Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles

Doctor Lev

    In the pre-dawn hours of November 9th, 1966, Paul McCartney of the Beatles was killed in a terrible car accident. After deliberating the fate of the group, the Beatles decided to secretly replace Paul with a musician named Billy Campbell. Months earlier, Billy Campbell had won a Paul McCartney look-a-like contest and was available to fill in as Paul.

    The story of 'Billy Shears' is the untold story of Billy Campbell. If broken up, the name 'Billy Shears' actually reads "Billys here"! During the following years, the Beatles disclosed the details of their ruse by placing hundreds of hidden clues within their albums. By the fall of 1969, Beatle fans finally stumbled upon the mystery and rumors swept around the world. In order to quell the hysteria, Billy kept his identity as Paul, denied the accusations, and asked the world to just "Let It Be".