Flowers in the Dirt

Ripping up Flowers In The Dirt!
This album was put out 20 years after the rumor broke. (20 years ago today, reminds you of Pepper) Also, there are 13 songs on the album, just like Pepper (not including the Drone) 1 + 3, separating Billy/Paul from the other three Beatles.
The cover - turn it upside down and to an angle (and use your imagination) the rose could be the left eye, green bulb could be the right eye. Stems going down could be the bridge of a nose, purple flowers could be a mouth. Flowers at the top could represent a head injury. I haven't tried it but it seems as though you could fold this up and make a 3D face. (Stones cover for Their Satanic Majesties Request was 3D) The flowers splitting the head down the middle could also represent the 2 Paul's, 2 personalities? Paul was a gemini (like me!) and the "face" is covered in flowers. This could refer to the "cover up" or flowers on a grave. The title is also reminiscing of the Pepper cover (flowers in the dirt) with flowers on the grave and the flowers spelling out Paul? in the shape of a left handed bass.
1 My Brave Face - Billy's brave face, for carrying on with acting like Paul, brave for leaving his family and friends, brave in his sacrifice. Wax Paul on Pepper is also putting on a brave face for a very sad Ringo.
    "I've been living in style, unaccustomed as I am" (Billy living as Paul) "ever since you went away" (ever since Paul died) "I've had this sentimental inclination not to change a single thing" (carry on as Paul) "now that I'm alone again" (since the Beatles broke up) "the simplest things set me off and take me to that place where I can't find my brave" (Billy wants to tell the truth, remember "Paul's" reaction when the press found him in Scotland in 1969. I would say he was set off over a simple thing, an interview)  "I've been living a lie" (obvious)
2 Rough Ride - "a rough ride to heaven" (a rough ride caused the fatal car accident, maybe Paul is having a hard time getting to heaven because his soul is not at rest because of this hoax, Billy and the other Beatles trying to hold him here) "I knew you'd help me I knew you could" (Billy talking to the other Beatles, helping him be like Paul) "I knew you didn't want to be misunderstood" (as to why you carried on with the lie, to clarify what really happened, why they did this)
3 You Want Her Too - "she makes me go so wrong" (she instead of he, he being John. John makes Billy do the wrong thing?) "yeah you kept me awake, you know you did" (how do you sleep? Billy couldn't sleep due to guilt keeping him up at night) "so why don't you come right out and say it stupid?" (Billy yelling at himself, why don't you just admit what you did? You can hear two different voices going back and forth, internal conflict in Billy due to guilt?) "makes me do things I don't want to do" (keeping up the charade) "My intentions are quite clear" (to help the Beatles) "that's not what you said the other night" (did Billy want more? Did greed get to him in the end?)  "go ahead and kid yourself you're right" (Billy telling himself that if he believes he did the right thing for the right reason, that he is just lying to himself) "I don't know why I should be telling you" (Because Billy could get in a lot of trouble if the truth ever did come out) "your such a hopeless romantic, she told me you were predictable and nice" (Is this a paranoid Billy thinking that John thought he was just a sucker to be used?) "she only did you a favor once or twice" (John only helped Billy once or twice and look at everything Billy sacrificed. Is Billy now getting bitter and mad? Or maybe Billy is looking at himself as if to say he didn't play THAT big of a role in the hoax. Trying to feel less guilty) "So why don't you sit back and enjoy it?" (instead of worrying about it now?) "my conscience is clear and strong" (Billy now has convinced himself he did do the right thing for the right reason) "yes she says I'm just the boy for it" (because Billy looks and sounds so much like Paul) 
4 Distractions - "what is this thing in life that persuades me to spend time away from you?" (the desire to be a Beatle that made Billy leave his friends and family, the lie he must now live forever) "If you can answer this you can have the moon" (if you know the truth, Billy would give you anything you wanted to keep you quiet) "when I'm alone I think of you" (Billy thinks of Paul) "and the life we could lead if we could only be free" (from this lie) "postman's at the door while the telephone rings on the kitchen wall, pretend like we're not home and they'll disappear" (reminds you of when Billy and Linda were hiding in Scotland) "nothing is too small" (everything could have a meaning, no clue too small, nothing too insignificant)
