Magical Mystery Tour Clues

Ahhh, the Magical Mystery Tour……Roll up!
I was thinking of an earlier submission of mine. I said if you split the word TOUR with a mirror, you get the instruction to LOOK. Then I was thinking of where else I had seen the same instruction, and it came to me. You know my name (LOOK up the number) and when I thought about it, on the MMT cover, if you literally LOOK UP, from the word TOUR, you do in fact get a number. The phone number to…a funeral company, Paul in the afterlife, Tom?, someone who can tell us more?, the list is endless. So it got me wondering, what else might I see if I LOOKed at MMT closely. Here’s what I found….”are you ready to go” on a Magical Mystery Tour?
Front cover – In Christianity, the story of Jesus’ death is that he was crucified with two thieves to either side of him. (John in the middle, George and Ringo to either side, reminds you of some old sayings like thieves in the night, covering up what really happened to Paul, or being thick as thieves, meaning the remaining three Beatles have to stick closer together than ever so the truth never comes out) and when Jesus died, his head and arms were hanging down, like the black walrus is positioned. But when he rose again, he head and arms were raised up, like the white animals. Paul rose again from death via Billy.
Inside cover – On the top right where the cartoon magicians are, Paul’s eyes are closed, as if he is dead. His hat is covering part of his face (hiding the part of Billy that doesn’t look the same or indicating a head injury) There are black flowers on his hat (black flower on his lapel during your mother should know) It looks like they are holding a séance, summoning a spirit (Paul’s) or Satan (selling a soul, making a deal for fame and fortune?)  
Words underneath talk about being away in the sky (Paul’s in heaven?) live 4 or 5 magicians (only a few letters off for musicians, 4 or 5 Beatles?) Maybe you’ve been on a MMT without even realizing it…(story broke two years after this album so many people would not have been aware in 1967 off the trip they were on) The story begins on page 7 or 8 (playing with numbers, could this be there were 4 Beatles, then Paul died and there were 3. 4+3= 7 but now they have Billy so it went from John, Paul, George and Ringo 4 to John, George, Ringo and Billy 4, 4+4=8?)
The apple to the top right is split by a shadow, two Paul’s, one covered by a shadow or secret (Paul because he’s dead) and one embraced by light, the new Paul (Billy)
And of course I am the Walrus (no you’re not said little Nicola) For better or worse, children always tell the truth and tell it like it is. John is not the walrus, Paul is.
Page 1 – there is a circular picture of a bus. Right in between the trees is a white car. The one Paul died in? There is a white car on the doll’s lap on Pepper, and a white car on Abbey Road. Could it be parked on the Dewsbury Road? Is that the street Paul’s accident was on?
Page 2 – Not much here. If Mal’s head was moved from behind Paul, another hand would be over Paul’s head (look right behind Mal’s head)
Page 3 – the I WAS picture. Flip the picture upside down. Take a mirror and split I WAS across. The S turns into a 3. The A turns into an = sign. The W turns into I with a double pointed arrow (like the A on the Pepper drum) with another I beside it. The pointing man is now two “reflecting” men. The final I is still an I. This now reads: 3 = I I two reflecting men I. This could represent the three Beatles and Billy “reflecting” Paul. This is also the order they were standing in on Pepper’s. John (I), Ringo (I), two reflecting men (Paul/Billy) and George (I)
Behind/beside the Sgt. Is an I WANT YOU picture and the man’s head is split in half. Again, referring to a head injury.
The picture behind Paul has the soldiers heads covered by a flag. 2 bodies without heads. The picture in the circle at the top of that poster looks like the man (Sgt Pepper?) from the cut out insert that came with the album (with the cut out mustache, passport, etc)
The crossed union jacks are hung that way for the funerals of important people. Paul was inducted into the House of Lords (MBE). Could they represent his funeral?
There is a whip in front of Paul’s right hand. Why? He’s left handed. Is Billy? Chances are he would not have crossed his arm to reach across and set it down with his left hand.
The Sgt has 3 stripes on his left arm. I am not sure about stars and stripes in the military as far as ranking goes, but a believe people were arm bands on their left arms when they are mourning the loss of someone. The Sgt also has only 3 buttons done up. Why only 3?
Page 4 – Paul is holding his wand in his right hand (but he’s left handed)
            There is no point on Paul’s hat like the others have. Is this to represent a head injury? The hat is crushed.
