatles yet)
Also note...
that John wanted a picture of Hitler
included on the cover of Pepper
(which didn't happen) but...
Carl XII of Sweden was
the "Hitler of the 18th Century"

-Peter Johnson

Submission #149

Ancient Indian culture states that
an open palm over somebody's head
means they are in great danger or dead.
And there are many occurrences:
1.) On the Yellow Sub cover
2.) All through the Nowhere Man song
in the Yellow Sub movie
3.) The Sgt. Pepper cover
4.) and all over the MMT booklet


Submission #148

It seems that on every album made after Paul's death,
nobody smiles for the cover shots anymore!
(maybe hiding Billy's differing facial features?)


Submission #147

Rotate the back cover of the MMT LP on its side clockwise,
and all the dudes in white spell out the word:
"R.I.P" or "KILL"


Submission #146

Another anagram!


-Paul kiddie, Dundee

Submission #145

After the hoax came out (in 1969),
a Beatles album (with Tony Sheridan) was released in Canada.
On the cover was a candleabra with FOUR candles.
However, one of the candles was put out (and is still smoking!)
symbolizing that Paul would be dead!

-Sydney d.

Submission #144

If you change the end-points of She's Leaving Home, it could read:
Wednesday mo(u)rning at five o'clock.
(moUrning after the crash at 5:00 a.m.)
As the day begins, silently closing her bedroom door.
Leaving the note that she hoped would say more.
She goes downstairs to the kitchen, clutching her handkerchief.
(she, Rita?, is crying because she was the cause of Paul's death)
She...We gave her most of our lives...
(she took only a part of the Beatles, but not all,
or that Paul's death takes a toll on the fan base)


Submission #143

In the video of 'Your Mother Should Know'
everybody wears a red rose,
except for Paul...he wears a black one.
(in fact Paul is also holding a bouquet of black roses!)

Also, In the 'Free As A Bird' video you can see a car accident!
Which, of course, refers to Macca's car crash of '66... ; )

-Tim O, Holland

Submission #142

After Paul was killed,
they took a picture of the Beatles
standing in a staircase 'upwards'.
I've read previously that William Campbell
has a scar on his upper lip.
Maybe they didn't want to show it
and that's why they shot the picture 'upwards'!
Oh, and by the way, in later pictures Paul (really Billy)
appears to have "blonder" hair!

-Jennifer Lee, Canada

Submission #141

Check out this anagram!!!


-Paul kiddie, Dundee


Submission #140

Paul being barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road
is a symbol of death (some bodies are buried that way).
I think he was referring to the song 'Good Day Sunshine'
and the line, "Burns my feet as they touch the ground"
(Paul's body was supposedly burned in the crash)
Also, all the talk and noise of a fiery crash in Rev #9.
And...the "blood red" interior of the little car
on the front cover of Sgt. Pepper...


-Ken, Will or Scout


Submission #139

In 'How Do You Sleep", by John, there are more clues:
"The only thing you've done was Yesterday
and since you're gone your just another day"
(Paul is gone, and the imposter sucks)
and "A pretty face may last a year or two.
But pretty soon they'll see what you can do.
The sound you make is muzak to my ears.
You must have learned something in all those years."
(John didn't like that Billy also made a solo career in Paul's name
and knew that his repertoir from Paul would eventually run out)


Submission #138

Penny Lane has a lot of Paul-Is-Dead references:
"Penny Lane there is a BARBER showing photographs
of every HEAD he's had the pleasure to know..."
and "Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes"
(when some people die they put pennies in their eyes)
and "though she feels as if she's in a play, she is anway"
(as in Billy who has to "play" Paul)


Submission #137

In Paul's (or Billy's) recent 'Back In The US' cd booklet,
open it up and look at the page to the right
where you see Paul's bass.
Well, the big one only has THREE pegs!
(just like the connect-the-dots in your book, Doc)
Is Paul just driving us crazy?
Or is this all true???


Submission #136

In the 'Yellow Submarine'  movie,
when you see all of the heads with words in them,
one of them says "TRUE".
Could this be a sign that Paul's head injuries are "true"?


Submission #135

In the song 'Blue Jay Way' play the verese backwards that says:
"Please don't be long..."
It'll say: "Paul is bloody...very very bloody..."

Inside the 'Let It Be' album cover
there's a picture of Paul holding his head
(maybe a reference to the loss of Paul's head in the accident)
and he's in a (blood?) RED chair
with a fire extinguisher next to him.
(another reference to the fiery accident)
And...the Apple is (blood?) RED not green!

-Raymond "Faulclues" R., Seattle WA

Submission #134

In the song 'Dig It', John sings:
"Like the F.B.I. and the C.I.A."
Could this mean that Paul was killed
by the F.B.I. or the C.I.A.???

In the 'Yellow Sub' it states that
they" all live in a Yellow Submarine".
Well, maybe Paul died in the Yellow Sub?
(Or in the 60's a Yellow Sub was a pill.
So...maybe it was an overdose?)
Further, it also states that:
"In a town where I was born,
lived a man who sailed the sea"
Maybe this "man" was really a pirate
who MURDERED Paul?

-Erik Mueller

Submission #133

If you place a mirror through the bass drum
on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album,
reflecting the top half over the bottom,
you can see something like,  IONEIX HE ^ DIE
which can read "ONE HE DIE"
or, "11 9 HE DIE" (Nov 9th)
(or, if in Europe, 9 11 HE DIE...for Sept 11th ??? AHHH!)
Plus the arrow (^) points to Paul.

-Steven Menking

Submission #132

Reverse the phrase "I've got blisters on my fingers"
in the song 'Helter Skelter'
and it turns out to be
"Paul is dead it's been so long"!

I have a cassette of piano duets which includes
'Penny Lane' and 'Eight Days A Week'
The funnt thing is that on the front cover
there is a piano and TWO Paul's!
(which are identical)
Could this mean there are two Paul's?

In one of the Wings videos,
the band is walking on a side of the road,
and walk by a police car!

Finally, in the song,
'Everybody's got something to hide
execpt for me and my Monkey',
reverse when they say "c'mon, c'mon, c'mon..."
It says: "Paul Paul Paul...."

-Helter Skelter

Submission #131

As per clue 128...
In 'Your Bird Can Sing' there's a line:
"and your bird is green".
And in 'You Can't Do That':
"everybody's green".


Submission #130

On The Sgt. Pepper album
, there's a bass guitar
with only three strings on the cover...
since only three Beatles were alive after Paul's death.
On 'She's Leaving Home' Paul/Billy sings:
"Wednesday morning at 5:00 as the day begins"
which is when Paul had his accident and died.
Also, if you use math on 'When I'm 64",
6+4=10, which is the number of letters in "Paul Is Dead"

-Sgt. Pepper

Submission #129

I have a theory for the PID rumor.
I think JOHN may have killed Paul just before Pepper!
That's why they stopped touring in 1966
and clues began to appear in multitudes.
That's why Lennon wrote
"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" and "How Do You Sleep".
That's why 'Yellow Sub" was in animation.
In 'I'm So Tired" you can hear backwards:
"I should have killed ya".
And, Paul wrote about Jane ONLY up to 1966!