5 We Got Married - "working hard for the dream" (of continuing with the Beatles) "scoring goals for the other team" (instead of pursuing his own career, Billy helped the Beatles fulfill their dreams) "times were bad" (obvious, that's why they broke up) "like the way you open up your hearts to each other when you find a meeting of the minds" (John and Billy opening up to each other to pull off their rouse, meeting of the minds, seeing this as the only way to continue) "we got married" (when the Beatles broke up it was known as a divorce between John and "Paul". Billy had to "marry" into the Beatles, join in union with Paul to become one) "further on in the game" "place your bets, no regrets" (Later in Billy's life, looking back on what he did, he has no regrets, placing bets could be on whether the truth will ever come out) "I love the things that happen" (for Billy now that everyone thinks he's Paul) "when we start to discover" (clues?) "who we really are" (that "Paul" is really Billy) "and what we're living for" (to have Paul "continue" living through Billy, to continue the Beatles legacy) "it doesn't work out if you don't work at it" (the Beatles broke up because they didn't work hard enough at keeping it together. They had to try harder to work with Billy than with Paul. Could also mean that they all worked at the cover up very hard and that's why it has worked out to be the legend it is today)
6 Put It There – “give me your hand, I’d like to shake it” (the Beatles are grateful for Billy’s sacrifice) “I want to show you that I’m your friend” (Billy helping the Beatles and getting “a little help from” his new “friends”) “You’ll understand if I can make things clear it’s all that matters in the end” (Billy wants to confess but can’t because there’s too much at stake) “if there’s a fight I’d like to fix it I hate to see things go so wrong” (Billy wanted to hold the Beatles together but couldn’t) “the darkest night and it’s all mixed emotions” (the night Paul died, the Beatles and Billy had mixed emotions as to how to proceed) “I don’t care if it weighs a ton” (Billy will carry that weight for a long time)
7 Figure Of Eight – “you’ve got me dancing in a figure of eight” (“Paul” dancing in the Fool on the Hill video in the MMT movie) “Don’t know if I’m coming or going, I’m early or late” (Billy is confused and acting like the “late” Paul) “round and round the ring I go, I want to know, I want to know” (Could this be referring to the Drone? Around in a ring, the last groove on the Pepper album that never ends. I want to know, what it means? Play it backwards for a message, what does it mean?) “why can’t we travel in a continuous line” (Life sometimes takes tragic turns. This is not the life Billy ever expected. Why didn’t things work out like he always thought they would?) “up and down the hills I go” (the Fool on the Hill? Buried there or living there still? On the Oldies album, there is a car going up a hill about to collide with someone’s head. A head injury caused by a car collision?) “is it better to love than to give in to hate?” (the Beatles may not have broken up if they followed this advice) “yeah, we’d better take good care of each other” (The Beatles and Billy have to look out for one another to keep this secret) “avoid slipping back off the straight and narrow, it’s better by far than getting stuck” (avoid falling into old habits that might reveal Billy’s true identity, now there are no more Beatles and Billy is stuck living the lie alone) “figure it out for yourself little girl (that must be ME and I’m doing my best! Hehe ;) ) “It don’t go nowhere at all, it’s nothing more than a tape loop” (Is Billy trying to downplay the Drone? Nothing more than a tape loop, no hidden message?) “is it better to love one another than to go for a walk in the dark?” (If John and Paul didn’t fight that night, Paul might still be alive. What about Rita? I don’t think she was handed out tickets that late at night. Maybe she had a fight with a boyfriend, friend or family member and she went for a walk to cool off. Just a theory but if she hadn’t have gone out that night, she wouldn’t have been picked up by Paul and would still be alive)
8 This One – “did I ever take you in my arms, look you in the eye, tell you that I do?” (did Billy ever let us get a really good up close look at him? His eyes are lighter than Paul’s. Did he ever admit the truth to us or anyone? Maybe Linda?) “if I never did it, I was only
 waiting for a better moment that didn’t come. There never could be a better moment than this one” (Billy never had a good chance or opportunity to tell the truth but now he’s thinking, what better moment than now? Then reconsiders) “how calm the water and bright the rainbow, fade this one to black” (Billy is thinking how good he has it playing Paul and that instead of stirring up trouble, a ripple in the water, and risk losing the good life he now has, how bright the rainbow, he should keep the secret and is trying to make us forget that he even brought it up in the first place, fade this one to black. The real Paul who is dead has faded away to black) “what opportunities did we allow to go by, feeling like the timing wasn’t quite right” (Billy talking to the other Beatles, missed opportunities to put out more clues or to come clean) “what kind of magic might have worked if we had stayed calm, couldn’t I have given you a better life?” (instead of breaking up the Beatles, they could have enjoyed even more fame. Billy did give them a better life for another 4 years after Paul died by going along with this. He got George and Ringo together for the anthologies. Now that John was gone, he could bully the other two and now that George is gone, he can talk Ringo into anything he wants, saying that it will give him a better life.)
