New "Paul-Is-Dead" Clues

Found within the book...

Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles!

Submission #1

On the book's front cover, the clouds just to the left of Billy look like a head, but the top is missing!
This could be a reference to Paul being decapitated, or a call back to the song Don't Pass Me By:
"You were in a car crash and you lost your hair".

Submission #2

The fact that you call yourself "DOCTOR LEV" is self explanatory.

Submission #3

On the back cover of the book, there is a picture of Doctor Lev with a bookcase behind him
which features books concerning death, loss, tragedy, faking, etc.
Some examples are: "The book of Eulogies"; "Staging the Impossible"; and "Bloody Murder"

Submission #4

One of the first pages of the book features a connect the dots version
of a left handed bass guitar with only three strings, not four.
This could be a reference to the Sgt. Pepper cover
wherein the yellow flowers form a bass guitar with only three strings.

Submission #5

The featured quote from Stephen Crane could be a reference to his image
appearing on the Sgt. Pepper cover behind the hand above Paul's head.
Stephen Crane wrote the short-story tragedy called The Open Boat,
wherein four men were in a life boat that capsized and one drowned.

Submission #6

On page 32, Billy and Robert are packing up some equipment.
They talk about packing up three microphones.
Another reference to three rather than four (Beatles).

Submission #7

On page 35, Desmond says:
"No, Mr. Campbell, really, your a dead ringer for Paul McCartney."
Death is obviously the word to be emphasized.

Submission #8
On page 39, a license plate reading "25 NOW" is mentioned.
This is a reference to the "28 IF" license plate on the Abbey Road cover.
In this case, Billy was in his 25th year!

Submission #9

Also on page 39, Billy is quoted as saying
"Time to put on me bloody Beatle face!"
This is a reference to Paul's bloody face after the accident.

Submission #10

At one point in the book, Billy is watching four children pretending to be pirates.
One of them pretends to die, and they replace him with their dog.
This is a reference to Paul dieing and the other Beatles replacing him.