-Chris, Dunedin, NZ

Submission #128

I was reading clue 90
and I noticed that GREEN has been used throughout
pix and album covers...
On the March 2004 calender the Beatles are all cupping candles.
Paul looks like he has no teeth (like in the crash)
and looks like the candle is burning him (as in the crash).
Also, John and Ringo are both smiling,
George looks like something is wrong
as the color green appears to the right of him.
And, on the 'Beatles For Sale",
George is covered in the same shade of green!


Submission #127

On the song 'Yellow Submarine' @ 1:36
you can hear a voice say in Swedish:
"...fortsaetter vi resan" (continue the trip).
I am sure that they are really referring to the trip that
King Carl XII made to Bender in Romania in the 18th century,
where he and his soldiers killed many Turks!
(And remember, the Turk in the Yellow Sub movie... ; )

-Peter Johnson, Pepperland... ; )

Submission #126

The initials of the song 'Free As A Bird' is FAAB, as in FAB 4.
The 4 is not quite an A (like Billy is not quite Paul).
Or that they are not quite 4 (anymore)!

-Ray Andrew Ward-Minter Brighton, England

Submission #125

Here's a clue that helps show
the difference between Paul and William...
Within the White album there are four pictures.
The picture of Paul (or should I say William Campbell)
shows his scar on his upper left lip.


Submission #124

If you look at the Sgt. Pepper cover
through a piece of clear red plastic
(the red end of 3D glasses works well)
all the Beatles' suits turn white, except for Paul's.
His suit turns black!

-Raymond R., Seattle, WA

Submission #123

I read on a site that Paul/Billy was paid
for not telling who he really was.
Now, in the song 'She Came In Through the Bathroom Window',
Paul/Billy sings:
"She said she's always been a dancer.
She worked in fifteen clubs a day.
And though she thought I knew the answer.
Well I knew, but I could not say"
Well, Billy knew (of course), but he couldn't say
that he was NOT Paul!


Submission #122

In the MMT movie,
when they take the guys into the "strip club",
listen closely to the lyrics of the song the band is singing.
It sounds like the whole story to the accident!


Submission #121

The letters in the title to the Rubber Soul LP (1965) are yellow,
however, in the CD version (1987) it's (blood) RED,
Maybe symbolizing Paul's death in between.

Also, if you turn the Rubber Soul cover 90 degrees
and put it up to a mirror and stare,
you can (eventually) see that it says:
"Abbey Road"!


Submission #120

On the White album and Let It Be album covers,
Paul is the only Beatle with a beard.
And...on the Hey Jude and Abbey Road covers,
he is the only one without a beard.


Submission #119

In the song "Dig It" the lyrics state:
"Like the F.B.I. and the C.I.A."
Could this mean that Paul was killed by the F.B.I. or the C.I.A.???


Submission #118

On the Sgt. Pepper cover,
everyone is standing around what looks like a grave,
which has the letter "P" laid out (sideways) in flowers!


Submission #117

The song 'A Day in the Life' could be viewed as the
introduction to the story of Paul's death:
"I read the new today, oh boy..."
"He blew his mind out in a car..."
"They've seen his face before..."
But what's REALLY telling is when John repeats the phrase:
"I'd love to turn you on"
It seems to me that John is blatantly inviting
 the world into, and turning people on to

this/his new world of artistry:
The "Paul-Is-Dead" mystery
and the clues themselves!

-B. Kramer, AZ

Submission #116

The title of the Rubber Soul album could mean
that someone in the band has a "rubber soul",
which is usually a replacement for a "leather" sole.
(or is a soul about to be bounced?)

Also, in the tradition of switching words and backward trickery.
"rubber" sounds alot like "robber", and switching the words you get
"Soul Robber",
or somebody's soul has been robbed!

-Marien Jonkers, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Submission #115

Here's a clip from a 1995 interview with Paul:

Q: Did you appear in George Harrison's video
for "When We Was Fab"?

A: No.  George wanted me to be in it but I was unavailable.
So, I suggested that he put someone else in a walrus costume
and tell everybody that it was me.
We've always had fun with the walrus thing.
We don't lay many false trails,
but the walrus has always been one of them.
Anyway, though it was me in the walrus costume in MMT,
it WASN'T me in "When We Was Fab".
It was a joke between George and me,
which we purposefully decided NOT to tell anyone!

-Doctor Taranto, Boston MA

Submission #114

There are massive differences in Paul's appearance and abilities
between the 'Red Album' and the 'Blue Album'.
How could one man change so much in such a short time?

Also, in 'A Day in the Life' John sings:
"He blew his mind out in a car".
This seems to be a direct reference to Paul's death.


Submission #113

know of an island in DENMARK called "Leso".
It is spelled in the Danish language as " l aeso".
Now, the "o" on the Sgt. Pepper cover  could be viewed as
the French symbol for "number", ex. No. 9.
Add this to the yellow flowers on the cover
that forms the bass guitar which seems to spell "Paul",
and it could read "Paulo" as in, perhaps,
a "number of Pauls", maybe 2?

Also, I noticed the Indian Godess, Kali, on the cover.
She's their symbol of re-birth and re-generation.

Finally, there are phrases from King Lear at the end of'I Am The Walrus'.
Has Billy taken the purse and money by impersonating Paul
(the one who suffered the untimely death)???

-Les, Burlington VT

Submission #112

Paul appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1993
with Chris Farley as the host.
Chris asked Paul if the Paul-Is-Dead thing was a hoax.
Paul said "YES"!
So by doing so, Paul acknowledged the mystery,
and thereby the fact that the clues were
(at least some of them) on purpose!
Check it out for yourself... ; )

-courtesy of 'Club Soda Kenny'

Submission #111

I read something about a small Greek island named "Leso".
Now, on the front cover of Sgt. Pepper,
the name "Beatles" is spelled out in flowers
and what appears to be a period or an "o" just after the "s".
If you strat with the "l" in Beatles and view the period as an "o",
then it spells "Leso".
In fact, split up the name "Beatles" and it reads:
"Be at leso"!
Is this the Greek isle the Beatles had thought of buying
and living on commune style?


Submission #110

"Billy Shears" seems similar to "Billy Shares"
Maybe Billy "Shares" Paul's identity?

Also, in 'Strawberry Fields Forever',
The line: "misunderstanding all you see"
could mean that we're not seeing Paul, we're seeing Billy.
Then John sings:
"It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out"
could mean that it's getting hard for Billy to be Paul,
but it's working out.


Submission #109

In the 'Hello Goodbye' video, at the end
where they are singing the "Hella, hehelloas",
Paul (in two locations) is lifting three fingers.
Maybe this means that
there are only three original Beatles living!

-The Galrrus

Submission #108

In the film "Give My Regards to Broad Street",
Paul enters the BBC and is introduced by an older man
whom then turns to another man and says:
"Do you know William?"