            There are 2 flowers on Paul’s hat and 2 flowers on Ringo’s hat. The # 2, twice? 2 Paul’s?
            To the left of Ringo’s hat trim on the chalkboard is written Ejx. Turn the picture upside down and split in half with a mirror. It now reads: XI3 If you X 1 of the Beatles out, you are left with 3 or Paul was X’d out and Billy is the new 1 + the 3 remaining Beatles.
Page 5 – The big stone could represent Paul’s tombstone. The cops standing on top could signify the police department standing on the truth. They are holding hands, forming a line. Could they be forming a barricade, holding back a “crowd of people” so they can not see who has died? The “eggmen” in the background could be the surgeons who tried to save Paul. There are 15 of them but Paul is covering one totally so you can only clearly see 14. Billy + the four original Beatles or adding Billy to the Beatles now makes 5 Beatles. (4 or 5 magicians/Beatles)
            Ringo’s symbol extends past Paul’s bass, making it look like Paul is holding a shovel. To dig a grave?
Page 6 - There are 2 John’s in this picture, again pointing out doubles.
            Beside John the ticket seller (on top of page) is a sing that says depart and arrive back (Paul left but is back as Billy) As well, the time beside depart is 8 34 (the 8 is not clear and that is only what I think I see. It is either that or an S or $, but they would have a symbol for the British pound instead and if it is a depart TIME there would not be a letter with the numbers) but the 3 and 4 are quite clear. 3 or 4 Beatles, with or without Paul.
Page 7 – Illustration # 1 – Aunt Jessie’s locket watch is set to 3 o’clock. Another 3.
            Illustration # 2 – Aunt Jessie says “yellow and blue, my favorite colors” Yellow and blue make green, Billy is “green” in the sense he’s a new Beatle and a new Paul.
            Illustration # 3 – Jolly Jimmy’s hand is (not directly) over Paul’s head. And Paul looks like he has an extra arm. His two arms are backwards over the seat but another is coming out of the side. Whose extra arm is that? Billy’s? And there looks like there is a dead man lying beside him, underneath the extra arm coming out of the side.
             Illustration # 4 - ALF; could this be an acronym for A Late Friend (Paul)?  It says “A good driver (We hope)”  Do they hope he’s a better driver than Paul? Away-way-way we go. Way is repeated, that’s right, 3 times. ALEISTER CROWLEY REFERENCE: Wendy has three 6’s in her hair. 1 – across from the point at the top of the D in delight, 1 – across from the N in Wendy and 1- across from the middle point in the W in Wendy.
            Illustration # 6 – I WAS and I AM are written in red. Red stop light Paul missed? I WAS the driver (Paul was the driver and died) and I AM the courier. (Billy is the courier/messenger) There is also a picture of Superman. The Drone (endless groove at the end of Pepper) asks “will Paul be back as Superman?” but this Superman has the letter B on his chest instead of the traditional S. Paul isn’t back as Superman, but as Billy.
At the bottom of the page it says continued on page 9 and it is a picture of Paul, the only one with 9 letters in his name. His nose is black. Was it burnt in the fire?
Page 8 – Turn this picture clockwise once so the person with the black beret is on the top left corner. Step back a bit and you should clearly see a skull. The long white table is the skull structure, the beret is an eye socket, the blond with the part in the center is the mouth. This scene is NOT in the movie, why is it in the booklet?
Page 9 – On the top of the page it says “the magic begins to work” with Paul peeking out. It is Paul because he is the only one with a red nose. Was it burnt in the crash?
            Illustration # 8 – Paul’s watch is on his right hand (but he’s left handed) Also, the last L in HILL is going through Paul’s head (signifying a head injury?)
            Illustration # 9 – the word WISH appears behind Wendy 3 times and Paul is confused. Could that be John, George and Ringo wishing for Paul to be alive? Is Paul confused because he is not in on the joke? Also, bubbles from the ? are going through Paul’s head. Reminds you of the lines from Fixing a Hole (where the rain gets in, stops my mind from wondering) as well as a head injury.
            Illustration # 11 – Paul has black flowers on his hat (again)
            Illustration # 12 – The walrus is wearing glasses. Nicola says John is not the Walrus and you see John coming out of an egg shell. John is an eggman and the walrus is Paul!
Page 10 – (my absolute FAVORITE Beatle picture!) Everyone is bending their legs, except Paul and his feet are hidden. Is he wearing shoes? His watch is on his right wrist again when he is left handed!