*“fade this one to black” – Seong Jin’s submission about Paul on Pepper not lightning. Also, another submission states that Pepper under a black light makes everyone white, except Paul who says black*
9 Don’t Be Careless Love – (this could be a warning to Linda not to let the truth slip out) “I’ll keep watch until I’m sure your coming home” (Maybe Billy is scared Linda will meet the same fate as Paul and get into a car accident) “shadows play and flicker on the bedroom walls, they turn into a bad dream over night, something could be terribly wrong” (Billy could e remembering when Paul was in his accident, giving him nightmares and making him paranoid) “walking down a spiral staircase falling through” (Billy’s feeling like he’s falling deeper and deeper into the lie and he can’t ever get out) “the lamp burns down and out” (symbol of death) “I’m getting pretty tired of this” (Billy is tired of living this lie) “I feel so bad, something might be going amiss” (Billy is feeling guilty) “I won’t be there so look out for yourself” (Billy isn’t going to cover anymore, warning to the other Beatles to cover their own tracks cause Billy won’t be sticking up for them anymore) “you’re getting in deep whatever you do” (no matter what the other Beatles do from here on in, their only going to be burying themselves deeper in the lie) “don’t let me go back to sleep” (another reference to death or asking the fans not to let this lie, to keep searching for the truth so the truth can come out and free Billy of this burden) “saw your face in the morning paper” (reminds you of a day in the life, reading the news or lady Madonna, the morning papers that didn’t come. Maybe Billy actually did see the paper when he was invited to join the Beatles to prove that Paul really did die) “saw your body rolled up in a rug” (a body bag?) “chopped up into two little pieces” (two pieces? A head and a body referring to a decapitation) “but in the morning light, when I wake up again, your by my side and that’s the way it’s always been” (Billy see’s things differently in the morning and feels better that Linda is helping him keep the secret and he’s not alone so it’s okay) “but in the dark your mind plays funny tricks on you” (is Billy trying to plant a seed of doubt in our minds that maybe the PID thing is all in our imaginations?)
10 That Day Is Done – “I feel such sorrow, I feel such shame” (Billy feeling guilty) “I know I won’t arrive on time” (responding to don’t pass me by “you said that you would be late” late meaning dead? The “late” Paul. Also, on Two of US “not arriving”) “it’s just a promise that I made, I said I’d walk in her parade” (walking on Abbey road barefoot, part of the agreement. Walking in Paul’s footsteps?) “hot scalding tears I though would flow” (when Billy found out Paul was dead) “still in my heart they’ll never show” (Paul is still in his heart, and the sorrow for his loss can never be shown) “”you know where I’ve gone, I won’t be coming back that day is done” (Paul is dead and can’t come back from the grave, that day is done, the hoax has happened and there’s nothing Billy can do to take it back) “”well I recall the time and place” (Wednesday morning at 5:00, November 9th 1966, 10 miles north on the Dewsbury road) “when they announced her precious face” (announced Paul’s death, pronounced him dead) “I thought at once my heart would burst still every time is like the first” (Billy was broken hearted and still is when he thinks back on it now, but just like when it happened, Billy still can’t show his true feelings) “there were applause when she stepped up” (applause on Sgt Pepper’s, with cheering, laughing, ohh’s and ahh’s, the Beatles were cheering on Billy when he stepped up to replace Paul) “I wish that I could interrupt” (“I don’t really want to stop the show but I thought you might like to know…”) “I made no sign, I made no sound” (Billy didn’t try to tell the truth) “I know that I must stay underground” (symbolic of staying in the grave, living as Paul, staying away from the truth) “that’s why she walks, or so they say” (talking about Jane walking away from Billy as the new Paul so the Beatles could carry out their plan) “she always knew just what I needed” (Jane did what was best for everyone, sacrificing her happiness) “now if she would just look my way one time before they proceed” (Billy wanted a chance to apologize to Jane and thank her for what she did before the Beatles made him Paul forever) “she sprinkles flowers in the dirt” (over Paul’s grave) “that when the thrill becomes a hurt” (the thrill of being a Beatle becomes the pain of losing himself as Billy and everything he and Jane gave up) “I know I’ll never see her face, she walks away from my resting place” (Billy can never make it up to Jane. She now walks away to let Billy be with his true love Linda, and leaves Paul dead as well as the others, now being dead to her)