On the label of the CD 'The Beatles: The first US visit'
there are the words "Hi Paul" and "Beatles" in the sand.
Maybe the beach is Paul's final resting place!


Submission #107

1.) In the MMT film, in the theater scene,
you can see Ringo laughing and then saying,
"Ha ha ha William Campbell".
Further in that scene, the crowd is chanting,
"William Campbell, William Campbell..."

2.) In the 'I Am The Walrus' scene when John first says,
"I am th Eggman",
he jumps up with his palm extending above Paul's head.

4.) In the 'Fool on the Hill' scene,
Paul is the fool on the hill.

5.) In the 'Your Mother Shoul Know' scene,
Paul lifts something from the floor
that looks like a headful of blood!


Submission #106

In the song 'Yellow Submarine'
when they are talking/partying on the ship
you can hear "Paul is dead!"
in the background


Submission #105

In 'I Am The Walrus' the first line says:
"I am he as you are he"
which could mean that John is saying that he is the walrus,
and 'you are he' means that Billy is Paul.

-The Galrrus

Submission #104

1.) In the song 'Lovely Rita',
if you listen closely to the end there is a voice that says:
"you die baby".

2.) There are clouds in the front of the MMT album.
Maybe symbolism of the place where Paul is now?

3.) In the song 'Birthday' the line,
"You say it's your birthday,,,It's my birthday too, yeah!"
could be Billy saying that Paul's birthday is now HIS!


Submission #103

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966
not because they couldn't hear themselves anymore,
nor because it wasn't fun anymore,
it was because Paul had died in November
and Billy Campbell came in to replace him.


Submission #102

At the end of "I'm So Tired"
you can hear John mumbling backwards something like:
"Masseur, Masseur, Masseur...can I have another one?"
If you play it backwards, it clearly says:
"Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him"

-Sound Cat

Submission #101

Paul was quoted as saying
that he wrote 'Yesterday' at the age of 24.
But (in his bio) he really did at age 22.
How could he get this wrong?
Unless Billy wasn't sure!

-Jerri Willmore

Submission #100

I noticed that on the Sgt. Pepper cover
that the 'living' Paul is taller than the 'living' John.
But, the 'wax' Paul is shorter than the 'wax' John.
Could this be because the original Paul was actually
shorter than John and the 'new' Paul (Billy) is taller?
Or could it be symbolism as to the 'different levels' that Paul entered?

-Library Cluester

Submission #99

In the White album individual photos,
look at Paul's face in very dim light and blur your eyes.
Paul's face seems to turn into a freaky corpse!
His eyes look all sunken and his head as a skull with skin.
The rest of the Beatles look fine.
Soooo creepy and spooky!

-Library Cluester

Submission #98

In the 'Strawberry Fields' video (1967)
it appears that the Beatles are destroying a piano.
And, it looks like the piano has turned RED,
or is it BLOOD!


Submission #97

Around the label and on the inner groove
of certain European pressings of Sgt. Pepper's
there is a secret message.
Play it forward and it sounds like:
"He's found heaven, Lucy-Abbey all the way"
Backwards it sounds like:
"Will Paul be back as Superman?"


Submission #96

On the Revolver cover,
Paul's head is being held up by a hand
(maybe because it's detached?)


Submission #95

On the Yellow Sub soundtrack cover,
you can see George Harrison's hand above Paul's head.
And, you can see a line next to all the people that says:


Submission #94

Take a look at Paul's "bloody" bass guitar in
these pictures

 -Doctor Taranto, Boston MA

Submission #93

If you reverse the chorus of the song 'Something',
you can hear the phrase:
"One of a Beatle no one, one of a Beatle no one here."


Submission #92

Play the song "Get Back" backwards (as the title suggests)
and it says (kind of) :
"Help me, help me, help me, I need some wheels"

And when you play "I'm So Tired" backwards in the phrase:
"I wonder should I call you but I know what you would do"
it says:
"I do not want to be a Beatle"


Submission #91

On the John Lennon anthology
John is singing 'Just Like Starting Over' while making up some words.
In it he sings:
"The time has come the walrus said,
for you and me to get in bed, again
it'll be just like starting over"
Funny how he refers to the walrus (again) in a song that is entitled
"Just Like Starting Over"
As if the walrus was involved with Paul 'starting over'!

-Steven Neuworth, K.P.L.I.

Submission #90

I'm freaking out...
I have a blacklight in my music room
and one day I was holding and looking at my original
'Let It Be' single on Apple, and...
it glows GREEN in the blacklight!
ALL my other (black) vinyl records remain black.
This one disc (I swear) turns from black to green in the blacklight!
Now, what I think makes this a unique Paul-Is-Dead clue is...
that the 'B' side is 'You Know My Name Look Up The Number'
Which has Paul-Is- Dead clues all throughout it in its own right.
(i.e., the "other" phone number to call)
So, is this a MAGIC disc???
Or another type of clue???
Does the color GREEN mean anything (to Paul or Billy)???
I get chills up and down my spine every time I look at it!

-Abraham Haskill, NYC

Submission #89

I noticed that on the Magical Mystery Tour album,
The word "BEATLES" is spelled with stars.
 If you flip it backwards (or use a mirror)
a phone number to the london
morgue appears.
Also, if you notice in almost every album "paul" is always wearing black
or doing something different then the rest of the beatles.
When they are walking across the street everyone has their left leg first
and "paul" has his right leg first. there are so many more its unbelievable. One more thing, in 1966 Paul was driving home from the recording studio and was very upset. He took out a gun from his glove compartment and shot himself. They covered it up very well and no one knew he had died. They had to think of a way to keep it like that, and they did.
In Ottawa, Canada, a Paul McCartney look alike contest was held and a man named Billy Shears from the ottawa police department won.
After he won, no one ever saw or heard of him again.
If you look on the sgt. peppers cover or back cover I can't remember,
but, "paul" has a patch on his left shoulder (our right) that says OPD
that stands for the Ottawa Police Department.
There are tons more clues and I know all of them,
I'm pretty sure, but i just thought i'd input a few.

-Pink Floyd

Submission #88

Hi Dr. Lev!
In 'Strawberry Fields Forever',
when the song fades out and then back in again,
there is a loud banging noise going from the right channel to the left
(listen to it with earphones).
Could this be the ambulance going to the accident,
and the banging is the siren?

-Ciaran McCarthy

Submission #87

Hey, I've discovered something REALLY WEIRD in 'I AM The Walrus'.
At the end, when you almost hear nothing, it sounds something like,
"Did you will?  Did you will?  Did you grandfather, rape you?"
and then the song is over!

-Alicia Navarro

Submission #86

On the back of the Wings 'Wildlife' album,
there is a crude drawing of the band.
Paul is drawn playing guitar right handed!
Was this a slip by the artist?
Or still yet another clue indicating that the imposter
is really right-handed and NOT left-handed like Paul?

-John from Tennessee

Submission #85

On the White Album, disc 2, right after 'Cry Baby Cry',
there is a short jingle by Paul, wherein he sings,
"Can you take me back where I came from, Robert, can you take me back?"
which may be a request by Billy asking Dr. Robert to restore
his original appearance.
What do you think Dr. Lev?