Page 11 – Illustration # 18 – 1+ 8 = 9 (McCartney?) the 2 options for dessert are Strawberry Ice Cream (Strawberry Fields, which is on this album) or Aunt Mary’s Apple Pie (Paul’s mother’s name is Mary and Apple Pie is very USA. Was Billy American?)  John or Paul, who do you believe?
Pages 12 & 13 – 1 or 2 Paul’s? & 1 Billy + 3 Beatles?
            Page 13 has Paul in socks and bloody shoes next to him. Also has the “LOVE the 3 Beatles” drum
Page 14 – The I WAS sign is gone
Page 15 – Illustration # 21 - The bus screeches and there is a sign saying join. After the accident Billy “joined” the Beatles. In the back window, you can only see a man and woman. Could they represent Paul and Rita? The picture before shows everyone in the bus, why can we now only see a man and woman in the “accident scene”?
            Illustration # 22/23 – Paul’s eyes are closed (because he’s dead?) the IN basket has a frowning face and the OUT basket has a smiling face. Are the Beatles sad that Billy’s in? Paul is out but with these clues the Beatles are in a way telling the truth and that makes them happy? Putting the truth OUT there for us?
            Illustration # 24 – Paul was 24 when he died (his birthday is in June and Revolver was out Aug ’66, if you believe that was the last record Paul appeared on) The picture is being split in half, with the split going right through Wendy’s head (head injury)
Page 16 – LOOK at George’s left hand. It looks like his ring finger and baby finger are slightly crossed. Is it because he’s lying?
Page 17 – Illustration # 28 – 5 cheating vicars. (4 or 5 magicians? 4 or 5 Beatles) For an exact translation of a vicar, states a vicars as being “from the Latin vicarius  is anyone acting "in the person of" or agent for a superior (compare "vicarious"). In this sense, the title is comparable to lieutenant” Anyone acting “in the person of” Billy acting as Paul? An agent for the superior, Paul was superior to Billy in many respects. I found it interesting that it is comparable to a lieutenant, not a Sgt. Like Pepper or a Major like McCartney. The cheating could mean the lying they are doing. I wonder if the 5th magician Mal Evans was in on it? He was the one dressed as Paul with his back to the camera on the back of Pepper….
Page 18 – Hand over Paul’s head again. 2 Paul’s in the picture. One above (heaven) one below (on Earth) or below in the grave at Leso? Again, he has black flowers on his hat. Again his hat is crushed (no point like the others) Red nose, burnt in fire?
Page 19 – Illustration # 31 – could the spaghetti represent fire? The fire from the car crash? It could also be construed that John is almost like a witch stirring his cauldron, cooking up wonderful spells, summoning demons?
            Illustration # 32/33 – It looks like people are going through a tunnel (to the afterworld? The light at the end of the tunnel?)
            Illustration # 34 – Even Mr. Bloodvessel! All the magic has made him forget. Forget what? That Paul is dead and Billy is not the real thing?
            The 4 magicians Beatles are to the right of the 4 performing Beatles (just like on the Pepper cover, wax Beatles to the right of the performing Beatles)
Nothing much on pages 20 or 21 although I am intrigued by the license plate on pg 21 GB LR (George Billy Lennon Ringo?)
Page 22 – there is a grail upside down on Ringo’s head, could this mean I am on the right track by looking through mirrors/pictures upside down?
Page 23 – 2/3, 2 Paul’s, 3 Beatles? Paul is wearing a black flower on his lapel.
Page 24 – What’s this? A hand over Paul’s head?  And a cop in the middle of a crowd. Is he one of the cops from the accident? Another crowd scene, just like the Pepper cover.
Back Song Page – In the lyrics of I am the Walrus, 8 lines down, the word MISTER is missing. The line is mister city policeman sitting pretty little policeman in a row (in a row like on top of Paul’s tomb from pg 5) and on the back page MISTER is not there. Why? Mister is just one syllable away from MYSTERY, which is the kind of tour we were just on. Is Paul the Mr. that is missing?
Back cover – (I finally see this one!) Turn the album clockwise once so that the people’s legs are facing left and their head’s are facing right. The Beatles in white spell out RIP. It is hard to see (trust me, I spent a lot of time LOOKing at this one!) but with a little imagination, it is there.

---Amanda (Super-Cluester!)