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When you listen to the 1967 Christmas album (just after the Sgt. Pepper album), listen to their message at ~4:15 to ~5:25, you'll hear:

"Theater hour is brought to you tonight from the arms of someone new" (Who? Maybe Billy Campbell's?)
....ring, ring...
(Can't tell who's voice says) "Hello? I'm speaking from a cold (???inaudible)"...
(Then Ringo on the other end says): "Hello? Hello, operator? Hello, Operator? I've been cut off! Have ya? I think I (inaudible) emergency!

Then they go right back into the song:
"O-u-t spells Out!".....(Maybe telling us that Paul is OUT of the band?)
(Then John chuckles) "Nah nah na nah nahhh!"...
"Christmas time is here again...Ain't been 'round since you know when!"...(When? Since just before last Christmas, 1966, when Paul died?)
Christmas time is here again...o-u-t spells out!..."
(Then George says) "How old are you?" and John replies "32"..."never"....(maybe Billy Campbell was 32?)
Then John says "well you've won a prize!" (maybe as being the new Paul/Beatle?)....then "Get off the show!"...clapping, laughing...

Doctor Lev's analysis

This is the first Christmas album release after the release of Sgt. Pepper.
So, the Beatles were right in the beginning/mist of their clue-creating era.
Sgt. Pepper was rift with an abundance of clues, so why not their Christmas album?
This 60 second collage of sounds and dialogue, when looking through the "Paul-Is-Dead looking-glass", really seems to imply that:
1.) Somebody is calling from a phone near a highway (since cars can be heard in the background) and is apparently in trouble, maybe from an accident?
2.) Ringo tries to answer the phone but is "cut-off".
3.) Then somebody immediately exclaims "have ya?" as if saying that some of the injuries had to do with cutting-off (maybe the head)?
4.) Then we hear that it is definitely "an emergency".
5.) In following, all of a sudden the song fades in again with the weird' "o-u-t spells out" as if Paul (or whoever is in the 'emergency') is OUT of the band!
6.) John chuckles, as if he's laughing that Paul was so easily replaced.
7.) "Ain't been 'round since you know when", which seems to mean that Paul hasn't been around since just before 'last' Christmas because we all thought it was still Paul!
8.) The age "32" is quite significant.  Maybe they're asking Billy how old he is?  But Paul would have been 25 in Dec 1967.  Could a 32 year-old Billy Campbell been able to pass for a 25 year-old Paul McCartney?  Maybe with the proverbial 'plastic surgery'!... ; )

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Submission #47

I have some thoughts about the newest clue
regarding the 1967 Christmas disc:
I've been listening to this show ever since I can remember. 
It's always seemed to me that it goes something like this:
(Can't tell who's voice says) "Hello? I'm speaking from a callb..."(callbox?)
(Sounds like the caller is being assaulted while the call is terminated.)
(Then Ringo on the other end says): "Hello? Hello, Operator? Hello, Operator?
I've been cut off! I've been... it's an emergency!
One of my favorite TV shows was Doctor Who.
So, this 'scene' makes perfect sense. 
It seemed that callboxes were everywhere in that show.

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