-Hector Raso


Submission #84

During the Grammy's 'President's Award' acceptance speech,
Paul gave thanks "on behalf of John, Paul, George, and Ringo"
Why would he refer to himself in the 3rd person?
Maybe because it's really Billy Campbell
...and he slipped!
(or he's giving us another blatant clue...)

-Carrie Duwait, Leso, Greece

Submission #83

The song 'Crippled Inside' by John Lennon
could be referring to Paul's replacement:
"You can wear a mask and paint your face"
and "You can live a lie until you die"
which could mean that Billy must be crippled inside
because he can never be himself again


Submission #82

In the song 'Glass Onion' John sings,
"Looking through the bent back tulips"
I heard of a riddle once wherein tulips were really meant as
"Two Lips"
Now add "bent back" as if bent back-WARDS,
and it may be John telling us to
"look through the backwards lyrics"!!!
What do ya think, Doc?

-Steve Sak, LI, NY

Submission #81

I was just thinking about the name 'Paul McCartney and Wings'
and it came to me that it could be a clue
and mean Paul McCartney is an angel.


Submission #80

For years I heard the "I buried Paul" references for the ending
of Strawberry Fields Forever...
In fact, John himself was asked about what he had said on the track,
and he believed he said "cranberry sauce".
But, he actually said "I'm very small"
which is crystal clear on the Anthology CD.
Although this sort of dismantles a clue,
it DOES solidify proof of John's fascination with
'Alice in Wonderland'
and similar fantasies which he occassionally referenced.
I think that all the new technology will eventually clarify
those hard to get clues, and explode some others.
Still, loads of fun and enjoyment in the hoax still abounds!

-Al Fiorentino

Submission #79

Dr. Lev!
I recently just found a new clue...
7 years ago I was a freak of those Beanie Babies
and I remember they had ones with the Beatles names.
The one with Paul was a WALRUS!...Ah ha!
I'm still doing my research and other studies
and I can't wait to find more things.


Submission #78

OnAnthology 1, the video for 'Free As A Bird'
in the 'Paperback Writer' part there is a newspaper with a date
that resembles 1966 in the big headline!
I believe it's the video for the SAME song, 'Paperback Writer',
where Paul's tooth is broken...
(Billy's unfinished Plastic Surgery?)

-Jeffrey Koenig

Submission #77

Paul's Photo Close Up of 2/3 of the LEFT Side of his face
from the Let It Be Sessions you'll notice
that the Photo Is ALL RED,
i.e. Blood from the "Accident ?"
& A head Injury that took most of His "Pretty Face"
(John's How do you sleep)

 The 2nd one is "Paul's " Driving Rain, there are two in this one,
First the LP's name "Driving Rain"
is it possible for the accident to have happened in the
"Driving Rain" ?  

  Secondly The NEW Color Photo on the cover,
"Paul" is dressed in black with NO Shoes & "Jumping" from the car.
Could this be a clue in the fact that it looks as if he was
"HIT" & "Thrown" by the Car ?
Refer to the Sgt.Pepper Cover &
The little car driving off the "Dummy's leg"
that alone is a Different kind of Clue, Saying
"He died from a Car DUMMY"
Let it be Naked, the photo's
all are in a "Reverse Negative" Image, (i.e. the Alter Ego).
Meaning the Beatles were NOT The Beatles.
We are not what we look like,
WE are The OPPOSITE of Your Perception of US

-Jeffery Koenig, San Jose, CA


Submission #76

I'd have to say that my favoirte clue is
in an old trivia book my dad has
they have a word search and it says backwards
(paul is really dead) but backwards.
Yea, and i really do love all of them
& plus the one in your book when you have the connect the dots
I didn't want to do it so i wouldn't ruin the "value"
but i did it anyway...


Submission #75

On the "Fly on the Wall" disc that came free
with some copies of "Let it Be...Naked",
at around 1.47 John starts to tell Paul what the lyrics to
"One After 909" mean - even though they wrote it around 1961!
John later says "We always thought it wasn't finished"
- as if to tell Billy, "Me and Paul always thought it wasn't finished"!

There are other clues in the accompanying booklet.
Paul says, (page 12),
"The story opens one bleak morning in December".
John replies, "Once upon a tarmac..."

On page 20, Paul says
"This is the typical end product of an actor's career"

Page 23: Paul: We should have....
John: Been ourselves.
George: That's the biggest joke, to be yourselves.
That was the purpose.
John: Well, we found out.
George: And if you were really yourself
you wouldn't be any of who we are now.
John: Act naturally then.

-Chris Williams

Submission #74

In the video for "Real Love" 
there are obvious jabs at the whole Paul is deal thing.
There is a shot of the Abbey road intersection
and an insert of Paul's right hand with the cigarette rolling up the screen.
Later on in the video, there is a scene from India
where you see Paul sitting and playing guitar.
John is standing up next to him
and there is some Hindu looking guy sitting in front of Paul. 
In this scene Paul is playing his guitar right handed. 
The imposter was right handed
and had to learn how to play left handed to be  like Paul.

Another clue which I haven't seen on any website but seems so obvious...
On Sgt Pepper, right after they announce Billy Shears (or Billy's Here),
the very next words are:
"What would you do if I sang out of tune,
would you stand up and walk out on me. 
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song
and I'll try not to sing out of Key...
I get by with a little help from my friends"
That says it all. 
The Sgt Pepper album was really the official debut of the imposter
and right there he shows his concerns about not being able to sing
as good as Paul but the rest of the Beatles
and everyone else in the conspiracy will help him

-John  from Tennessee

Submission #73

On the new LET IT BE...NAKED cd cover,
the x-ray looking photos are almost the same as on the 70's version
along with Paul's photo being different from the others,
and he again is looking right at us.
Also on the full page individual photos,
all the Beatles are looking to the left except for Paul,
who is looking to the right.
And the best new clue is that there is a photo of Paul
holding  a glass in his right hand but we know Paul was a lefty,
and on the photo it is written...
"as nature intended"

-L. Martini

Submission #72

A clue from John Lennon's "Imagine."
 "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,  And the world will live as one."
 Does this mean that he wants the Beatles back together again as a band,
and that George and Ringo want that too?
Or does he mean that him and all the Beatles will see Paul again in heaven,
and they will be reunited as one band -the Beatles?
(Note the word "live").
 Think about it...

-Ciaran McCarthy

Submission #71

If you play I'm so Tired backwards, yes, you will hear
"Paul is dead, man, miss him, miss him,"
but you'll also hear something that sounds very much like John saying,
"I wish I would not have killed you, now you should know what"
"I'm gonna see my mother in a nice porsche,"
"He was such a silly git,"
"Another silly man in a nice porsche,"
and "Paul is now in a nice Porsche."
Some of these may just be me trying to find messages,
but there is something in this.

