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Credits & Thank-you’z!

Steve Sakellarides (Kings Park, New York)
Introduced Doctor Lev (in 1978) to the "Paul-Is-Dead" mystery
and helped spend hundreds of hours searching and analyzing
Beatles material for clues and information.
Also provided inspiration, support, and ideas
within the formation of the Billy Shears story.

Robert Ziella (Kings Park, New York)
Provided Doctor Lev with (original) taped radio broadcasts of the
"Paul-Is-Dead" rumor, which became the basis for years of research
and helped form our initial beliefs and theories.
"Doctor Robert" has also been an invaluable asset for
detailed Beatles knowledge and recordings.
Has one of the greatest collections of Beatles material
and recordings in the world.

Trish LeRose Vice-Domine (Reston, Virginia)
Became a "Cluester" and a believer in 1998.
Performed intensive research and helped light the proverbial "fire"
under Doctor Lev’s ass to revive and continue the
"Paul-Is-Dead" lecture series, which she so kindly aided and joined.
These actions directly led to the "written" beginnings of the
Billy Shears book.

Mike Kozyrski (Kings Park, New York)
Offered excellent critical input and counter theories
during the formative early years beginning in 1978.
"Forcefully" kept Doctor Lev’s attitude and visions within reason
and reality throughout the years and creative processes.
Also provided very cool ideas within
the screenplay version of Billy Shears.

Setyo Soeranto (Washington, D.C.)
World class photographer and artist responsible for the
"author" picture on the back cover of the book Billy Shears.
Also provided an undeterminable amount of support and
encouragement during (and since) the production process.

Peter Muller (Kings Park, New York)
Responsible for dozens of awesome video clips over the years,
some of which were included in the "infamous" I’m Sick video!
Also, provided support and inspiration throughout the years
within each "crazy" idea Doctor Lev (and the boyz) contemplated.

Rhonda Pearl (Boston, Mass.)
Within Doctor Lev’s band Roxygen (and the acoustic version
called Rock Garden), Miss Pearl plays guitar and sings.
She also created the original Roxygen emblem/poster.
Also an amazing painter, her artistic talents have continuously
inspired Doctor Lev and are considered an invaluable asset
within Levsongs Productions!

Dave Purol (Alexandria, Virginia)
Stage name: Jurasic.
Dave is an outstanding musician, guitarist and friend.
He plays lead guitar, and sometimes bass in
Doctor Lev’s band, Roxygen.
Dave has also provided constant and invaluable support and
inspiration within both the music genre and the writing of
the book Billy Shears.

Chris Slater (Alexandria, Virginia)
Co-creator of the "Paul-Is-Dead" website.
Originated the site format and several graphics images.
Chris continues to offer advice and his technical expertise.

Primrose Russell (Silver Spring, Maryland)
Professional videographer responsible for many classic
Roxygen, Brutles, and LevFest videos.
Further provided support and encouragement
during many other events…and always kept the crowd dancing!

The Soul Purpose Crew (LA…Lower Arlington, Virginia)
"Uncle Albert" Camacho; Billy (Guitar) Barr;
Randy (Master Poet) Vidallon; Chris Werguer et al…
All provided support and encouragement in
"oh so many ways…"
including all the cameo appearances on stage and on the CD.
And…for helping solidify the pen-name "Doctor Lev"!

Mike Ruggiero (Kings Park, New York)
Offered very cool alternative ideas within the Billy Shears story.
Also, provided years of support and encouragement within
all of Doctor Lev’s projects and antics.

Robbin Swartz (Boston, Mass.)
For letting a "very young" Doctor Lev sneak into her room
and play her stereo, which directly led to his discovery of the
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, The Beatles,
and music in general!

Jessica & Matthew Swartz (Boston, Mass.)
For providing fair and honest "younger generational" criticism
Of the Billy Shears story before and after publication.
And Jessica for providing the inspiration for the song "Jessica"... ; )











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