Magical Mystery Tour Clues

LOOKing Through…
Looking “through” the MMT booklet…when I say Looking through I literally mean “through”  I was thinking about another submission on the page about lightening the Pepper picture and Paul not lightening. (thank you # 285 Seong Jin) I was also thinking about looking (in general) and looking through a glass onion. Well, the onion and layers, peeling back until you get to the good stuff hidden underneath and thought of glass. You can see through glass, like a window. MMT comes with a booklet, with pictures. What would happen if I held the pages up to light? If you try this trick in LIFE’s Magical McCartney Mystery, you will see a car ad behind a picture of Paul and the car goes right through his head. What might I see here? Well, this is what I saw….
Page 1/2  - the word MYSTERY is over Paul’s head. The word FILM is going through his face. A film is not reality and can be distorted and made into whatever the filmmaker wants. Is this Paul not real either?
Page 3/4 – 2 Paul’s transposed on top of each other. Paul looking up, his head is split by the other Paul’s hat (head injury?) Paul looking down, looks like his eyes are closed (because he’s dead?) Wand in magician Paul’s hand is going through military Paul’s body, looks like he is being split by a pole “he hit a lightpole and we had better go to see the surgeon” Rev 9 (or being held up by one, thanks again to Seong Jin regarding the pole behind the cut out Paul)
Page 5/6 – John’s hat looks like a tombstone behind Paul. Feather on John’s hat goes through Paul’s head.
Page 7/8 – Paul’s head appears in far left window in “skull” picture (pg 8). This clue also appears in the Free As A Bird video (FAAB, ah?) During the Day in the Life scene. I think a frame of the clip has been posted on the site already, if you want to check it out.
Page 9/10 – Ringo’s hand appears over Paul’s head in illustration # 9 (maybe that’s why Paul’s confused?) Paul’s head is split by the “film strip” from illustration 7 & 8 (head injury)
Page 11/12 – nothing I found, no Paul pictures on either page…
Page 13/14 – Ringo’s drumstick foes through Paul’s head (head injury) Spinetti’s hair covers Paul’s lower face making it look like he has a mustache (fake? Pepper reprise backwards) that hangs down, which almost looks like the walrus mask. The white stripes on the ceiling above Spinetti go though Paul’s head (head injury)
Page 15/16 – Nothing I found……
Page 17/18 – Nothing I found……
Page 19/20 – John’s shovel is going through singing Paul’s head, separating it from his body (decapitation?)
Page 21/22 – Nothing I found, no Paul’s on either page
Page 23/24 – Man’s tie going through Paul’s head (head injury)
Well, I thought I did a pretty good job and was feeling quite pleased with myself but suddenly, I felt a little foolish. What song was Glass Onion on to begin with?  The white album. And didn’t that come with an insert you could “look through”? (yes, pun intended) So, I turned the light back on and this is what I saw….
Top Left – Paul in the tub, just his head is shown – other side has the words to Savoy Truffle (see previous ST submission; misquoting obladi oblada & missing dental records)
Under That - strip of 5 pictures the one in the middle is highlight. Cry baby cry goes through the picture. The part about the seance. Is this when the Beatles got together with Billy to discuss taken over as Paul? Or another Aleister Crowley/deal with Satan reference?
Middle Left – Solo Paul Picture – other side words to goodnight go through his head (head injury) could this mean goodbye? What about the lyrics “close your eyes and I’ll close mine” Could this mean being ignorant to what is really going on, closing your eyes to the truth?
Bottom Right – ghostly hands reaching out for Paul – some of the words to Martha my dear are touching him. “when you find yourself in the thick of it, help yourself to a bit of what is all around you” Is this Billy talking to himself? Since your in this rouse anyway, you may as well reap the rewards. Is he giving himself permission to live it up like a Beatle? (Paul?)
Martha My Dear – the words are split up. On the left it says Please, Remember me, Don’t forget me. It also says “take a good
Look around you and you will see” (look around the album and covers for more clues?) “that you and me were meant for each other” (Paul and Billy were meant for each other to be one another)
Glass Onion – Young John and Paul, tops of heads are missing (head injury)
Don’t pass me by – lyrics are going through Paul
There are crosses beside all the John/Paul songs. The symbolic meaning of a cross; stands for the tree of life, “world-axis” placed in the mystic Center of the Cosmos, it becomes the bridge or ladder by means of which the soul may reach god (he’s found heaven-drone) Affirms the primary relationship between the 2 worlds; celestial and earthly. Because the crosspiece cuts cleanly across the upright (like a decapitation) it sends for the conjunction of apostles, wedding the spiritual with the principle of the world of phenomena (and the Beatles were the greatest phenomena of all!) Jung comments that the cross is a symbol of fire and the suffering of existence, the two arms associated with kindling sticks which when rubbed together produced fire. (The rumor spark a fire of wheither Paul was really dead or not) In Egyptian hieroglyphics, it stands for life or living and forms part of such words as “health” and “happiness” In general, the synthesis for activity (Billy) and passivity (Paul). A cross with a circle above it represent the circle of life spreading outwards, upon the passivity of existence which then animates (bringing Paul back to life/animation thru Billy) It may also be seen as a magic knot, binding together some particular combination of elements to form one individual (the elements are Billy and the Beatles and together they form “Paul” or the idea of Paul still being with us, magically like the magicians from MMT) May also signify destiny, the circle – head, horizontal arms – arms and the upright body. The horizontal and vertical arms also represent opposites; positive/negative, superior/inferior, life/death, possibilities/impossibilities, construction/destruction.
Also, the crosses could point you towards the bible were there is a chapter called Revelations (instead of Revolution) and # 9 has the stuff about the 4 angles of apocalypse. (see previous posting)  There is also a line in Revolution that says "we all want to change your head" and they did. They changed Paul's head for Billy's. Again they are mentioning a head. Why? Head injury/decapitation? I will have to read Rev 1 again for clues. I may read the whole chapter and get back to this.

---Amanda (Super-Cluester!)