-C. Dunedin, NZ

Submission #70

In the Yellow Submarine movie...
I remember during the song sequence,"Nowhere Man"
where the Beatles walk forward in a line,
clapping their hands and moving strangely to the song.
They walk to a large record, stand on it as the record plays forward
(whereby John says,"Nowhere Man....Please listen!). 
Then the large record starts to play backwards! 
They stand on it for several seconds,
then jump off and start walking backwards themselves!
During this sequence it appears that George's hand
is repeatedly over Paul's head.
To me, this segment seems to convey an instruction manual
on how to find "Paul is dead" clues. 


Submission #69

I know that most of you know that the "Magical Mystery Tour"
album is full of clues,  but this one I find the most interesting.
In the middle pages of the picture book
is a 2-page photograph of the passengers and staff
eating and drinking around a banquet table.
The "effect shot" photo is slightly out of focus, elliptical in shape
and is only in the center of the two pages.
The outer area of the photo consists of black nothingness.
If you turn the photo sideways (clockwise)
and place your eyes momentarily out of focus,
you'll find a face of a smiling skull!
Magical Mystery Tour has my vote
as the greatest album design of all time!


Submission #68

Magical Mystery Tour:
One of the obvious clues is right on the front cover,
showing the Beatles in animal costumes. 
In the song "I am the Walrus" John (singing, of course)
claims to be the walrus. 
John also makes this claim on the inside liner notes of the album
(of which Little Nichola says,"No your not!").
Little Nichola is right because John's spectacles are on the Beatle
in the parrot costume above the Walrus! So.....
The Walrus is Paul.


Submission #67

"Boy - you're gonna carry that weight"
The Beatles are telling Billy Campbell
that he certainly is carrying a great deal of weight,
"Carry that weight a long time"
Referencing that this will not be over only when the Beatles are over,
but rather, for the rest of Billy's life.
"I never give you my pillow"
Telling him that they are not friends,
and it is just a business arrangement.
"I only send you invitations"
more of the same - drawing a line that Billy is not their friend,
just a business partner.
"And in the middle of the celebrations I break down"
Referencing that during the press conferences, parties, concerts, etc.,
that this is when the rest of the Beatles found it the hardest to deal with.
just look at the picture of the Beatles dancing
where everyone has a red rose
and Paul is wearing the black one!


Submission #66

In the song, Blackbird, Billy Campbell, aka Paul McCartney,
sings a mournful phrase about a blackbird
(a well know symbol of death - see Edgar Allen Poe)
learning to sing, and learning to "fly" in the "dead of night."
This obviously is a confessional song where Billy Campbell
is attempting to convey the emotions he probably felt
when he was trying to emulate Paul's voice, demeanor,
personality, and humanity in the midst of the tragedy of
Pauls' deeply distressing death.
Billy Campbell is in fact the "Blackbird,"
who must "Take these broken wings and learn to fly."
Furthermore, Bill Campbell also reveals his contradictory
emotions about being "chosen," because even if it was to some,
a dream come true to be one of the Beatles,
he is not sure if this was such a great way of becoming one -
he sings, "All your life, You were only waiting for this moment to arise."
It's almost as if he is trying to console himself and his conscience
about assuming this role and in effect, committing the greatest sin
by disrespecting Paul's memory and literally pulling the wool
over the eyes of Paul's hundreds of millions of fans around the world.


Submission #65

In the movie "Yellow Submarine"
when Elanor Rigby is sung, you can see a gravestone...
on it you can read:
N°49 here lies buried:
N°49 is Paul -->Paul is 4 letters,
McCartney 9 letters...

-Paradox_pm, Italy

Submission #64

"You'll ALWAYS know the many times of tried".  New
version of Long and Winding Road.  Could Billy now be
saying you all know Paul is dead and thus "how many times I've
tried" to sound like Paul, where before "You'll NEVER know the
many times of tried" when you didn't know Paul was
dead?  The NAKED truth will come out.
Miss him, miss him, miss him.


Submission #63

on the cover of yellow sumarine paul has i tie with a red stripe
next to a yellow stripeif a snake has this on it's skin, that
means "red and yellow, Kill fellow"


Submission #62

If you watch the Hello Goodbye promo video you'll notice
that the paint job on Paul's bass has red paint dripping down the side of it,
almost like blood. Perhaps aluding to the car crash?


Submission #61

In the Beatles' 'First American Visit' video,
at ~36:00, a girl is holding a sign while waiting outside the hotel
(and screaming).
You can only see part ofthe sign, but that part reads,
"..... s dead".
Look at it.  Youll see what I mean... : )
If that's NOT coincidence then I'm a believer!

-Carl Switzer, Roachdale NY

Submission #60

Take the first letter of each word in the title
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band",
and you've got SPLHCB. Now reverse it, and it's BCHLPS,
a vowel-less BC HELPS. BC of course is
Billy Campbell, and he surely does 'help'.

-Joseph Davolt

Submission #59

hi this is Dylan and this isn't really a clue
but I found something kind of cool.
In the song come together it says:
"he one holy roller...he got hair down to his knees"
could be explaining John Lennon on the cover in all white
and has pretty long hair.
Then he says:
"he wear no shoeshine, he got toe jam football, he shoot coca cola. "
Witch could be explaining Paul on the cover with no shoes and all.


Submission #58

Billy "Shears" Campbell, because he is so utterly in pain,
stress, torment, and turmoil,  attempted to convey his great love
to one of the only women in the world who knew his secret,
Linda McCartney, when he sang "Maybe I'm Amazed."
Look at these lyrics taken from "Maybe I'm Amazed:"
  "Maybe I'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time..." 
(reference to Billy Campbell stepping out of time
in the mid-60s when  he was called upon to assume
a completely new and different identity, Paul)
  "Maybe I'm a man, and maybe I'm a lonely man.." 
(Expressing true doubt as to whetehr or not he really even exists)
  "Maybe I'm a man and maybe I'm a lonely man
who's in the middle of something that he doesn't really understand"
(Truly self-explanatory)
  "maybe you're the only woman who could ever help me"
(referencing his need for help in this strange, warped life has has lead)
  "Maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song"
(helping him sing songs that are not his, but in fact, Paul's)

-Billy McCartney

Submission #57

In the song 'Hey Bulldog' John recites the lyrics
"You think you know me but you haven't got a CLUE".
Firstly, John is inferring that this IS a "clue" since we don't "have" it yet.
Further, it also refers to the rest of us not knowing
who they (or Paul) REALLY are!
Finally, I personally think that since the majority of the clues weren't
analyzed until 1969, John may have written this in frustration
since nobody really caught on yet at this point... ; )

-Dr. Winston O'Boogie, Cleverland OH

Submission #56

On the CD of Sgt. Pepper's, turn up the volume at the beginning
of the Sgt. Pepper's Reprise track. 
On the Left side we hear Paul (?) counting the intro\beat "1, 2, 3, 4"
then the song starts. 
On the Right side at the same time Paul (?) counts "3"
John says "Live" or "Lie". 
Either meaning that there are only 3 Beatles "alive"
or meaning that when Paul (?) counts 4
that is a Lie beacuse one of them is gone.  ~_~

-Zakk T

Submission #55

If you turn up the volume extremely loud at the end of
the the first section of "Strawberry Fields Forever",
you can hear a voice.  You can still hear the voice
when the band comes around again.  At the very end,
just as the band fades, you can hear that voice say
"I'm very cold" which could mean Paul, being dead, is
very cold in his grave!