11 How Many People – “how many people” (how many Paul’s? two, lots of people on the Pepper cover) “stand in a line” (on Pepper’s, on Abbey Road, pretty little policemen in a row) “never get a chance to shine” (Billy was given the chance of a lifetime and is grateful) “if you can tell me I’ll gladly listen” (if you know the truth, Billy wants to know) “how many people have died?/one too many right now for me” (Paul died and that’s is too much for Billy to deal with) “I want to be happy, I want to be free” (from the lies) “I want to see ordinary people living peacefully” (he was an ordinary person but he can never live in peace now due to this hoax) “how many people go for a ride/never make it through to the other side” (how many people go driving without getting in car accidents? How many spirits never make it to heaven because something is holding them back? Unfinished business or someone holding on and can’t let go? Is Paul soul trapped because he has not been let go to rest in peace?) “how many people have cried?” (only those who know the truth. Also I am the Walrus – “I’m crying”) “how many people will it take? One too many…” (how many people lives have to be ruined for this secret to remain hidden? Billy is the one too many because he doesn’t want to be part of it anymore)
12 Motor Of Love -  (is this referring to a motor car? The car accident?) “I can’t get over your love, no matter how hard life seems, there’s a light in my dreams thanks to you” (Billy is thanking Linda for always being there, giving him hope and sharing the secret) “my friends keep asking me why there’s such a smile on my face” (Billy was given this great opportunity to play Paul but he can only share the secret with Linda) “”heavenly father look down from above” (maybe he means Paul look down from above and guide him, Billy, to be more like him, Paul) “ no matter how lost I feel, I know my love is real” (cause it’s the only thing real about him) “I came in from the cold” (of being no one and joined the Beatles) “I won’t steal anything from you cause you’ve given me more than enough” (Billy telling the Beatles they can trust him) “there was a time when I was down and counted out” (1ONE1X on Pepper drum, 3 Beatles on grave, MMT drum, back of Abbey Road) “I remember I felt so bad” (after the Beatles and the rumor broke, thought it was over) “I nearly threw away the keys” (almost admitted the truth? Maybe Linda talked him out of it and told him they could do anything they wanted now if Billy kept playing Paul. Maybe she even talked him into putting out more clues; formation of “wings”, flowers in the dirt, red rose speedway, Paul is Live with the Abbey Rd reconstruction and new license plate) “I can’t get over your powerful motor of love” (Linda’s powerful influence and “drive” to keep going forward)
13 Ou Est Le Soleil – (there are 13 tracks on the album, 1 + 3, separating himself from the other 3 Beatles. This song is in French and if Billy was with the OPP, in Ontario, Canada, there is a good chance he spoke a little French as it is a bilingual country.) “ou est le soleil” (means “where is the sun”) “dans la tete” (means “in the head”) “travaillez” (means “work” I thought it meant traveling but it actually means work.) (Why would Billy be again mentioning a head? Referring to decapitation? Where is the sun? Why can’t Billy see the sun? Paul can’t see the sun because he is dead, can Billy now see that no good can come of this and can not see the light at the end of the tunnel? Billy has to work at remaining Paul and maybe wants to see more rewards for his sacrifice?)
The colors in side the cd are purple and yellow. Purple is made up of red and blue but no yellow. Paul wore blue on Pepper’s, leaving red. Could this be the red light he missed on Nov 9th 1966? The light could have changed from yellow to red without him noticing which lead to his death. Why would these colors be included? The bass on Pepper’s spelling out Paul? Is yellow, the flowers spelling out Beatles are red, the insert of Pepper’s is yellow, the back cover is red. Paul is in blue as is the sky above the crowd.