Submission #54

I remember hearing that on "Tax Man" they were originally going to say
"Paul McCartney", but changed it to "Mr. Wilson".
Nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Deathman Paul Mc Cartney?

We could probably solve the riddle once and for all.
People used to get locks of the Beatles hair.
Track down a lock (pre-1966), do a DNA test and have someone stalk Faul
for a while and grab a straw from the Taco Bell cup that Faul drinks out of.
Compare the DNA and ... We're all for Paul unless Paul Fauls!


Submission #53

On the Sgt. Pepper album Track 12(The Reprise)
Paul shouts out the beginning of the piece.
A voice can clearly be heard that says "lying" just as he is
saying"two".The double meaning of "lying",telling a lie or
lying in the ground is obvious . Also,it is spoken as Paul
says"two" thus,John,Paul,George and Ringo,therefore
Paul is lying.Once you hear the person saying this, you
will be fascinated by this most blatant clue.

-Eugene West, Calgary, Alberta

Submission #52

More eerie detail from the cartoony Magical Mystery image: 
John and Ringo's red wizard robes both contain star patterns.
There's clearly 4 large black stars on John's robe,
Though the bottom most star in the orange area is sort of fading away
and looking less like a star and more like a smudge
in the original painting, thus not really a star anymore.
The large black stars on Ringo's robe are clearly defined,
three easily identifiable while the 4th black star at the very bottom
of the image seems to be streaking down into oblivion
and is just a line or wisp of nothing now.
Both John and Ringo's robes also contain 2 large shimmering
white stars as well...
these could represent both Pauls now in the scheme
(or out of the scheme which ever you prefer.)
Not to leave George out, but his cap has 3 flowers on it,
also the cap is bent into the shape of a number 3.
There's many more groupings of shapes in 3's everywhere on the picture
(stars, circles, dots) but of course there are also groupings of shapes in 2's and 4's etc...
so maybe someone would like to count them all up and try figuring out
some kind of super numerology theme behind it all?
I'm still trying to figure out an angle to why Ringo
has his back to the viewer,
possibly to show his "odd man out" to all of this?
John and George obviously lead the way much more in orchestrating
the Paul Is Dead clues in their lyrics,
video and cover art imagery than Ringo.
Possibly he wasn't in favor of what was happening,
preferring to keep a blind side to it all?
One more thing... though I'm sure it says something else entirely,
the signature on the illustration looks suspiciously
alot like the word "Badfinger."
What this has to do with all of this I'm not 100% sure...
but didn't Paul discovered Pete Ham and the boys
and wrote some songs for them?
Yep. Death and tragedy followed Badfinger later in their career as well,
with 2 of the original members committing suicide
by hanging themselves.
Is there a connection, a Paul related curse?

-Steve Banes, Tarzana CA


Submission #51

The cartoony artwork inside of Magical Mystery Tour shows
The Beatles in the swirling midst of a magical circle
and wearing wizard's robes and caps.
The cap on Paul's head is backwards though
and half covering his eyes
which are closed, symbolizing death.
The flower pattern in the print on his cap are also black,
everyone else's are either yellow or clear.
The red cloaked left arm directly underneath Paul's chin
appears to be his and holding George's right hand,
but closer inpsection one could see that
the arm could just as easily belong to John,
thus Paul would have no arms and just
be a decapitated head floating.
This supports the idea that only the surviving trio
of John, George and Ringo are then holding hands in a circle
symbolizing a seance, with Paul's head materializing above them.
Further proof of this idea is that right behind John's head
we can clearly see the inked outline of three fingers emerging
slightly from the blue mist.
Who do these fingers belong to?
If they are Paul's then why isn't he holding John's left hand?
If these fingers are John's then why
isn't he holding Paul's right hand?
He's not, he's holding George's right hand
as if Paul isn't even there.
One final thing:
John wears the purple cap of a Grand Wizard,
symbolizing his possible leadership in crafting or masterminding
the entire Paul Is Dead scenario.
I'm sure there's many other "black magic" type theories
one could attach to this final thought and the cap color
but I'm a little rusty on my Aleister Crowley at the moment.

-Steve Banes, Tarzana CA

Submission #50

On the cover of sargent peppers lonley harts club band there is a
circle at the end of the pink flowers that spell beatles. And leso is the
place where pauls grave is so the beatles and o could combine and make
"be at leso"!!!!!


Submission #49

Look on the Abbey Road cover on the left side you can see a black gate
and inside there is a cemetery  and it looks like the Beatles are walking
out of it like they summoned Paul!


Submission #48

In the video for "I am the Walrus" when The Beatles are playing,
in the background a car goes by and it seems to pass
straight through Paul's head,
symbolizing Paul's decapitation in a car.
But also, near the end of the video for "Strawberry Fields"
the same car goes by in the same way!
And although the Beatles are lined up,
it only goes across Paul's head and no one else's.


Submission #47

I have some thoughts about the newest clue
regarding the 1967 Christmas disc:
I've been listening to this show ever since I can remember. 
It's always seemed to me that it goes something like this:
(Can't tell who's voice says)
"Hello? I'm speaking from a callb..."(callbox?)
(Sounds like the caller is being assaulted while the call is terminated.)
(Then Ringo on the other end says):
"Hello? Hello, Operator? Hello, Operator?
I've been cut off! I've been... it's an emergency!
One of my favorite TV shows was Doctor Who.
So, this 'scene' makes perfect sense. 
It seemed that callboxes were everywhere in that show.


Submission #46

In the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Video,
they show close up's of the Beatles faces one by one.
Starting with John, then Ringo, then when it cuts to George,
before you see Paul, George looks up.
This maybe, just maybe, is a referance that
Paul is being seen from heaven.

-Ox E. Morone, Grosse Point Woods, Michigan


Submission #45

Look at the free as a bird music video there r 2 clues I found
there is a car that has crashed and when it shows abby road
a car goes right though Paul.


Submission #44

   I was just reading the lyrics of Strawberry Clues..
Someone may already have thought of this...
The line "No one I think is in my tree,"
could be referring to his family tree..
Since he was an orphan he would have no one in his tree.
Also Strawberry Fields was an orphanage near were John grew up.


Submission #43

My girlfriend and I just noticed something on the Abbey Road cover.
If you take a close look at the black police vehicle
(which is supposedly a morgue vehicle),
there seems to be a headless person sitting in the passenger seat.
Things are backwards in Britain, you know.
The person seems to have a shirt and tie on,
which is what Paul usually wore on stage,
but after Paul's death the band stopped wearing suits on stage.


Submission #42

One line says "and so I quit the police department".  
This could refer to Campbell who worked for the
Ontario Police Department before he replaced Paul. 
Here he is telling what he did and does now.


Submission #41

Ok, I played LOOK UP THE # in reverse. 
I heard ,towards the end of the song right before that jazzy piano,
in reverse says PAUL's DEAD.......
then a little bit further is a quote that sounds like,
" Paul is dead"  (or) "Paul is resting your finished John Lennon you (inaudible)"

-Dr. Taranto, Boston

Submission #40

1.    On the front cover of abby road…there is a Beatle in 
white…one in black…McCartney bare foot and with a cigarette…
and then a Beatle in all jeans… The white represents GOD…
the black represents the undertaker…
McCartney is a lefty with a cigarette in his right hand and barefoot…
and the jeans is the grave digger.
2.    Also…when looking at the cover of abby road…
when they walk across the street…
if they were to turn write…it’s a cemetery!
3.    LMW 28-IF…the license plate…to answer your question BarbieK…means…
Lillith…if that’s the wife’s name…Lillith McCartney Weaps
(because Paul would be) 28 (that year) IF (he hadn’t died)


Submission #39

Notice the hand over the head in so many pictures in Magical
Mystery Tour and Sgt Peppers is a ancient sign of  death.
The Greek mythology of the Walrus as a spector of death.
The Walrus was Paul.
"I You Was" is the sign on the desk in Magical Mystery Tour
inside picture book.  And another picture shows all of the doctors
and surgeons who tried to save Paul- all lined up arm in arm.
 "Within you and WITHOUT you" is George's song sending the
message about Paul. "Please Don't Be Long..." in Blue Jay Way- was
George waiting for Paul to come home that fateful nite? OR was he
saying that Billy doesn't "belong".
On "I'm Looking Through You"- "Your Not the Same- I thought
I knew you - but not today.  The only diference is you're down
there." Who is Paul singing to?


Submission #38

Couple of good ones i found today.
A man on the bus points to his head -
Paul supposedly died from a head injury.
A man in black (the Grim Reaper?)
watches as the bus passes below him.
At the end of "I am the Walrus", they follow the bus -
much like people
follow the hearse in a funeral procession.

-Dr. Taranto, Boston

Submission #37

OH, I found another clue,,,,,,,,I think ?????????
If you reverse the end of  Strawberry , from the guitar like siren
to the end, in REVERSE you hear,
" Let me out............ Die....................I dont know whats wrong
with him ................. I dont want to(him)  die "
Better when using headphones but it does sound like it.

-Dr. Taranto, Boston

Submission #36

Dr. Lev, 
Question for this morning: 
Both my wife and I thought from a distance that the clouds
behind your drawing of Paul on your book (Billy Shears)
looks like the profile of John. 
Did you do that on purpose? 
If not - did you notice that?
(I found many clues in the book...
I think I figured out who Billy Campbell's illigitimate child is... ; )


Submission #35

At the end of the Sergeant Pepper album (at the inner groove)
there is some undecipherable rambling's
and apparently if you play them backwards it says:
"Will Paul come back as Superman"

-Emma, Australia

Submission #34

Paul is the only Beatle whose initials aren't inalphabetical order.
Notice: GH, JL, and RS all go in alphabetical order.
M comes before P.

-Jack C.

Submission #33

Hello, I've been following the paul is dead theory for a while
and I believe it to be true, a website recently discovered
gives conclusive visual evidence
A while ago, I've been tinkering with reverse audio. 
I do not have the sample on me anymore,
but you can easily verify it yourself with a sharewareaudio program. 
If you really want the audio sample, I can find it again.
Anyway, the song is 'Something' by George Harrison from Abbey Road
I think it's the first chorus where he sings:
I don't want to lose her now, I gotta believe her now
when reversed, he sings
I think this is his subconscious warning people to not believe the false
stories and to believe that paul did die in a car crash!
Anyway, hope it helps.

-Steven Graziano

Submission #32

On the White Album, the lyrics to 'Why Don't We Do It in the Road'
could imply the crash and the cover-up:
"no one will be watching us".  
And if you read this song title together with 'I Will',
which is the next track on the album,
you could get the impression that Mr. Campbell, or 'Billy',
is accepting the 3 remaining Beatle's offer to join the group.


Submission #31

If you photo-copy the cover of the Srgt. Pepper album on 'light', 
all the Beatles clothing turns out white, except for Paul. 
His turns out BLACK. 
This to many people would mean that if Paul is black,
it would mean that he is different, Billy Campbell is different. 
To me this is just a continuing story to Abby Road
More of the world agrees that white is the color for mourning,
so I would think that the other Beatles except John
(John and Paul wrote the majority of the songs, TOGETHER)
would have gotten over it. 
In Sgt. Pepper,  All were sad.

-Jurasic Jr.  Alexandria, VA

Submission #30

The lyrics to 'Carry That Weight' could be the 'new Paul' admitting to
the burden of having to live the rest of his life as the 'old Paul'.


Submission #29

If you take the name 'Billy Shears',
remove both 's' from shears, add one 's' to the end of Billy,
you get 'Billys hear' OR 'Billy's here'.
Plus, the name 'Shears' alone is interesting.
Was Paul's head 'sheared off' in the crash?


Submission #28

don't know if you would consider this a 'clue' to Paul's death,
but I have observed various physical data on Paul McCartney
that I believe supports the Paul is Dead theory.
The thing I observed is that Paul seems to be approximately
2 inches taller in the later photos compared to the early photos.
In the early photos, he is about the same height as George
and John (maybe a 1/2 inch taller than the other two)
and he seems at least 2 inches taller than both of them
on the cover of Sgt. Pepper.
In the movie Magical Mystery Tour Paul/Billy is wearing socks
to appear the same height as George during I am the Walrus.
I have looked at the appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show several times
and Paul is about the same height as George and John.
You don't grow 2 inches in your mid-20's!
Also another thing I noticed is that Paul (the original) was slightly bow-legged
and Billy is not.
Very obvious when you look!


Submission #27

When the song Number nine has played about a minute and  15 sec's,
there is a voice speaking.
Play it backwards, and you will hear
"No no, Paul is a dead man, it's another boy (Billy),
they will never figure it out".


Submission #26

The latest "clues" in the Paul is Dead theory
are on the Anthology 3 cover.
First, and most obvious, you have the earlier picture of Paul
in place of the Let It Be image.
And if you look closely you'll see that the photo has been sliced
up and down, through the head,
and then put back together slightly askew.
This of course is a reference to the decapitation in the car accident.
Then if you follow the line of the slice through the head
down to the point where there's a tear in the cover image,
the one exposing the Sgt. Pepper's cover,
that tear is clearly in the shape of a scythe.
The booklet of the cover shows a little more of the artwork
than the actual cover does.
On the booklet version you can look down below the so-called
graveyard scene
of the Sgt. Pepper's cover and see the word "Remains."
Also the last letter from the cover of the Help LP
is the only one visible, making clear the "P"
followed by a period, as if saying,
"this is the end of Paul and there isn't anymore, period."
There is more, but I'll let you have fun finding the other
clues on this cover... ;

-Shelly Biars

Submission #25

Greetings Dr. Lev,
    I am going straight to the point,
in CD Yellow Submarine Cover,
there is a portion with "all together now"
written above cartoon characters of the band in their submarine,
however if you look closely, it has two pauls on it,
one with him going down a hatch, and another of him up in a window,
they both are giving the same expression. 
Why would they have two pauls in this picture?
Kind of odd with the stories floating around at that time,
I am positive it was a tiny clue to be caught
as well as with all the other clues left to explain their message.
    Let me know what you think...

-David Taylor

Submission #24

Well here's a clue for you all...
In the mid 60's, around the time they say that Paul died,
he did have an accident, on a motorcycle,
which damaged his upperlip (which scarred, of course)
and chipped his front teeth.
These injuries are clearly seen in the videoclips
filmed for "Rain" and "Paperback writer",
both included in the Beatles Anthology.
So...misconceptions lead to many a strange legend.


Submission #23

On "Yesterday and Today" cover, why is Paul in a box?


Submission #22

Ever listened to the voice after the "can you take me back"
part of cry baby cry?
(you'll have to turn the volume all the way up) 
It's kind of hard to hear, but
it's either the Beatles calling Paul, Billy(sort of blurry),
or their switching tracks.

-Jurasic, Alexandria, VA

Submission #21

Turn the volume loud at the end of strawberry fields forever
and u will find something very spooky!

-Alex Saka

Submission #20

On the Album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
the extra O in Beatles is said to be: Be At Leso.
The only thing I can think of for Leso would be
an acronym for Leased Equipment & Services Officer,
could this represent Pauls replacement?
(Or, could it refer to the Greek island of Leso
Could Paul's body be buried there?)


Submission #19

noticed until today, but
at the end of While my guitar gently weeps,
you can hear George crying out Paul's name several times.
Take a listen... 

-Lee Moore, Alabama US

Submission #18

The song on the White album, GLASS ONION,
the line that John sings,
"The walrus was Paul".
Play it backwards & it says,
"Paul took the wrong road".


Submission #17

The evidence in the song "The fool on the hill", are immense,
almost everyline screams "Paul is dead".
It is as if the group wants the fact to be known to all.
Analysing the first verse we find:
"Day after day, alone on the hill, (clearly Paul is buried on a hill)
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
(a dead-man is quite still)
But nobody wants to know him,
(the others don't want to follow him just yet)
They can see that he's just a fool (the accident was Paul's fault)
And he never gives an answer..." (due to his deadness)
Well on his way, his head in a cloud, (Paul is on his way to heaven).
The man of a thousand voices, talking perfectly loud
But nobody ever hears him, or the sound he appears to make
(Even though he screams nobody can hear him
because he's on another level)
And he never seems to notice...And nobody seems to like him,
(probably a hint of the bands attitude to Paul's replacement)
They can tell what he wants to do (info about the puppet the new Paul is)
And he never shows his feelings,
(the new Paul, can't tell the truth, but have to stick with acting Paul).
How clear can it be without putting an death notice in a newspaper?

-Kjetil Olsen, Oslo, Norway

Submission #16

On "Getting Better", play the entire
chorus section backward and withinit you'll hear:

Also on the Sgt. Pepper reprise,
during the repeating of "Sgt. Pepper'sLonely, Sgt. Pepper's lonely...."
start from where they sing the final"CLUB BAND",
play this backward and you'll hear


Submission #15

On the song 'All you need is love', John sings
"You can learn how to be you in time, it's easy",
either John's head was so full of acid,
or he was talking to Billy Shears saying that it'd be easy to be Paul!
Also on Yellow Submarine, in the backround someone says
"Paul's a dead man, Paul's a dead man!"
(Or was it "Paul's a queer man?" Oh well)


Submission #14

Well, if you research on the abbey road photo shoot,
you can find numerous before and after pictures.
Obviously, the Beatles added the saying
"LMW 28-IF"on the vw bug's license plate
because it isnt on the license plate before.
Also, the black hearse looking car was also added.
Also, I was wondering if anyone can make out
what the license plate on the black car says.


Submission #13

As we all know, Ringo is supposed to be the pallbearer
on the front of the Abbey Road album.
But is he also the PAULbearer?

-Jurasic, Alexandria, VA

Submission #12

On the cover of the Abbey Road cover,
there are three people in the background.
Could these be the only three beatles living back then?

-Jurasic Jr, Alexandria, VA

Submission #11

In the song "Don't Pass Me By", part of the lyrics say
"I'm sorry that your car crashed, your head flew through the door".

-Jurasic Jr, Alexandria, VA

Submission #10

In the song happines is a warm gun, part of the lyrics say
"I need it fixed 'cause i'm going down".
This could mean that Paul's head needed to be fixed or he'll
go down and die as in getting hit by a car and flying through the windsheild.

-Jurasic Jr, Alexandria, VA

Submission #9

On the 'White Album' poster there's a picture that is cut in half,
and turned sideways, and very small.
Blow it up, and it is a white car (VW?)
with what lookslike a body next to suit, and barefoot!!

-Bob K., Mineola, NY

Submission #8

In the song 'For The Benefit of Mr. Kite',
Play the first line backwards, it says
"YeahI can sing better than ever!"

-Bob K., Mineola, NY

Submission #7

In the song 'Blue Jay way',
listen to what is said (secret messages) in between the lines
on the first verse...
"There's a fog upon LA ("Paul")...
and my friends have lost their way ("Died")...
We'llbe over soon they said ("Paul is buried")...
now they've lost themselves instead... (indesipherable)....

-Bob K., Mineola, NY

Submission #6

In the late '60's, Paul McCartney won a paternity suit
concerning a baby born in the early '60's.
Well.....the truth could be that it WAS Paul's baby,
but because the blood tests were taken after Paul's death
it was already Billy Campbell!

-Jurasic, Alexandria, VA

Submission #5

In the 1971 post-Beatles John Lennon song 'How Do You Sleep' John sings...
"So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise.
You better see right through that mother's eyes.
Those freaks were right when they said you was dead.
The one mistake you made was in your head.
How do you sleep?"

-Robert Milligan, Edinburgh, Scotland

Submission #4

In the song 'Tomorrow Never Knows'
part of the lyrics say "float along a river."
Could this mean that Paul's body was thown in a river?

-Jurasic Jr, Alexandria, VA

Submission #3

In the lyrics to 'Lovely Rita' the phrase
"Got the Bill and Rita paid it"
tells us that we now have the Bill as in "Billy Campbell"
and Rita paid for it with her life!

-MVP, Boston, Mass.

Submission #2

In the lyrics to 'Lovely Rita' the phrase
"When it gets dark I tow your heart away"
might mean that the tow truck at the accident scene
towed Paul's heart (and body) away!

-MVP, Boston, Mass.

Submission #1

 On the Abbey Road album cover there's a car in the left hand lane
down the road from Paul (Billy).
Now, since the British drive in the left hand lane...
it would appear that the car passed right through Paul!
Which, of course, would mean that Paul was killed...
and by a car!

-Josh, Dundee IL










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